2-Cent Tuesday

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Hello Friends, it’s Tuesday again! I hope you have been well. I can’t believe it’s August, and before the month is over, I will be making school lunches again! I have to admit making school lunches has never been my favorite.

I thought I would share a newly published quilt with you – JOYRIDE. This is a quilt made with 30s feedsack fabrics, EXCEPT generally 30’s fabrics aren’t used against a dark background. Seeing how the whimsical 30s fabrics pop against the blue background made me happy I decided to experiment a bit with a non-white background fabric. The pattern for JOYRIDE is in Annie’s new book Small Blocks Big Designs – the book feature blocks in 6″ and 12″. Book is available HERE. This quilt is totally SCRAP-FRIENDLY and is a quilt ideal for leaders/enders on the side project.


And for my two cents this week:

Point protectors used for knitting needles are great for keeping the tips of your scissors from tearing through your storage compartment, especially if the compartment is a see-through plastic compartment — definitely a game changer for me especially for my scissors that came without sheaths.

You may purchase these point protectors HERE. You get 4 in a pack.

And that’s it from me today. It’s your turn to share your 2-cents! Thank you for visiting!


Oh, I almost forgot — did you hear about the warehouse sale at Annie’s? Click HERE to check out the great savings on many quilty goodies.


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6 thoughts on “2-Cent Tuesday

  1. I LOVE your 30’s fabric quilt with the dark blue background, so very pretty! I have a quilt made in the late 20’s or early 30’s by my husband’s great grandmother and it uses a dark blue background also, although it is a different shade, and I have absolutely loved it and with it as my inspiration (and now your lovely quilt), I have been pondering on breaking out of my light background box and trying more colored and darker background quilts. Thank you for all the inspiration you provide to us fellow quilters!!

  2. I made this quilt in brights on a background using a pattern by Bonnie Hunter. The pattern can be found in the Free Pattern tab on her website.

  3. Neat idea about the point protectors! I had to smile about your not liking to make school lunches. I didn’t, either–though I know we both love our children and want them well fed. It’s funny, when my youngest was nearing the end of his senior year, I was lamenting all the “last things” that would end when he graduated–and school lunches were one of them, even though they had never been a favorite thing to prepare. One thing I didn’t regret being done with, though, was school fundraisers.

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