Christmas Hospitality Runner in Quilter’s World’s “A Quilted Christmas” (Fall 2011)

I didn’t think I would get to do a Christmas in July post this year, but the mail man was nice to me yesterday. So I am able to do it after all.  I unexpectedly received a package from Quilter’s World, and in it are my Christmas runner and copies of the magazine’s special interest publication “A Quilted Christmas”!

This runner was made last year, and honestly I hadn’t thought of it in a long while. Seeing it again reminds me of the hot summer afternoon (much like today) we had last year while I was working on this project.

The pieced blocks are 12″ finished, sashed with 2″ finished sashing pieces. I do like the wide black sashing – the black sort of has the effect of “lifting” the pieced blocks.

The editorial staff presented the runner as a bed runner – what a splendid twist to the use of runners that we quilters make!

The fabrics are courtesy of Henry Glass (At Home for the Holidays), threads are courtesy of Aurifil (Mako 50 Cotton), and batting is courtesy of Hobbs Bonded Fibers (Tuscany Silk).

This is how I had quilted stenciled motif s on the runner. I “sewed” on the traced design using an unthreaded needle on a vellum sheet of paper one can easily purchase from the craft stores. I then positioned and pinned the paper onto the quilting area. With thread this time, I followed the design perforated on the paper. Easy peasy.

Are you thinking about Christmas yet?  Oh, don’t tell me – I will feel guilty. :)  Christmas to me is a looooooooooooooooooong way from now.  Nonetheless, I would spend sometime this week browsing through “A Quilted Christmas” to see if there are any fun gifts to make.

Have a great weekend, dear Friends!