Sharing the warmth

I hope those of you in the Northern Hemisphere are keeping warm these days, if not, you are welcome to come and share the warmth in the tent with Miss Baby’s fancy schmancy camp fire!


The felt fire and the logs were lovingly handmade by my sister, whom we think is the best and coolest aunt around!  You know how I love to surround Miss Baby with things made for her by those who love her… this camp fire combo is a very much appreciated addition, just like the felt cake my sister had sent Miss Baby around this time last year.  We have devoured the cake time and again on picnics, tea parties etc… the cake slices are a little worn now, but still much loved!  Click here to view more pictures of the cake!


Between the two of us, my sister is actually the more adventurous and exciting one where needles are concerned.  She is never afraid to try out a new hobby, and is never hesitant when it comes to ditching the hobby if that’s not her thing.  So I am always curious to hear what she is up to…

Thanks for popping by.  Do stay warm, friends – though you are still welcome to join Miss Baby and I in the tent roasting some marshmallows! :)

Miss Baby’s felt strawberry cake

In the age where most gifts are easily and conveniently bought, I love it when someone hand makes something and gives it to Miss Baby as a gift.  It just melts my heart to see someone cares enough to make something to bless Miss Baby in such a special way.  Yesterday, Miss Baby received a package all the way from Asia, and in it among other things, was a felt birthday cake!  The entire cake is handstitched by my sister.  Isn’t it gorgeous?

I love how my sister did the piped icing on the cake!

The cake goes perfectly with my Lady Carlyle dishes.  Would you join us for a piece of cake?  Miss Baby has been asking, “Piece of cake, Mama”?

This has nothing to do with the cake, only the china. :)  I love my Lady Carlyle pieces.

The porcelain blings proved to be too much for Miss Baby, and she had to have a part in my fake tea party.  Here you can see her handling one of my precious Lady Carlyle for the very first time.  No, I wasn’t too nervous as the Lady Carlyle pieces are still relatively easy to replace. :)  See the bling she had draped over her neck?  I promise you I thought I had put those bead necklaces up after Christmas…

And here Miss Baby proceeded to cut the cake with her toy knife, with the cutting side up!

Things went a bit chaotic after Miss Baby took an active interest in my staged photography session… you can see her dime-sized cup and saucer she insisted placing by my china pieces, and how she insisted on hovering in the background when I tried to capture a few last shots.  Nap time was imminent, so we packed up our props, and went upstairs shortly after…

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you have enjoyed our special cake as much as we have at the Ivory Spring household.  My sister sent more felt food items.  I will show you more as we go along.  Have a great weekend, everyone!  Blessings to you.



My Great Pumpkin


Well, it is technically baby’s. I decided to attempt making another toy for baby for the fall. No, I have not the time, but one has to MAKE time for doing little things like that for the loved ones in our life. After I was done with the pumpkin, I couldn’t help doing a “big people” display with it:

fabric pumpkin1

fabric pumpkin2

Here is the “little people” version of the display:

fabric pumpkin3

The pattern is available for free from Schlosser Designs — the instructions are very clear. I was glad to find a child-safe fabric pumpkin pattern where one doesn’t have to use twigs or empty thread spools for the stalk. I was able to follow it without much of a problem. If you have known me for any length of time, you know that I am TERRIBLE in reading sewing instructions.

fabric pumpkin4

This is another scrap project. If you notice, the apple print fabric has made its appearance before in my Basket Full of Apple quilt, and the Children’s Corner Lucy Jumper:

baskets apple3


I had to look up how to do buttonhole stitch by hand. The way it is done is almost opposite to how a machine does buttonhole stitches:

fabric pumpkin5

Just like the last toy I made, I put in jingle bells to make the toy more interesting! :) I gave it to baby this morning. Baby wasn’t quite sure how to take her “great” pumpkin — it was a bit bigger than what I had imagined it would turn out. Maybe the great pumpkin would grow on baby before the fall season is over! :)

Thank you for popping by. I wish you an enjoyable weekend! Tootles.

p. s. In case you haven’t voted for the Viewer’s Choice quilt among the quilts featured in “The Quilter” this year, please do so here. Thank you!

Scoring brownie points with a baby

I hardly ever practice without making something. I love to just jump into a project, even if it is for practice purposes. I have been wanting to start a quilt involving some stitchery. To get ready for that endeavor, I made a little stuffed doll for baby. A win-win situation! I get to practice a little on my stitches and find out what stitch lengths work for me, and I get to score some brownie points with baby by giving her a new toy:


I “super-sized” my French knots on the doll’s gown so that they would provide exploring pleasures for baby:


I also added a jingle bell in the stuffing so that the doll also doubles as a rattle:


All in all, it was a fast and fun little project. The pattern can be downloaded here.

Thanks for stopping by – I hope you have enjoyed your little visit. Have a jingly day!