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My interest for quilts was born out of my love for early and colonial American history. Being from Southeast Asia, I had not had much exposure to quilts due to the fact that quilts are mainly a Western “thing”. Through reading, I became aware of and loved the look of the Baltimore quilts, but still I didn’t catch the quilting bug mainly because I didn’t know how to sew.

I decided to give quilting a try years later after being repeatedly encouraged by a friend (Thanks, Barbara!), just so that I can say that I have somewhat “shared” an experience in quilting with the women I read about in history. It all began in October 2005. Little did I know how much I would enjoy making my first quilt, and before I knew it, I was making my second, third, fourth, and fifth quilts!!

This is a picture of my first quilt:

When I am not quilting, you would most probably find me reading a biography or something historical in nature, browsing through catalogs, smocking or doing heirloom needlework, cleaning my house, or attempting to garden.

Currently, I have been published in:

1. The Quilter Magazine

2. Quilter’s World

3. Bernina’s Through the Needle

4. Quiltmaker

5. Quilting & Embroidery

6. Creative Machine Embroidery

7. Popular Patchwork (UK)

8. Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting

9. Fons & Porter’s Easy Quilts

10.  American Patchwork & Quilting

11. Fabric Trends

12. Quilt Trends

13. Quilts and More

14.  QUILT

15.  Simple Quilts and Sewing

16. Australian Quilters Companion

17. McCall’s Quilting

18. McCall’s Quick Quilts

19. Generation Q

and a few special interest publications.  Click here to view the exhaustive list of my published work.

I have also recently authored a book, Recreating Antique Quilts.  The book was born out of my love of the rich quilting history we quilters enjoy. Click here to read more about my book.

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I am a home machine quilter. I quilt all my quilts on my Bernina 640. I hope to be able to upgrade a an 8-series machine soon. But meanwhile, my Bernina 640 remain my faithful sewing companion!

I worked as a Chemical Engineer in a research wind tunnel at the University of Arkansas before I became a work at home Mom to a 5 year old (known as Miss Baby on this blog). Now, quilting has become my jobby (job + hobby). I enjoy seeing my quilt designs “happen” after hours of hard work getting things coordinated with magazine editors and fabric manufacturers.

Do drop me a line – I enjoy hearing from you!

25 thoughts on “Quilt Love

  1. I just bought the magazine with your beautiful quilt! I thought to myself, I have that blog bookmarked – I’ve seen that quilt before! It is lovely. You have done an outstanding job and not knowing awhile back what fabric you used, I matched the best I could so that if I ever saw the pattern, I’d be ready to go! So, let the cutting begin!

    Love your blog and your work. You inspire me so much!

    a Kentucky handquilter

  2. Dear Wendy,

    I brewed a pot of fresh coffee, plonked myself at the computer and thought, ‘Righto I’ll visit Ivory Spring and have a proper visit today’. I was so delighted to learn more about you through your bio and to view your work in the gallery. Wendy, your work is beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for sharing you love of sewing, quilting and craft!


  3. Dearest Wendy, I sit cradling my cup of joe this morning and I am reminded of what is right in our world…I have just come across your lovely place in the land of blogs and I am comforted to the fact that beauty is there for the taking.
    You are by far a pleasure to all of the senses.
    blessings madame samm

  4. Just found your blog – love it, love it, love it!!! I’m new to quilting – been sewing for forever – but now quilting. I’ve followed other blogs, but most don’t quilt on their home machine (unless they stipple!). Wanted someone who could give me a little inspiration and advice. Thanks for encouraging and sharing with your thread talks. You’ll see me a lot over the next few months I’m sure!

  5. Wendy I love all your quilts and the fact that you are a home machine quilter as so am I.
    I have a question for you when working with wool batts what is your method of basting I tried pin basting but this is not working to well.
    I would appreciate any help you can offer.

  6. Hello,
    I was so taken with the proper English style dishes and invite to have cake I signed up right away. I love anything to do with quilting and have several projects started.

    Looking forward to becoming a regular and making new acquaintances.
    My best to all,

  7. I just stumbled across your blog and I can’t tell you how excited I am! I am a newbie home machine quilter and I’ve been admiring your work for the past year – especially “Attention to Detail!” The funny thing is that I kept picking out your quilting, not realizing that the work I was admiring all came from one person! Your blog has great pictures and information and I look forward to combing through all of it! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  8. I understand why your is so meticulous, chemical engineer! Love the quilt although was looking for a way to properly finish some paper pieced ornaments , I am a fuzzy thinker so my edges do not always go square

  9. I just found your website – super place to browse for quilting ideas. I noticed one free pattern but I suspect you have others. I’m just not sure how to find your patterns – can you help me?

    • My patterns are generally available in magazines or books. So, you will have to purchase the magazine issues or books to access the instructions. Information on the books/magazines are listed in the blog posts when I blog about the quilts. I also have images of the book or magazine covers so that you will be able to recognize the issue or book by the cover. As for the free patterns, just follow the provided links in the posts.

      Happy Quilting, WS

  10. Wendy-

    We have just been introduced by way of your video on Learning to Machine Quilt, and I feel like I am so far behind….I just turned 35 and my husband challenged me 6 weeks to complete my first quilt. Well, I had to buy a sewing machine I learned after spending over 50 hours working on the first square of my quilt. After watching your video 5 or 6 times and now visiting this site I am truly in awe of how beautiful and truly a work of art a quilt can be, and the heirloom that I am working on I am sure is going to take me years, but I just recently purchased my 2,3,4, and 5th batting, knowing that I intend on making more and more quilts. I am not working off of a pattern, I have 4 kids and cut up their “too little” and “too beat up” clothes, and am now on my second square, and have so many ideas from all these beautiful quilts, that it is hard to decide what route to go! Thank you for all of the beautiful inspirations and for all the help in getting a new quilter started!!

    With lots of Love,
    Milwaukee, WI

  11. where could I get the wedding quilt from a couple years ago. I saw it last night on your site but I cant find it now and I would like to make the center part

  12. Wendy, I have the Quiltmaker Magazine May/June 2016 issue, and have fallen tin love with “Lavender Love.” My dilemma is that I want to use exactly the Northcott Fabric shown in the Mag. I cannot find anyone that carries all of it can you help?

  13. Hi Wendy, I am a first time visitor to your site, and I will certainly return. I am looking for the pattern for your Gears quilt, but do not desire to buy the kit. Is that possible?

  14. I just completed your movement in squares quilt to give as a wedding gift. Wish I could paste the photo here so you can see it. It’s done in black, gold, and maroon, which are the wedding colors.

  15. Want to make the Highland Stars in the Fons and Porter latest magazine. My confusion is with direction #7 referring to Quick Triangle-square. Directions state cut 7/8 ” larger than needed. In your cutting instructions it is stated cut 3 7/8 wide strip. Is the 7/8″ included in that measurement or do I cut the strip 7/8″ larger?

  16. Dear Wendy, I love the quilt recently published in Fons and Porter Love of Quilting (Jan/Feb 2018). Where can I find this fabric line.

  17. Hi Wendy, I have the pattern published in McCalls Quilting Sept/Oct 2015 for your quilt “Twilight Trellis” How do I make it larger for Queen size? Do you offer a pattern?

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