Post Houston Fall Market #3

Happy Monday, Friends, and I certainly it will turn out to be a Happy Week for you as well!  This post is for those who asked… :)  I ended up having a really busy time at Market this year.  I regret not being able to walk the entire floor or visit the special quilt exhibits. :(  I think staying an extra day would have been better in hindsight.

For Cathi of Quilt Obsession… the French General booth.  The decorated embroidery hoops were to die for!



For Doreen of Treadle Music… this is the picture of the VW I told you I would post.  This one definitely caught my eye.


For QuiltShopGal… you asked for Island Batik, here it is.


And Landauer’s booth…


Donna in this post requested Mary Fon’s fabrics… here is a shot.


I hope you liked these few pictures I was able to capture at Market.  I have a few more pictures to share from Market before this week is over.  It was definitely a time where one witnessed overloaded creativity and talent!

Thank you for stopping by.  I just returned from Annie’s Craft Festival.  A good time was had by all.  Life is going to be somewhat normal for about two weeks before I take off again.  Until then, I will be sewing!  I shall catch up with you later.

November Desktop Wallpaper: Care for a Cuppa?

Hello Friends, November is just right around the corner.  My publisher, Landauer Publishing, is featuring my Coffee Cup wallhanging, Care for a Cuppa?, in the desktop wallpaper they are offering for November.

cuppa TRY


Click here to find out more!

Complete pattern instructions to make this “kitchen and breakfast nook friendly” wallhanging are in my book Creative New Quilts & Projects.  

Have a great weekend, Dear Friends!  And…. please tell me the # of cups of coffee/tea you drink to keep you functioning each day!

Complete the thought…. “You know you are in the mid-west when…”

… passengers on the plane do not bulldoze you over while getting off the plane!  At least that’s what I learned earlier this year when I flew into Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  I was in Row 8, and was up from my seat as soon as the airplane stopped taxing.  Then, I looked around and everyone else was seated nicely in their seats, while waiting for the passengers in front of them to get off the plane before proceeding to do so accordingly.

I felt like a total uncouth brute.  Embarrassed and red faced, I sat back down and waited my turn.  I will definitely remember my manners when I fly out of to Fort Wayne again this time!

So, what mid-west virtue(s) comes to your mind?

Tootles for now.  I am heading out to the airport.  Later, Dear Friends!

Post Houston Fall Market #2

We were dazzled by the bling, the glitz, the creativity overload, the finishing touches…. and rightfully so!


Image: Origami stork display at RJR’s Booth, Fall Quilt Market 2015

When all the booths were being set up the day before Market, I saw these ground crew guys quietly working alongside the exhibitors!  The exhibitors were certainly the heroes of the show — all the planning and brainstorming are not to be taken for granted.  But the ground crew guys…. they had to deal with jaywalkers like me who would often dart in front of them (without thinking) as they were trying to deliver things to certain booths etc.


And then, they even fixed the heel of my boots that came loose from walking in the epic(!) rain puddles … with carpet tape! SERIOUSLY!!!  These two gentlemen were trying hard not to laugh at my boot calamity.  They duly measured the length of my booth, and stuck a piece of carpet tape between the heel and the shoe of my left boot…. and asked me to “press down a bit to make sure the tape really sticks”.  The guys at the GRB Convention Center — they were my heroes at Market this year!!

Heroes are oftentimes unsung…. thanks for stopping by!  I shall catch up with you later!

Post Houston Fall Market #1

I have decided this is going to be my new hair color, now that I have been to Market and back…


Well, no, not really…. this is one of the skeins of threads from Aurifil’s thread “waterfall” display at their booth this year.  It was AMAZING!  Many of you have probably seen pictures of the display on various sites.




And here is a picture of my Birds, Stars & Swirls quilt (officially called Thread Journey) displayed at Aurifil’s booth this year.  Having a quilt displayed at Aurifil’s booth is definitely one of my Market highlights this year.


My quilt draped on one of Aurifil’s crates during set-up day.



This entire quilt is constructed with threads from Aurifil‘s Subtle Strings collection — consisting of my favorite colors to use for subtle contrasting quilting.  I included in the thread box my go-to color 2310, which I had used for piecing this quilt.  I used the other colors to quilt at various spots on the quilt.



You can see better in this following picture what I mean about the different colors being used to quilt the quilt.


I had shared a couple of pre-yoyo sneak peeks last week:



The following picture is post-yoyo.


Sometimes, subtlety goes a long way.  You can see the subtle contrast better on the back of the quilt.  Thank you to Windham Fabrics for providing the fabric for my backing fabric.  I used a slate-ish gray from their Palette collection (37098-3).



I showed this very quilt at one of my Schoolhouse sessions.  THANK YOU to all of those who took the time later to tell me you liked my quilt.  It meant heaps to me!  [For those who are new — I free-motion quilted the quilt with my Bernina home machine.]

I wasn’t able to take very many good pictures of this quilt.  For the record, the last yoyo was officially attached onto the quilt at 9:30am on the day of Schoolhouse.  After that, I was rushing to get ready to get on with my day.  The quilt is supposed to come back to me for a short little while for me to take better pictures before it heads of to an exciting adventure!  More about that later.

