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Welcome to the Ladybug in Polka Dotville Quilt-Along. You will find all the pages related to the quilt-along here!

1. Introduction

2. Housekeeping details – fabric yardages etc.

3. Instructions – Part 1

4. Instructions – Part 2

5. Instructions – Part 3

6. Instructions – Part 4

7. Instructions – Part 5

8. Instructions – Part 6

9.  Instructions – Part 7

34 thoughts on “Ladybug Quilt

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  6. I have two quilt tops all ready for the ladybugs. I put flowers on each….one flower on one and two on the other…and made the stems from jumbo ric-rack….going to be cute when the bugs arrive! I have backing and batting all ready to go, as well…can’t wait to get them on my machine.

  7. Wendy:
    I have just opened my The Quilter Magazine which came today and see your cute Ducky Crossing and reference to Popcorn The Bear and Biscuit The Dog which really caught my eye. The reason is that my home quilt group, Cellar Sewers, will host their 23rd Annual Quilt Retreat Feb. 24-27 with 45 quilters attending and the theme is “We’ve Gone To The Dogs”.

    Is it possible that you would donate something from your patterns that we could use for door prizes? It would make a great tie-in, Being I am handling this part of the planning, packages come to my home: Jean Oberkiser, 5056 Wynn Park Dr., Oregon, OH 43616-3588 and I would let you know when it arrives.

    We always let the gals know the names of the donors who are participating in appreciation to our special 4-day event.

    I look forward to an early reply.

    Most sincerely,
    Jean Oberkiser – Member
    Cellar Sewers Quilt Club/Toledo, Ohio

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  10. Hi Wendy,

    My name is Andy and I’m the webmaster for and I just wanted you to know that we are all very impressed with this project and the quality of your instruction. I am featuring your Ladybug in Polka Dotville Quilt-Along on our site for today’s free pattern (we will soon be featuring something new each day) so please expect a lot of visits this week. Keep up the phenomenal work. Happy Quilting! – Andy Wheeler

  11. In the year since I did this ladybug quilt-along project with Wendy, I not only made the two polka dot ladybug quilts, but I have used combinations of polka dots and other fabrics to make 5 more ladybug themed quilts to give to children in need. In addition, I make at least 12 Quilts of Valor each year (one a month is our challenge). I usually end up quilting several more QOV quilts from tops that others make and send to us. Quilters have huge hearts and we love to do for others. Most of us have heard of the jelly roll ‘race’ quilts……I have made several of those, but what I did for cute kid quilts was to stitch the jelly roll center….ends up being approx. 49″x64″…..unpick the center seam ( horizontal) and cut each of the resulting sections in half vertically, add some borders, a few cute ladybugs and/or flowers, and you have 4 very cute kid quilts in a hurry!!

    Happy quilting!!
    Pat R.

  12. My mom’s nickname is Dottie (Dorothy) and my best friend loves lady bugs.
    This is a winner for me for sure. Thanks Miss Wendy!

  13. LOVE it! As you can see my avatar is a ladybug. My sewing room is done in ladybugs and my sewing machine is even named Ladybug! Think I like ladybugs? LOL So glad I stumbled upon this pattern! Thank you so much for sharing this. BTW, I have that magazine. Fresh Cut Quilts. Wish I had the time/energy to make ALL of them!

  14. I adore the way you have used the polka-dots for this lovely quilt. I know you are far along the process but I am almost ready to start. I HAD to finish at least 2 of my WIP before starting another… or so I told myself. I do have my fabrics ready to go.

  15. Just met you and had to check out this listing which I love. Ladybugs and spots (yes in Oz) we call them that as well as dots. Love to make it.

  16. I would LOVE to make this little polka-dot quilt but can not find the material. I thought the spring would bring out some polka-dots, but none that would work. Had trouble finding polka-dots of the same size. I have even shopped on line, although couldn’t tell if the polka-dots were all the same size. I know this quilt is a couple of years old, but Can you help?

    • thanks Wendy. I was able to find all the polka-dots but the Black/white dots and the yellow/white dots. Hopefully I can find those at a shop around here when I get my order, so I can match the size of the dots. thanks for your help and such a speedy reply.

  17. Hello – Wendy, I love this quilt and would love to make it in the purples and pinks. I, too, am having a hard time finding material. Can you help?
    Thank You

  18. Please, Is it possible for someone to send me the pattern for the Rod and Reel Throw Quilt pattern? Hautmann Brothers pattern. Thank you very much.

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