Fashionista Sewalong #5

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Hello, Friends! Today is week #5 for our Fashionista Sewalong.



Week 1: Cutting (May 26)

Week 2:  Pieced strip section (June 2)

Week 3:  Handle section (June 9)

Week 4:  Catch up & Finishing up blocks (June 16)

We are HERE—>>>Week 5:  Sew blocks together to make quilt center (June 23)

Week 6:  Catch up & finishing up quilt top — end of Sew-Along (June 30) with a special assignment!

— According to the schedule, we will sew the blocks into pieced rows, and then sew the rows together to complete the quilt center! Complete pattern, including cutting directions are found in Quilters World Summer 2022 issue. You may purchase the issue HERE.

— Shop for your jelly rolls HERE or HERE. Click HERE if you want to make your own handbag quilt with the same fabrics I used, as shown on the magazine cover.

— Be sure to use #fashionistasewalong when you share pictures of your Fashionista quilt on your social media feed.

— It’s not too late at all if you are just now hearing about the sewalong. Just grab the pattern and fabrics, and sew at your own pace. IT’S NEVER A RACE!!

For today’s assignment, sewing the blocks and sashing rectangles to make a piece row is easy peasy! However there are no cornerstones in between rows to keep the blocks aligned from pieced row to pieced row. So, I use the method outlined HERE to keep the blocks aligned from row to row.

And we are ON THE HOME STRETCH! It’s been an easy quick and easy quilt to make, hasn’t it?

I told you last week I will show you what I carry in my purse. My daily purse is about 12″ x 6″ x 16″, and I have three of the four colors offered for the purse. That way, I don’t have to spend time shopping for additional purses. But MORE importantly, I don’t have to devise new organization system to accommodate a different purse. I organize my purse with pouches. So, from the left it’s a wristlet that holds my essentials – wallet, phone, keys etc. Then, my green pouch (by Yazzii) holds cash for cash situations. The blue pouch has essential medical things AND an extra pair of contacts just in case. Then the aqua is a zipped up bag in case I need another bag (haha!). The brown organizer holds receipts and deposit slips etc. The good thing about my purse is that I can easily fit in my day planner, a book or a stitching project when I know I am going somewhere that affords time for idle hands. And I get stir-crazy in idle hands situations.

I think Margaret Thatcher once said a handbag is a woman’s house, and I cannot agree MORE!


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2 thoughts on “Fashionista Sewalong #5

  1. Your bag sounds so organized. I like how you have individual bags to switch to the new bag easier. Your Fashionista bags are super cute too.

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