2-Cent Tuesday

Hello Friends, it’s Tuesday again! It’s the last Tuesday of January. How did that happen? I hope you have had a good month so far, sewing and quilting-wise!

Sometimes small and quick projects give a good break in the midst of working on big quilt projects. I am happy to share with you a quick and easy quilt that is featured in a newly released “Quilts to Make in a Weekend” book by Annie’s. My Star Shine quilt is on the cover! Click HERE to purchase the book. I actually have another quilt in the book, which I will share next week.

Star Shine is 49″ square, and I had designed it as a baby quilt that doesn’t necessarily use baby-ish fabrics. That way the quilt can be gifted either an infant or a young child or even a teenager.


And before I share my 2-cents this week, guess what? My iron bit the dust this morning, and thankfully I have a back-up new iron waiting to offer its service! I was just talking about having a spare iron in my 2-cent post last week!

Now here are my 2-cents for the week!

Change out your rotary cutter blade if you haven’t done so this year. A sharp blade actually helps your cutting mat last longer because you don’t have to exert as much force when you cut with a sharp blade.

Fat Quarter Shop has a wide range of rotary cutters and supplies HERE.

Alrightie, I have shared my 2-cents. It’s now your turn!

Have a great rest of your week!


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4 thoughts on “2-Cent Tuesday

  1. Yes, having a sharp blade in one’s rotary cutter is definitely an asset. I have found that the cutting mat is of equal importance. The large mat on my cutting table is a good “protector” but not the best for cutting, although it is meant to be. I have a smaller, more portable mat that is a super surface for actual cutting. I have found “what a difference a good mat makes.”

  2. I use a Kai rotary cutter. When you press down to use it, the safety cover automatically slides back. I’ve ruined several blades as it frequently ends up on my acrylic ruler and I’m shaving bits off my ruler. I bought it because it’s blue but I’m not happy with it.

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