Machell’s STAINED GLASS quilt

Hello Friends, I am so glad you are visiting!  I am happy to share with you Machell’s very cheerful version of my Stained Glass quilt.  Machell shared the story behind this quilt: “I wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your pattern Stained Glass from the Simple Quilts & sewing magazine. When I first saw it I knew it was the perfect pattern for my daughter’s youth group leader who was moving to another city. I wanted to make her something that will bring her comfort when she was missing her friends and students. I also wanted to give her something special in appreciation for all she has done for my daughter. I’ve attached a picture of the quilt, my daughter, and her youth leader… I added a few more rows to make it bigger.”


Doesn’t it just make your heart sing when you hear about stories like Machell’s?  I think Machell’s story is all about blessings!  Machell’s family is blessed by her daughter’s youth group leader’s investing in Machell’s daughter’s life.  In turn, Machell blesses the youth group leader with a quilt made with love.  The youth group leader’s heart is blessed by the quilt, as I am sure Machell’s heart is blessed as well while she was making the quilt!  I love to hear a story where a quilt is appreciated!

Thanks for stopping by, and many thanks to Machell for sharing the quilt she made.  I do hope you have a lovely and blessed day.


Here is my original Stained Glass quilt.  Click here for more information on the quilt.


Ginette’s “Butterfly Kisses” Quilt

I shared with you earlier this year a free downloadable quilt pattern called “Butterfly Kisses.”  Click here for information to download the pattern instructions.

FINALButterfly Kissess

I was over the moon when Ginette from Quebec, Canada, wrote and shared with me her version of my Butterfly Kisses quilt.  She graciously permitted me to in turn share her quilt with you.

Ginette wrote, “When I saw your pattern called Butterfly Kisses, I immediately knew it was “the one” for the fabric I bought in Florida… What I have learned when I made this quilt, is how to sew narrow strips. This was new for me… Your pattern was very easy to follow and fun to do.”  I smiled at the narrow strips comment – those narrow black strips you see in the quilt finish at 1/4″.

And I am just in love with the 45-degree stripe border pieces.  Don’t you?


I feel most honored my name made it to the quilt label!   That is exactly how my quilting teacher, Barbara, taught me how to make my quilt labels!


Ginette also included a photo of the quilt covering her table.  What a lovely autumn quilt, don’t you agree?


Well done, Ginette!  And thank you for sharing your beautiful quilt with us.

Thanks for stopping by, Friends!  I hope you have a lovely day!


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Curious Cats turned Japanese Kawaii by…

… Pam!


Definition of kawaii:  Cute in the context of Japanese culture (link to Wordnik)

Pam turned my Curious Cats quilt (shown below, and click here for more information) into something supremely cute and adorable!

Curious Cats

Fabrics really do make the quilt, don’t they?!  Thanks, Pam, for sharing the sneaky peek.  Can’t wait to see the entire quilt finished!  Nothing thrills me more to see my quilts being personalized, and Pam certainly did a really kawaii job!

Thanks for stopping by, Dear Friends.  I am starting to get the upper hand in my new schedule… (and thanks to those who wrote or commented with encouraging words on the new “school” phase in my life)!


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Deb’s purple/aqua NOT TOO SQUARE

Hello Friends, I always love to brag about other people’s quilts.  Deb sent me her version of Not Too Square in cheerful purple/aqua/yellow!  Take a look at the beautiful quilt yourself… I absolutely love the large floral print in the outer border!


Thank you for sharing your work with us, Deb!  And that wraps up another week at Ivory Spring.  I am off to finish quilting a large quilt.  Have a lovely weekend.


Click here for information on the original Not Too Square, as well as how to download the free pattern instructions for the quilt.

Design 2c

Click here for Pam’s “squared up” Not Too Square.

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Pam’s “Not Too Square” SQUARED!

Friends, you have seen my “Not Too Square” quilt, shown below:

Design 2c

Pam squared up the design in this adorable quilt that she recently completed:DSC07565

Pam quilts her quilts by hand:


Thanks for sharing your quilts with us, Pam.  Happy Quilting, and Happy Monday to you all!!


Click here and here to see Pam’s previous quilts shared on this blog.

Click here to for information to download the pattern instructions for Not Too Square quilt.

Geraldene’s Tango!

Hello Friends, I hope you are doing well.  You might recall from earlier this year my Tango quilt made cover of Quilt Trends‘ Winter 2013 issue.



Earlier this week, I was “over the moon” excited when Geraldene sent me a picture of her Tango quilt, upsized to a King from my original throw size design.   WOW!  What an accomplishment!  I have never made a King size quilt – the thought of making a quilt that size is quite daunting to me.  So, kudos to Geraldene for attempting such an enormously impressive project, after having to rework the calculations to transition the design from throw to king size!


