Hello Friends, another Tuesday, and another day for me to share my 2-cents! I hope you have been well. After a cold winter, I think spring is nudging its way at where I live! Pretty soon, it will be strawberry season! Many of you have liked making my Just Add Shortcake strawberry cake. Here is a version curated with Pat Sloan’s upcoming fabric line called Bird Song. The fabrics have a high-street Liberty look, a little from the usual bright reds that I have seen used to make this quilt!

Preorder your kit HERE.

Oh, I have also been making these scrappy blocks for reproduction quilt. Details on this quilt are forthcoming later this year. Start saving your 6″ scraps if you are interested!


A few weeks ago, someone asked what I use to store my fabrics. I wish I could tell you I have designer custom made storage cubes for my fabrics in my sewing room. Since I have a child I still need to put through college in the not-so-distant future, my storage cubes constitute a hodge podge of Ikea storage bookcases and cubes that were at one time used for toy or book storage. So, they are of different colors. I look around, my storage cubes and cupboards are in red, black and cream! I know…. my sewing room can never be featured in “Where Women Create” magazines!

Here are my 2-cents:

I make sure I leave about 1/4y of my storage space for each color. That way, I will have room to add fabrics as time goes on. I know… and after 5 years have gone by, it will be time for me to de-stash again, haha!


And now for the giveaway from destashing my solids and blacks, and we are doing this as we did before.

The giveaway box will consist of the following fabrics, mainly black prints and solids. I will add MORE if there’s room left in a USPS Priority medium box after I pack the fabrics you see. Each of those fabrics is at least 1/4y.

I will announce the winner next Tuesday from the first 10 who comment on this post.

Winner agrees to:

  1. Send me a check for $36 which covers postage, after being contacted by email.
  2. Upon receipt of payment, I will mail the fabrics to you


And that’s my 2-cents for this week. Now it’s time to share yours! Have a great rest of your week. See you next time!


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25 thoughts on “2-Cent Tuesday & MORE FABRIC GIVEAWAY

  1. Thank you so much for your 2-cent Tuesday posts. They have been so very helpful to me. I love your patterns as well. I look forward to the future with you.

  2. Beautiful scraps! Do I need any more fabric? No….but I love your destashing choices. They would make a lovely charity quilt. Perhaps you would like to swap with me? :) Thanks for sharing your many great ideas.

  3. I love your blog and have followed it for years ever since I discovered your “Thread Talk”. I would love to win that stash I need solids for the project I am working on. Thanks for all you do!

  4. I love that your variety of of styles. Always a surprise of what you will create next. Sourced from what you love. Thank you!

  5. I love seeing your new patterns and ideas. It’s hard to believe your baby is growing up. I love seeing her cross stitching in your posts!

  6. Lovely fabrics….I better get busy de stashing since my stash is over twenty five years old. Gotta love those old fabrics!!!! Thanks for opportunity to share in your stash…..

  7. You are so disciplined, keeping your stash at a manageable level. I have been working hard using mine this last year making pillowcases for charity (Ryan’s pillowcases for cancer kids). Then using the smaller pieces to make charity quilts for families that have lost their home during the fire season. I’m opting out of the fabric give away but it’s very tempting!

    Love every piece you make!

  8. That’s a wonderful destash. It would go in our Guild donation quilt pile. I’m putting together quilt packets right now. I’m glad I’m done with the college days.

  9. Always happy to hear from you. You are one organized lady. I continue to work from my stash. I usually have to purchase new for the backing and often times for the background. Glad that I like scrappy quilts 😂. Your reproduction quilt is intriguing. As our weather forecasters reported we had a “fake spring” last week. We are back to rain and in the 30’s, hmmmm

  10. You are a true inspiration for me……the fact that you share your stash is awesome! I hope that one day I don’t hold on so tightly to my “things”!

  11. I always love seeing your strawberry quilt. Those fabrics are so pretty in it. Your blue blocks are beautiful too. Your scrap boxes are always well worth the shipping price. Please add my name to the list.

  12. Love the scrappy one you are planning for later this year! I’ll be looking forward to it. And I bet I’m not even in the first hundred to respond, but the fabric giveaway looks really awesome! I never have enough solids.

  13. I would like to enter your contest for the fabric priority box. I had bought one or two years ago from you and made a beautiful prayer quilt out of some of the fabric for my church. Thanks Wendy!

  14. I love your strawberry quilt pattern. It is so cute and looks like fun to make. I will definitely be adding this to my project list and already looking forward to making it.

  15. I didn’t make it into the top ten comments…but I would love the solids…I’m working on a variation of Amish with a Twist and they would come in handy. Love your 2 cents worth, Wendy….Blessings from WV.

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