2-Cent Tuesday

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Hello Friends, I am glad to be back again for a quick visit.


You have seen my “A Pumpkin A Day” quilt – in fact, if you are sewing the quilt for #pumppleSAL, tomorrow is our check-in #2. If you are wondering about #pumppleSAL – click HERE for details.

I thought you might like to see my other quilt that is featured in the same Quilters World Autumn 2022 issue! Spice Road is entirely SCRAPPY – I used almost 90 fabrics in this quilt.

In fact, Quilters World Autumn 2022 issue included a total of 4 projects by me. Click HERE to purchase the issue if you aren’t already a subscriber.


And for my 2 cents this week: If you have a quilt that needs binding, set aside a bit of time to get that done. I did – and it’s a great feeling because the quilt is “done” done!

Now it’s your turn to share your 2-cents with all of us!


Thank you for stopping by! Have a lovely rest of your week.


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11 thoughts on “2-Cent Tuesday

  1. I love your weekly 2-cent advice! The tips you give have been valuable to my sewing several times. Thank you Wendy for sharing your tips and talents with the quilting world! You’re an inspiration.

  2. I tried to respond to this earlier but had an issue with WordPress. Not sure what happened. I just wanted to say I love that fabric… Also I am working on the Norfolk quilt… Part three… And loving it. I just pulled some fabric for two other quilts I wanted to make and discovered they were your patterns! Lol… Cats gravitas and Wind Chimes. Have had Wind Chimes for a long time I decided to pull fabric for it finally. I love your designs so just wanted to say thank you!

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  3. Christmas Fabrics, my favorite stash!
    Binding, yes one of my favorite times to enjoy the quilt before it is gifted. I delivered three quilts to my long arm shop today….four months backlog…I will have lots of December binding time. Thanks for your two cents!

  4. Hi, Wendy. “Yes, Please” to be included in the drawing for your fabric de-stash! I always appreciate your 2-Cent Tuesday blog posts. You are a wealth of quilting information AND inspiration. In addition to reading your blog, I believe I need a subscription to Quilt World, where your work seems to often be featured.
    Hope you & your family are enjoying your summer, Suzanne in Michigan

  5. Four projects in one magazine? Is that a record? You need to publish your own magazine. Congratulations.

    I’ve always enjoyed binding too. I tend to get mine all ready and take them on our road trips. There is something so relaxing about stitching binding on a quilt.

    Please add my name to the fabric draw. I’ve always wanted to do a Christmas Pineapple and that would be my giant push to get it made. Thanks for the opportunity.

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