Saturday Salutation!

Hello Friends, I hope you have been well.  We are at the library doing homework, reading, and drawing for Miss Baby, and catching up with work and thoughts gathering for me.  Things are a bit crazy at the moment, but I thought I would send you a bit of quilty flowery goodness on this wet and chilly Saturday at my end.


I shall catch up with you later!!!  Have a great rest of your weekend.  Hugs to you!

Happy Monday!

Marmalade, the pot belly bunny, wishes you a lovely Monday and week!  Details about Marmalade’s merry adventures are forthcoming.  I can hardly keep the secret, but keep the secret I must… for now!


You might be interested to know that it was our very own Miss Baby who initially came up with the design concept. She drew it on paper, and I adapted it for stitchery — I am loving our collaborative effort.  Now, I just need Miss Baby to grow up a bit to cook and clean and piece all my quilts, so that I can quilt to my heart’s content.  No, just kidding (seriously!)… I am a firm believe of children needing to carve out their own paths apart from their parents’ bent. :)

I am curious though — how many of you do hand-embroidery in addition to piecing, applique and quilting?

Thank you for stopping by.  Have a great week.  Hugs to you all.

Thread Talk From My Sewing Machine #70


Happy Friday, Friends!  I feel like this week has gone by so quickly.  I promised you I would share with you a secret or two about my way of machine quilting earlier this week based on my recently completed Thread Journey quilt. Click here if you would like to see more pictures of the quilted finished product.


So, you know how sometimes chefs keep things simple by using simple ingredients in their cooking, but they learn to use those ingredients well?  My quilting philosophy is kind of like that too.  I generally do not use more than three quilting elements within a section when I quilt.  Hopefully you will see what I mean by the pictures I am showing you…

In the quilt center – feathers + pebbles for background (2 elements):



… and very occasionally, a bean sprout or two (so 2 1/2 elements) – you can see the bean sprouts sticking out amongst the pebbles in the top portion of the picture below.


Next, we have feathers + pebbles + sprouts in the Ohio Star inner border (3 elements):



Gray Sashing: feathers + pebbles (2 elements):



Outer border: feathers (with occasional variations of sprout or pebbled spines) + echoing (2 elements):




I keep my motifs simple and few in dense quilting because:

#1.  It is easier for the viewers to concentrate on certain elements of the quilting, then a whole bunch of motifs.

#2.  It affords me the opportunity to keep quilting the same thing, and thus able to work in the practice I need to master different motifs.  I don’t ever do practice pieces – because I always practice better on the real deal.

#3.  When a large expanse of quilting area is limited to 2-3 motifs, that also allows me to slip in trying out new ideas without being too noticeable.  That way, I can decide whether I like those new motifs or not. :)  There are quite a few moments of trying out new things in Thread Journey that I can’t even tell existed because how the major motifs I have selected have dominated the quilting area.

So basically,  I have quilted the entire Thread Journey quilt with feathers, echoing and pebbles, and nothing else that’s fancy. :)  See what I mean? Keep it simple, and use the simple to your advantage!!

I hope my sharing has helped you… it’s not just using the simple motifs, but rather it is a matter of using the simple well.

Have a great weekend – till next time!

Maribel FQ Bundle Winner!

Hello Friends, thank you for your kind words on my Thread Journey quilt!  I will be sharing a couple of secrets on quilting that quilt tomorrow.  For now, I want to also thank you for playing along in the Windham Fabrics’ Maribel giveaway, and we have a winner!  #47 — Patty H!  Congrats – an email was sent to you asking for your shipping information. :)


Incidentally, you may now purchase patterns and kits of my Maribel designs from Craft of Quilting.

Click here for Smokey and Friends Kit.

Click here for just the pattern.


image source: Craft of Quilting

Click here for Our Block Kit.

Click here for the pattern only.

High Res_Design 2b_71.5 x 71.5

It’s been fun for me to read your comments.  So keep them coming.  That’s all for now.  I have to tend to quite a few urgent things for Quilt Market next month.  I just booked my ticket too!  Hope to see some of you there. :)

Thread Journey: Done!!!


Friends, my Aurifil Thread Journey quilt is finished!!!!  I shall again let the pictures do most of the talking today. First we had the un-quilted, but constructed many week ago…


After about 52 hours of just quilting alone at the machine, we have the finished product!







I quilted the entire quilt with colors from my Aurifil’s Subtle Strings collection.  You may read more about the collection here, and exactly why those shades are chosen.  You may also order the thread collection from heresubtle1-1


And you will see how the Subtle Strings colors meet in the following close-up pictures.








And here is a quick look at what the back looks like.


That’s it for my Thread Journey 2.0!  It’s been such a fun journey for me being able to quilt to my little heart’s content on this one.  You may find the instructions on how to construct the quilt, as well as quilting suggestions here.

