2-Cent TWOSDAY & Fabric Stash Giveaway Winner

Hello Friends, a HAPPY TWOSDAY to you!

I am sharing with you today my newest published quilt: Cherry Blossoms! Complete pattern is in the March 2022 issue of American Quilter by American Quilter Society. If you look closely, this quilt is made with only ONE block. Some of the blocks are colored in such a way that they resemble the shape of cherry blossoms. I used American Made Brand solids to make this quilt. I like them. You can see their solids swatches HERE.

And also, Annie’s catalog just stocked “STARS ON THE HUDSON” kits using a very popular design of mine. I am waiting for fabrics to finally make this quilt! This design has been kitted with different fabrics over the years, and I am determined to make this one for ME! Click HERE to purchase your kit to start this quilt.


Tanya had left a comment in last week’s 2-cent post about how much fabric I would procure when I start a quilt. So here are my 2-cents!

I always add 1/8-1/4y to my prints, and 3/8-1/2y to my background, when possible!

These simple rules of thumb are NOT for patterns involving Fat Quarter bundles for obvious reasons. The reason you want to buy a little more fabric is, of course, you might make a cutting error and find out you don’t have enough fabric. The other reason is that most fabric lines are not current for more than 6 months these days. I have received SO many emails from quilters asking if I could help them locate fabrics from something they bought 5-10 years ago. Short answer is I can’t help… just because things (including fabrics) are moving so fast these days! So, just on the safe side, I would rather have a little more fabric than less — now the GREAT benefit in that is you build your stash to make stunning scrappy quilts! That acorn blocks I shared last week — the final quilt ended up having more than 100 fabrics in it. And guess where those 100 fabrics came from? :-)

And that’s my two cents for this week. Next week, I will be back to share with you my two cents on determining to which color stash multi-colored prints belong. Now let’s hear YOUR 2-cents!

AND —- the winner of my pink stash fabric giveaway is SUE FARRELL! Sue, I emailed you the details. Thank you for playing, everyone! I hope to have any fabric box to give away soon. It will be a different color next time!

Thank you for stopping by! Have a lovely rest of your week.


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3 thoughts on “2-Cent TWOSDAY & Fabric Stash Giveaway Winner

  1. I love your Cherry Blossoms quilt. It brings back such fond memories of your real cherry blossom posts. The flag quilt is fabulous too. Great two cents suggestion. It’s beastly to run out of fabric!

  2. Oh Wendy, I would love to sit and gaze at your stash for a day or two. Beautiful fabrics inspire me and everything you do is beautiful.

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