This is what Geraldene wrote of Tango: “I decided to make this as soon as I saw it in the magazine. It is breathtaking.  After finding the fabrics, I just needed to figure out how to size it for a king size.  So I played around till I got it to work out. Thank you for designing such a beautiful quilt and fabric. I plan on making another one as well.”

Congrats to Geraldene, and thanks for sharing your work with us and making my week.   Seeing quilts made from my designs definitely make those long nights worthwhile!!!  Speaking of long nights, I will be working late tonight…

Meanwhile, have a lovely weekend, Dear Friends!  I shall catch up with you next week.

Separated at birth… QUILTS

Yesterday at church, a sweet lady (A) at church introduced me to another lady (B).  Lady A always gets me mixed up with Lady B — so, she wanted to make sure Lady B and I meet.  So, we were joking that there would be a slight possibility that Lady B and I were separated at birth. Ha!

When I leafed through the latest Quilter’s World‘s issue, I saw a couple of quilts made by Quilter’s World’s readers that gave me that “separate at birth” feeling.  Two of the quilts featured in Reader Letters section are based on my designs!!  Such a good feeling I had when I know quilters actually used my designs.  Click here to see the other readers’ projects I have shared in the past on this blog.


The two quilts you see are:

a.  Teacher’s Welcome (August 2010) – click quilt name for more pictures

teachers welcome3

teachers welcome4

b.  Quilt Scrabble Throw (August 2011) – click quilt name for more pictures



I want to thank you all for visiting my blog, and using my designs!  I wish you a very Happy Week.  Now I simply must get to work as I overslept again(!), for three days in a row now…

Pam’s Star Quilts!

Hello Friends,  I want to thank you for all your encouraging comments regarding my UFO Fiasco.  I shall charge on and finish up the smocking.  I worked on it a little last night, and I don’t have much more to do before that part is done.


A few weeks ago, I posted the following in my “Starry Host” preview:

“The reason I like making star blocks is because they draw my thoughts heavenward.  I cannot help but hear in my mind the words “I see the stars” from the great hymn “How Great Thou Art” by Carl Boberg sung in Mandarin.  Whenever I hear that hymn, I am prompted to step away from my immediate concerns of life, and just focus on the bigger picture for a moment…

What are your feelings toward star blocks?  Are star blocks some of your favorite blocks to make?  Do star blocks invoke any special thoughts in you?”


Pam in Oregon wrote to me, and shared a special star quilt she made in 2005.

“I, too, like star blocks.  They are versatile.  They can be whimsical or “serious.”  One of my favorite star block quilts was done for my grandson, Sam.  Sam’s daddy is an Air Force Navigator, and part of his training was to learn to “shoot cel” navigate by the stars and not just by GPS!  As his mom, I suggested –that he learn that skill very well because ‘ya never know when someone will shoot the satellites down.  Anyway, Sam’s quilt is star blocks and star fabrics with hand quilted stars in them.  I called it “Shootin’ Cel.”

I love to hear the story behind a quilt, and Pam’s is a touching one!  And little Sam is blessed to have Pam as his grandmother.

Sam's 05

Pam also sent pictures of a recently completed star quilt for her newest daughter-in-law.  I have a suspicion Pam’s daughter-in-law must be quite the star in her new family to receive such a beautiful quilt. ;)



Pam ‘s quilts are no strangers to Ivory Spring readers, you may recall  seeing her quilts here.  Thank you, Pam, for sharing your work!  You must be just the star in your family, making treasured heirlooms for them!

Thanks for stopping by, Dear Friends!  I love that you are such an interactive bunch — I love receiving pictures and emails from you all.  So keep them coming.  Meanwhile, I am down with a cold again and still trying to work.  Please pray for me. I am going to lay down for a bit, but not before telling you that you are all stars in my book!

Pam’s Warm Blessings

Hi Friends, Pam’s Warm Blessings is perfect for the cold spell that has descended where I live.  I love Pam’s rectangular version of the quilt (see image below)!  Click here to read about her quilt.


Here is my Warm Blessings, originally featured in Quilter’s World’s December 2012 issue.


As Pam noted in her post, the pattern instructions in the magazine were not entirely accurate.  I had post about the quilt assembly diagram mistake I spotted in this post, but didn’t know there were additional mistakes.  Please click here for the revisions issued by Quilter’s World.  [Behind the scenes:  I don’t have any control once I send out my instructions to the appropriate editorial staff to format/re-word my instructions to fit the magazine layout.  So, I am sorry for the inconvenience you and Pam have to endure in making this quilt.  I have posted the link to the revisions to my posts mentioning this quilt.]

I wonder if you have had a similar experience as Pam – what you ended up doing.  Do share!