Come back tomorrow for the announcement of the giveaway winner of Windham’s Maribel FQ bundle.  Have a lovely rest of your week!

Final Post: Quilting Treasures Harmony Mystery Summer Sew-Along Quilt

… Except it’s not a mystery any longer! :)  Friends, it’s been so fun sewing along with  this past summer!!  I hope for those who have followed this sew-along program at a quilt shop, you have made great friends…. like this group from Nimble Thimble Quilt Shop in California!  Remember to support your local quilt shops whenever possible! Linda noted, “Our group so enjoyed not only the quilt, but the experience of meeting once a week for coffee/donuts and a really good chat. It is especially fulfilling when a group clicks and you can appreciate the old fashioned companionship that is synonymous with quilting.”  I was told this group of ladies had a dinner together for the finishing portion of the quilt – how absolutely SWEET! [By the way, feel free to contact Nimble Thimble and Rossville Quilts (Indiana) for kits — you can STILL make this quilt! :o)]


Looking back, we started with a jelly roll back in July…

Harmony Mystery





After seam upon seam, the mystery became a reality…


Thank you to some of you who sent in pictures of your completed quilt top to enter the Completion Celebration Giveaway!!! Well done, EVERYONE!  Notice some of the creative ways you can use up the scraps.  You can certainly sew up four-patch blocks for a smaller quilt or matching pillows!

From Debra,


From Elizabeth,


From Joyce,


From Judy,


From Linda,


From Marian,


From Michelle,


From Paula,


From Suzi,


And I am happy to announce the winner of the Completion Celebration Giveaway… it is DEBRA (selected by Random Generator).  Congratulations to Debra – an email is sent asking for your mailing address.  Thank you all, for playing along!!!


And here is MY own quilt — quilted and bound!!!


In so many ways, I feel like my own life is a mystery quilt in progress with God being the quilt designer.  I am confident in the end the quilt will be completed (Philippians 1:6), and all I can do is to follow each and every step the Great Designer has laid out for me — day by day, moment by moment.

THANK YOU all, for a fun sewing summer.  Maybe (just maybe), we will meet again in another mystery sew-along in the future! :)

Happy Monday, and a GIVEAWAY!

Happy Monday, Friends.  I hope you are well.  I am still adjusting to my new normal…. and working lots!  If I have been scarce, please forgive me – it’s entirely me, and not you!

I am really excited about Windham’s Maribel fabrics shipping to shops!!!  Click here to view the fabrics.

I designed two quilts patterns using this line that are available for sale (hopefully) at your local quilt shop.  If not, you might ask them to contact Windham for details.  Alternatively, you may contact The Patchwork Co to purchase the patterns.

Our Block

High Res_Design 2b_71.5 x 71.5

Smokey & Friends (in honor of Windham’s mascot Smokey the Cat).  Click here if you haven’t read about Smokey being Miss Baby’s “pet by proxy”. :o)

High Res_1b_56 x 64_lap

Here are the blocks I have made for the quilt — it will be a present for Miss Baby.


Giveaway:  To celebrate the launch, Windham Fabrics has generously sponsored another giveaway of a FQ bundle of Maribel fabrics to a US address!  Leave a comment on this thread between now and next Tuesday and answer the question: cat, dog, or neither.  Winner will be announced next week!


Thanks for playing along.  I hope you have a lovely week!!!  Hugs to you all.

Aurifil Thread Journey: Wrapping up – almost!

Happy Thursday, Friends!  To be honest, I am not ready for this week to end because I have quite a few things I would like to check off my list before the weekend is upon us… be that as it may, Aurifil’s blog (click here) is updated with another Thread Journey post!  You will see my notes on the following pictures…




My daughter’s violin teacher always admonishes her to not play sloppy — and I have challenged myself to not quilt sloppy on my Thread Journey quilt.  I have learned much through making this quilt…. it’s been therapeutic in many ways!  Anyway, click here to read up on Thread Journey’s latest!  If you have followed along the journey, you know I have sunk A LOT of thread into it… :)


Thank you for stopping by.  I will leave you with a Miss Baby quote when she was a little miffed from not getting any sympathy from me regarding a gnat that’s been flying around… (what I can say, I grew up in the tropics!).

Miss B:  When I have a husband and kids, I am going to have 14 fly swatters lying about!!!

Gearing up for Quilting Treasures Harmony COMPLETED Mystery Quilt Giveaway!


Hello Friends, here it is September 7th. As mentioned in our last installment of the Harmony Mystery Summer Sew-Along Quilt, you have till September 9th to email me a picture of your completed Quilting Treasures Harmony Quilt to be entered into the giveaway to celebrate YOU completing the quilt top!  Click here to read the last installment if you had missed it.


#1.  This giveaway is open to participating quilters who complete the quilt top of this Summer Mystery Quilt Along.

