Leaders/Enders Sewalong Part 8 & FINAL

Hello Friends, I hope you have had a good week! Today is FINAL check-in for our Leaders/Enders Heart Quilt Sewalong! It’s been a fun sew for me, and I hope you have enjoyed it too! If you just heard about the Sewalong, you may click HERE to follow along what we have done for the last few months.

We were to complete our heart blocks, 56 of them, for the assignment from our last check-in.

For today’s assignment, we are to sew the blocks into rows, and sew the rows together alternating with sashing strips. Then, add the outer border, and we are DONE!

Since this quilt doesn’t have cornerstones to help with keeping the alignment precise when we move from row to row, here is a trick I use to do the trick. I mark imaginary cornerstones after I sew together ONE ROW and SASHING STRIP, and before add the next row. I wanted all my heart blocks to line up just right. So I went ahead and make a mark extended from the middle of the heart blocks as well.

I used the heat-sensitive FRIXION pen. The markings are easily removed by a hot iron. You may purchase the pen HERE.

Then you would match up and pin the seams of the subsequent row to the markings on the previous row and sashing strip combo.

Sew – and now the hearts are aligned from row to row!

AND THAT’S A WRAP, Friends! I have about 4 more rows to sew together before I complete the quilt. Due to current and upcoming workload, I am giving myself about 2 months to get this quilt quilted and bound! I will share a picture of my quilt when it is all completed!

Thank you for sewing along with me.


Our next Leaders/Enders Sewalong will be my Fashionista Quilt! Details are forthcoming, hopefully next week!

But if you want to get ready, here are what you need:

1. Pattern & fabric information – purchase Quilters World Summer 2021 issue HERE.

2. One 40-ply jelly roll of your choice – purchase HERE or HERE.

Click HERE if you want to make your own handbag quilt with the same fabrics I used.

This will be a fun sewalong! I am looking forward to it. I hope you can join me!


Thank you for stopping by. I hope you have a lovely weekend!


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One thought on “Leaders/Enders Sewalong Part 8 & FINAL

  1. I am liking your “alignment trick.” It’s a “Why didn’t I think of that?” Excited to see your heart quilt as a “Done Deal.” Hearts are always in fashion. You continue to be one busy lady. Remember to “smell the roses.”🌷

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