Thanks for stopping by, and “Warm Blessings” to you and yours!  And a big “THANK YOU” to Pam for sharing her quilt.

A tale of two Coxcombs!

Hello Friends,

A few weeks ago, I shared with you Jean’s class sample from my online Learn to Machine quilt class.  Click here to see more pictures of Jean’s quilt.

Jean is a very busy and productive quilter.  She recently sent me pictures of her spring purple/green version of my Coxcomb and Berries quilt.  Thanks for being willing to share your work, Jean.


Jean left a comment on the post about her “Learn to Machine Quilt” class sample, and said, “And, yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks, since I am over 70!”  I love love love that attitude and aspire to be that adventurous in learning new things when I am 70!!!


Keep quilting, Jean – I have an inclination your home will be filled with many more beautiful quilts!


Jean’s version of Coxcomb & Berries, compared to mine, is another example of fabrics making all the different in how a quilt looks!  The following is my original.  Click here to view more pictures.  Click here for a previous post on fabrics, fabrics, fabrics making all the difference!


Thanks for stopping by.  I am so glad you did.  I wish you a lovely weekend!  See you next week.

Joyce says it works – it really must!

Creativity loves company!  I count myself blessed being surrounded with creative friends like you!  One of my creative friends is Joyce from the West Coast.  Joyce, a fellow “Bernina girl”, is a prolific quilter who has much more quilting experience than I do.  So, I have enjoyed corresponding with Joyce when time allows, and Joyce has been most gracious to share with me her quilting experience.

Today, I am most happy to share with you a pillow Joyce made recently.  Just look at the awesome-ness!   The pillow is approx. 25″ square.


Joyce’s pillow is a raw-edge appliqué pillow.  Each of the flowers was cut out from a floral fabric.  The pieces were then pinned in place, and not fused. Then she free motioned around the flowers with matching threads, as well as a bit of thread painting on the flowers.



This is what Joyce wrote: ” When I got to the pillow making I was going to make cording but was hesitant, it just did not seem right.  Then I got the idea to just bind it like a regular quilt.  I thought that binding was similar enough to cording but way easier to do.  I used your method and was delighted.  I also inserted a 1/4 inch flange (the dark green) before applying the binding.”  I chuckled at her specific instruction to “be sure to notice the perfect binding.”  Let’s take a look at the binding, shall we?  And while you are at it, see if you couldn’t spot that adorable ladybug.  I think the binding and the flange look simply awesome!


I am so glad my binding tip worked out for Joyce!!!  Thanks for inspiring us, with your gorgeous work Joyce!  And I want to thank you all for stopping by.  It looks like it is a cold weekend for me where I live – perfect to be stuck inside the house and catch up with work that I put off while I was sick last month and earlier this week, eh?  It is going to be a work marathon for sure.  Have a great weekend, you all!  I will have more readers’ projects to share with you next week.  You come back, k?

Jean’s Quilt made from Annie’s “Learn to Machine Quilt” Class

Miss Baby:  Mom, when I grow bigger, you can teach me how to push the quilt under the machine.

My commentary:  I think that’s Miss Baby’s perception of “free-motion quilting” – where I “push” the quilt under my sewing machine.  I just love how a four-year-old defines free-motion quilting, don’t you? :)

Miss Baby

Well, maybe when Miss Baby is bigger, she can take my “Learn to Machine Quilt” class – because the techniques featured in the class are selected to help quilters master the skill of “pushing” moving their quilt sandwiches underneath the oftentimes small and limited throat space of their domestic machines. HA!

Learn to Machine Quilt

Jean of Arkansas made my day when she sent me pictures of her quilt made from the “Learn to Machine Quilt” class.  Jean has also graciously allowed me to share those pictures with you.


You can see that center square of Jean’s quilt is a replica of my class project.  She added borders made with fabrics she had picked up in France to make the class project into a very attractive table topper!  Very creatively done, Jean!


You can see Jean’s “Double Echoing” and Jester’s Hat” motifs in the following close-up shot…


… as well as her cross-hatching, pebbles and stippling.


Very nice work, Jean!  Thank you for sharing the pictures with us.  Please tell Jean she did a great job, would you?

[In case you are new to Ivory Spring, my “Learn to Machine Quilt” is an online class offered by Annie’s.  It is designed with flexibility in mind – you can sign up anytime, watch, learn, and work on your class project at your leisure.  The class is yours to keep forever once you purchase the class.  Quite a few Ivory Spring readers have written to tell me they have signed up and on their way to experiencing the joy of machine quilting.  I hope you will let me come alongside and help you jumpstart your machine quilting journey as well.  Click here to watch a free preview, and sign up for the class.  Maybe I will see in “class”?]

Thanks for stopping by, Friends.  Come back tomorrow as I will be sharing yet another free pattern!