I will have more snippets to share this and next week, in addition to catching up with other posts that have been scheduled.  For now, I have to unpack, and re-pack myself again for my next trip to Annie’s Craft Festival this Thursday.  Later, Dear Friends!

Flying…. and a totally pointless This or That!

…. to Houston, I am!  One of my friends should feel assured — she is concerned that I have lived, of late, the life of a roach bound in the basement!  I am going to Fall Quilt Market in Houston!  I am seeing people with whom I work on a regular basis, and I will even get to see a few of my quilts hung up!

Miss Baby has the following thoughts regarding my out of town trips.

“I am sad and glad.  Sad because I won’t see you a few days.  Glad because there’s no one to get onto me.  And Daddy takes me to restaurants, and even to his office.”  You can see that I shall be sorely missed, NOT – ha! :) At least the kid is honest.


My question to you is — do you have a booth you would like me to visit for you?  Any pictures you would like me to snap for you?  Comment to let me know, and I shall do my best to oblige. Make sure you leave your email address so that I can email the pictures to you privately.

Meanwhile, have a great day!

p.s.  Oh… the totally pointless This or That… aisle or window seat?  Pray tell! :)

Pre-Market hashtags

#Quilt Market Houston 2015  #Super Shuttle  #Packing  #Frantic  #Scrambling  #Lists #Laundry #Last minute sewing  #Binding  #A wee bit stressed!  #Down to the wire  #Lay out Miss Baby’s Clothes  #Getting over cold #Regroup  #Cough drops #Excited #Meetings #Friends #Quilts  #Yoyos


Hello Friends, the aforementioned are what have been constantly flashing in my mind these last few days before I leave for Market.  I have been under the weather (and am still sick), and lost a few days of work last week…. thus the stress and scrambling!  I am still working on my stars, swirls and birds quilt to bring with me to Market.  But these came in the mail yesterday, and that means I am a small step closer to Market!


And here are a couple of sneaks peeks of my stars, swirls and birds quilt (as promised)- scheduled to be hung at one of the booths.  This quilt is quilted with threads from my Aurifil Subtle Strings Thread Box.




I finally remembered to take a picture of the threads included in Subtle Strings – more about that later!  Suffice it to say I am seriously in love with these colors!


My scheduled sightings at Market are as follow – I would love to see you!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Schoolhouse for Aurifil – 1:55 to 2:10pm, room 352A

Schoolhouse for my new book / Landauer – 2:35 to 2:50pm, room 351C

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Book Signing at Brewer booth – 10:3o to 11am, booth 2842 or 2843

Book Signing at EE Schenck – 4 to 4:30pm, booth 2508 or 2515

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Book Signing at Landauer – 11 to 11:30am, booth 1760

So far — though not confirmed with all, I think (!) you can see my designs/quilts at the following booths:  American Patchwork & Quilting, Aurifil (#1332), Hoffman Fabrics (#1343, 1346), Landauer Publishing (#1760), Quilting Treasures (#1558), and Windham (#2554, 2555).


As I finalize things to get myself ready to leave, I am mindful that the real stars of my Market adventure are my little family.  My husband will be gallantly holding down the fort, with a very willing accomplice (aka Miss Baby).  But my Market adventure would not be even possible without the day to day understanding and unfailing support of these two who are dearest to me!

I hope you have a lovely rest of your week — I shall check in with you again soon!  Love and hugs to you all!

Behind the Scenes #2 & THIS or That #10

Hello Friends, you have been so kind!  Thank you for all your sweet words and emails on my latest quilt features.  A more reflective post on all the excitement is forthcoming when I can breathe a little better.  Things are a bit messy right now at my end, as you can see from the picture, before I can make my bird, swirls and stars quilt looks somewhat presentable for Market…


And of course, out of the pile, I auditioned fabric after fabric (for the infinite-th time) to find the perfect one to cut the applique pieces… and my 6 year old live-in “art-eest” seemed to just complicate the whole selection process because she keeps giving me unsolicited suggestions, haha!


I am quite embarrassed to admit to you I am not a tidy and neat quilter behind-the-scenes, not because I don’t want to be one, but rather, having to stop halfway and tidy up my workspace and fold up fabrics is a time killer when sometimes having 20 minutes extra means a quilt can be shipped out on time instead of a day later.  Thus the aforementioned mess you witnessed earlier in the post.

And that brings me to our latest installment of THIS or THAT –  Messy or Neat (when you quilt)?  Remember, there is no right or wrong answers for our THIS or THAT!

Back to work I go…. I shall catch up with you later!


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Be in a lookout….

… for quilts humbly designed by me in various publications that aren’t posted on my blog (yet!)… due to a case of extreme work load! I want to let you know in case you aren’t subscribers to any of the magazines, and want to pick up a newsstand copy before they are out of circulation.

