Norfolk Sampler Quilt Along UPCOMING CHECK-IN DATES!

Hello Friends, Happy Friday! I hope you have had a good week. Now that we have completed the assignments from Quilters World Spring 2022 issue for the first two blocks, I thought I would check in with you to make sure you know what to do for the next steps.

When you post pictures of your progress, always use hashtag #norfolksampler2022.

However, if you are just starting to make this quilt, NO WORRIES AT ALL! The blocks are really easy and quick to make. This quilt along is supposed to be stress-free. All you need to do to get started is to purchase the Quilters World Spring 2022 issue HERE. You may also read all the post about the quilt along HERE.

For those who have made the first two blocks, it’s time to delve into the Summer 2022 issue. Be sure to purchase the copy that has the following cover HERE.

So here are our next 3 upcoming check-in dates:

April 30 — Make 4 star blocks

May 31 — Make 3 star blocks

[Of course, I know some of the overachieving quilters amongst us will just go ahead and make all 7 blocks in a month. And that’s TOTALLY fine! You are in control of your own quilt progress.]

June 30 — Make 2 star in elongated churn dash blocks. I forgot to snap a picture of the block when I was making the quilt. But the block is the one on the front pillow. YES, there are also instructions to make these two throw pillows in the Quilters World Summer 2022 issue.

I have received questions about the cutting instructions that might cause confusion to some. Please note that the editorial team has used the same alphabets to denote fabric and cutting measurements. For example, Fabric F to cut F square.

SO the first F is the FABRIC, and the second F is the measurements for cut pieces. In other words, you would use FABRIC F to cut 4 F squares, with the squares measuring 4″. In the diagrams, the alphabets denotes measurements of cut pieces. If alphabets are used to denote fabrics, they will also start with “Fabric”.

Also, the measurements denoted by alphabets in the SUMMER issue would not be what were used in the SPRING issue. So, if you have labels for cut pieces from the SPRING issue, you will need a separate set of labels. FABRIC identification using alphabets will still be the same, but NOT the alphabets denoting measurements.

Keep these in mind, and I think you will have fun making these easy blocks!

Have a lovely weekend!


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