Mary Wigham: Part 6


This week, my Mary Wigham is being inspected by two Dutch inspectors:


They weren’t too impressed with my progress because I am still stuck in Part 1 of 9, while this week marks the week for Part 7 of the installment for the Wigham chart.  They definitely didn’t buy into all the excuses I had for my slow progress, save for the one that I said I enjoy savoring every single stitch, even if it is at snail pace.  With that, they were slightly placated:


In my last attempt to impress upon these inspectors that I was really trying my best, I told them what a doozie it was to stitch this floral motif.  I went into the gross details of how I had to undo some stitches in certain areas multiple times just so that I can be true to the original.  I mean, I could have fudged, but I didn’t… what did that get me?  Nothing!  The inspectors said not a word in response:


With that, I am going to end my Mary update for this week.  If you have enjoyed Mary as much as I do, whether you are stitching or not, I hope you would consider donating to the funds to preserve Mary for the next 200 years.  You may click here to donate via the paypal account set up for the purpose.  Thank you in advance for donating to Mary’s “dowry”!   Thank you for popping by.  I wish you a great day!