1.  All That Glitters (American Patchwork & Quilting, December 2015)


All that glitters

image credit: Meredith Corporation

2.  Square Dance (Quilter’s World, Winter 2015)



3.  Rows of Roses (McCall’s Quick Quilts, December 2015/January 2016) – ON THE COVER!!



4. In Your Corner (Better Homes and Gardens / American Patchwork & Quilting Calendar 2016)




image credit: Meredith Corporation

5.  Twilight Trellis (McCall’s Quilting, September/October 2015 )


Design 2a_64.5 x 64.5

And I am supposed to have a quilt in the latest issue of Australian Quilters Companion (Issue 75), I think (!). Unfortunately I do not have any information.  If you do, would you pretty please email me?

Now, you know why my life has been crazy (just a little bit, haha!)… but enough about my very boring and uneventful life!  I am more interested in yours — how’s your week shaping up?  And… curious mind wants to know if you have a favorite from the quilts I have shared with you in this post.

Thank you for stopping by.  I am working a bird, swirl and star quilt that is very me — my three favorite quilty elements all appearing in one quilt! Can’t wait to be able to reveal the quilt to you!

Constellation of Colors & Virtual Trunk Show #19: Sawtooth Star, Part 2

Happy Monday, Friends, I hope you have had a good weekend!  My quilting angels did it again… they were able to make yet another quilt happen for me.  I spent Friday night binding the quilt, and was able to ship off the following day Constellation of Colors!


You know I have a Sawtooth Star Block fanatic!  Click here to see my other Sawtooth Star quilts.  Today I am sharing with you the second installment on my Virtual Trunk Show of my Sawtooth Star Quilts! Click on the quilt names for more information on individual quilts.

1.  FRESH OFF THE PRESS – All That Glitters (American Patchwork & Quilting, December 2015)

All that glitters

“Used with permission from American Patchwork & Quilting® magazine. ©2015 Meredith Corporation. All rights reserved.”

2.  Get Happy (American Patchwork & Quilting Calendar 2015 for the month of March)


3.  Rising Stars (The Quilter, August/September 2015, Cover Quilt)


4.  Tutu Cute Twin Quilt and Floor Pillow, a free to use pattern for Quilting Treasures

High res_quilt with binding

High res_floor pillow

5.  Star Struck, a free to use design for Benartex, Fan Favorite 2015

High Res_3b_73 x 73

6.  Shimmery Constellations, a free to use pattern for Benartex

Redo_stripes out

Thank you for stopping by.  I have exactly 10 days before I leave for Market.  It’s crunch time again… so, I shall run for now!

What I would like to do this weekend…

… is to snuggle up with a good book in a bed of rose petals!  For more about the picture, click on the “Daily Mail” link at the bottom of the picture.

Image Credit: Daily Mail, UK

But… no rest for this old liz just yet this weekend.  I have a few more things to do for Market! But being able to just snuggle in bed under the covers does sound heavenly, especially now that the weather has cooled.

So what are you doing this weekend?  Have a blessed one!

Liz’s FMQ Quilting Story!

Hello Friends, I am working on a quilt I have titled Thread Journey – sneak peeks are forthcoming.   Indeed quilting is very much a journey. Oftentimes quilters relate to the events in their life by the quilts they make.  I made my first quilt when a nephew was born, and now that nephew is 10 years old.  I look back, and it’s definitely been a journey.

Starting something new in the journey is what came to mind when Liz wrote me about the class project she made from my online machine quilting class, Learn to Machine Quilt.  Click here to read more about the class. Liz graciously sent me pictures of her class project.  She did a great job, don’t you think?





Here is what Liz shared about attempting something new in her quilting journey:

“Well, the only quilting I have ever done is “stitch in the ditch” or just straight line quilting. It was so much quicker and easier to just go straight. Now, I haven’t made many quilts. Probably a half dozen or so wall quilts, two lap quilts and some mug rugs and pot holders. All of these were done with straight line quilting. You can probably guess that after a while you feel you need to grow and expand your stitching repertoire.

I’ve been reading Wendy’s blog for quite some time now and even purchased Wendy’s book, Recreating Antique Quilts. I saw Wendy’s Learn to Machine Quilt class offered on Annie’s, and signed up.  Wendy’s teaching style seemed patient* and yet orderly. I really learned from the repetitive motions of sketching out my stitches before actually stitching them. Also, in Wendy’s Learn to Machine Quilt Class, I learned how valuable it is it practice, practice, practice first with the sketching and then with actually stitching out the designs on practice panels first. I started out feeling as though I was fumbling and then by the end of stitching the sampler I felt as if I could definitely add a little style to my next quilt.
I know I have a long way to go at becoming proficient but the journey to get there is so much fun! I love to quilt and now I feel like an artist who is painting with thread!  I’m looking forward to starting Wendy’s next Machine Quilting Class and project.”

Liz said it so well about machine quilting on her domestic machine being so much fun, and that she now feels like an artist who is painting with thread!  I just love that!  Friends, it is a journey, truly!

NOW — email me at if you would like to have $5 off for signing up the class!

*Wendy’s note:  Miss Baby probably probably has a different take on my patience, or rather impatience! :)


Click here and here to see pictures of class projects sent to me by other quilters.