#2.  The winning prize (only one winner to US address) includes 2 FQ Bundles and 1 FQ Box from Quilting Treasures, my two books, the latest Fons and Porter Quilting Quickly magazine, a throw sized Hobbs Tuscany Silk batting (my favorite!) and some threads.

And here are all the goodies going to the lucky winner: FABRICS, fabrics AND fabrics, my two books, threads, the latest issue of Fons and Porter’s Quilting Quickly, and a throw-sized Hobbs silk batting (my favorite)!


I know, I know… you want to take a better look at the fabrics.  :)  Here they are… there are a total of 106 FQ’s — 36 Harmony Bright FQ’s, 20 Leola and 50 Temptations.  The Leolo and Temptations are what I had used to make the cover quilt of my Creative New Quilts & Projects book!



A huge shout-out to Quilting Treasures for their generosity.  If you were one of the quilters who were missing the Harmony Strips Set strips, you experienced their generosity.  SO, come back on Sept 14th for our giveaway reveal post, and the final post on our Mystery Quilt.  We will have a bit of fun strolling down the memory lane, and I will have a couple of ideas for you to use up the scraps if you haven’t already used them in creative ways! Till then, my friends…. meanwhile, send me pictures of your completed quilt top!  You have two more days.

p.s.  Meanwhile, it doesn’t mean you can’t make the quilt.  You absolutely can despite possibly not being entered in the giveaway.  Rossville Quilts has the kits here.

Quick Friday Catch-up & Rosewater Winner

Hello Friends, Happy Friday to you!  I hope you are doing well.  I do apologize for not posting more this week. Please know that it was totally unplanned… the reason being I have been rushing against time working on this sweet quilt. This is an upcoming editorial feature using Windham Fabrics’ Elm Cottage fabrics.


Elm Cottage

This is a super super sweet fabric line.   Click here to view the sweet fabrics!  Stay tuned for this free-to-use pattern to become official using these sweet fabrics!

High Res_Design 3d_42.5 x 55.5

Anyway, before the weekend is upon us, I want to make sure I share the news of the winner for my Rosewater FQ Bundle Giveaway winner!  I have so enjoyed reading about your summer projects…. thanks so much for sharing!


AND THE WINNER IS… #57 Mary!  An email is sent to Mary!  Congrats!!!


Thank you ALL for playing along!  We will have another giveaway VERY soon — I promise!!!!  Have a lovely weekend!  Hugs to you all!

Announcements & Catching Up

Hello Friends,  I hope you have been well.  We are settled back in our school routine.  Miss Baby is really bummed out she only has a limited amount of time after school before she heads to bed at 7:45pm!  And between the time she gets home from school and 7:45pm, she has to squeeze in snack, dinner, bath, homework from school, homework from Mom, music practices etc.  “But what about my stitching, my paper art, my reading, my marble game, my daydreaming…. my…..?”  Can you tell we sort of had a dose of rude awakening at our house?! :o)  Don’t worry, the rude awakening was tempered by a big ol’ Back to School cake – our family’s back to school tradition! :)  Cake definitely sweetens the deal of having to go back to school!



Before I forget, please head on to Sew in Love {with Fabric} and find out about the cover I made for my day planner using Lemon Squeezy fabrics from Benartex.  There is a giveaway over there for some Lemon Squeezy fabrics!!!  Chance to enter ends tonight at 11:59EST.




Meanwhile, I am SOOOO happy to receive pictures of your finished Quilting Treasures Harmony Summer Mystery Sew-Along quilt tops!  Some of you are being very creative in customizing your quilt with the leftover fabrics!  I was told I will receive by the end of this week a total of 3 FQ bundles from Quilting Treasures to go as part of the giveaway prizes.  As soon as I receive them, I will take a picture of the final giveaway prize!!! :)

Keep the pictures coming.  You have till Sept 9th to send me a picture of your completed quilt top.  My quilt is now quilted by my dear friend Darlene of Sew Graceful Quilting, and now I just have to bind it!!!  :)  Click here if you are unclear about the details of this giveaway.



And here is a sneaky peek of one of the upcoming quilts… made with Windham’s Atlas fabrics.


That’s all for now, Friends.  I shall check in with you tomorrow.  Have a lovely rest of your week!

Aurifil Thread Journey Quilt Along – Quilting Still!


Happy Thursday, Friends!  I honestly don’t know where this week has gone.  But here we are, looking at another weekend! :)

I received the following picture from Jody showing her quilting in her Thread Journey quilt center.  I think it’s absolutely beautiful.  Jody is quilting her quilt with a wool batt and loving it — and you can see how her feathers poof up!!!


And the newest post on the Journey is up on Aurifil’s blog today.  Check out how I quilted the next border by clicking here – shown with schematics, and additional options for quilting on borders that you can use in any quilt.



That’s all for now, Friends!  I hope you have a lovely rest of your day.