#puzzleSAL check-in #1 & Tabletastic & Giveaway

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Hello Friends, Happy Monday and Happy Week to you! It’s #puzzleSAL check-in #1 is TODAY!

Please use hashtag #puzzleSAL when posting your progress pictures on social media so that I can find you.

WE ARE HERE –>>> 8/1: Row 1 Blocks, and sew blocks together to complete Row 1.

8/8: Row 2 Blocks, and sew blocks together to complete Row 2.

8/15: Row 3 Blocks, and sew blocks together to complete Row 3.

8/22: Row 4 Blocks, and sew blocks together to complete Row 4.

8/29: Row 5 Blocks, and sew blocks together to complete Row 5.

9/5: Breather and Catch up!

9/12: Row 6 Blocks, and sew blocks together to complete Row 6.

9/19: Sew together pieced rows.

9/25: Make border blocks, and complete quilt top!

Here is my first row sewn today. Click HERE to purchase the pattern PDF.

Now, let’s do a quick study of the blocks… this is a ONE block quilt. One block always uses 3 fabrics – one fabric for the main puzzle piece, and two fabrics for the adjoining puzzle pieces. So you will have (7) pieces cut for the main puzzle piece, and (1) piece each for the two adjoining puzzle pieces.

The layout is made possible with two block orientations. There is the vertical orientation, and then there is the horizontal orientation. Both orientations alternate each other when sewing the blocks together.

If you look at the quilt center image above, the FIRST block on the FIRST row is VERTICALLY ORIENTED. So you would have to think about the adjoining left and right puzzle pieces for the other two fabrics.

The SECOND block on the FIRST row is HORIZONTALLY ORIENTED. So you would have to think about the adjoining top and bottom puzzle pieces for the other two fabrics.

So I just cut my pieces as I go after I decide the main piece fabrics plus the two adjoining fabrics.

CLICK HERE in case you need details of #puzzleSAL.


I am happy to be part of Doug Leko’s TABLETASTIC! 3 Instagram Hop! Please pop on over to visit Doug on Instagram to see who else are on the hop. Tabletastic! 3 book is available for purchase HERE.

For my hop, I made the Portobello block for a table mat. It was a fun block to put together, I can see this block easily turn into multiple blocks for a runner, table topper or even a queen-sized quilt!


Doug is giving a copy of his book to any US address. Please leave a comment between now and 8/6 and tell what size projects you love to make. Winner will be announced on 8/8!


That’s it for now, my Friends! I hope you have a great week.


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78 thoughts on “#puzzleSAL check-in #1 & Tabletastic & Giveaway

  1. My favorites are all sizes. Small, because the are fun and quick, almost instant gratifications. Anything from a baby to king size because they are practicle, pretty on the bed, great gifts. Thank you, the book looks fun.

  2. I love your table mat. I like making table runners and throws. I decorate with them so I like to change them out. I have found lots of spaces to use them!!

  3. I’ve made king, full, twin and baby quilts for my sons & daughters-in-laws and grandsons. Baby and large throw size for charity. Wall hanging and table topper/ runners for my home.

  4. For many years I pieced only large bed sized quilts. I am starting to make smaller wall sized ones. Also, I am following many sew alongs, so the quilt is the size of the sew along. Currently I am making your Just add Shortcake as a sew along with Pat Sloan. Love your patterns.

  5. I like to make table runners, table toppers, baby quilts and lap quilts. Anything larger gets a little cumbersome for me.

  6. I like to sew all types of quilts. Small quilts are especially fun because they can be done quickly. I have quite a few table runners that I made and use throughout the house. I have sewn one of Doug Leko’s patterns. He is very talented. Thank you.

  7. I generally like to make bed sized quilts but am starting to make smaller sizes. I want a collection of mini quilts to hang in my sewing space.

  8. I like to do personal size quilts just because they finish up so quickly and can be gifted for special events. I make standard to queen size quite often too.

  9. It really depends on my mood – sometimes I’m more for smaller projects (table runners, wall hangings) and other times I’m more in the mood for a longer project (twin sized quilt or larger). Sometimes I prefer to mull fabric choices for the larger projects while working on smaller projects.

  10. I would have to say the size of project depends on the season of the year. When it’s summer and hot, I love little projects I can easily get done with little use of the iron. In the winter time I tend to go for bigger when I need the extra warmth.

  11. I like making everything! I am usually making for gifts, and that has been a lot of baby sized quilts and also table runners. Thanks!

  12. my favorite size project is a throw or lap quilt but i also make a lot of smaller project . table toppers are great for trying a new, challenging pattern.

  13. I am not sure I have a favorite size quilt project. Whatever project strikes my fancy, whether it be a wallhanging or bed quilt, is determined by the design and how I am drawn to it.

  14. Most of what I’ve made so far are lap quilts but recently made some table runners and have truly enjoyed it! Want to make more to change them with the seasons/holidays plus some wall hangings and mini’s.

  15. I like to make smallish wallhangings and table toppers in between all of my larger quilts. Great for practicing skills and feeling accomplished when they are finished quickly. I just finished two that are under 35” square

  16. I like to make smallish full sized quilts that fit the bed I inherited from my great grandmother. People must have been so tiny back in the day!

  17. I run the gamut, from bed quilts to lap quilts, mini quilts to table runners. I also make a lot of kennel quilts and find them a great place to use up random fabric or try quilting ideas.

  18. I love making table runners! They’re so quick, and sometimes I just need that instant gratification. My guild and I also make placemats and table runners for hospice for Thanksgiving, so new ideas are always welcome. I love your variation, Wendy!

  19. I make all sizes. I often make throw to bed-size quilts but make lots of smaller ones to giveaway and decorate my home seasonally.

  20. I love table runners and table toppers! I’ve seen so many great rendition of runners from Doug’s book. 😍

  21. I started out making quilted wall hangings then gradually made bigger quilts. I like all of the sizes of projects I’ve made so far.

  22. Baby quilts and lap quilts are my favorite simply because I can piece, quilt and bind them on my domestic machine. Anything larger I find to be difficult! Table toppers and wall hangings are fun too!

  23. I like a quilt to be at least 50 inches wide by 70 inches long but I make all sizes. Lately I have been making blankets for the NICU and those are 40 inches by 50 inches which is a quick finish! Your puzzle quilt is adorable as well as your runner! K-

  24. Right now, I enjoy making small projects pending knee replacement. I don’t know why I waited so long to get mini-folded corners two years back, but I just think it is magic.

  25. I really enjoy wall and table sized quilts and sometimes larger lap quilts. I wish I could do bigger, but I don’t get to quilt as much as I would like to! I have a few large ‘Wendy” quilts to do that I haven’t started, yet.

  26. I like making wall and table top quilts. I also like quilts I can display in a stand on my table top. I get bored easily so small projects fit me better.

  27. I prefer smaller prjects that I can finish in a far amount of time. I have so many projects that are 1/2 done and I wonder if they will ever get completed!

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