Leaders/Enders Sewalong Part 4

Hello Friends, it’s check-in day for our Leaders/Enders Sewalong. Months ago when I was working with Marcus Fabrics to develop designs for their Aunt Grace Sew Charming fabric line, I knew I was going to make this heart quilt leaders/enders style.

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And I thought — why not see if some friends would like to join in for a stress-free “not-a-race” sewalong. Join in anytime! And HERE we are for our 4th installment. Good job if you have been keeping up!

Again, I stress — there is not really a deadline to this sewalong. You make these blocks as you are working on a main project. I use the Check-in Dates to keep myself (and hopefully you) from falling way too behind while working on my magazine (main) quilts. But life happens! And I really try to make this sewalong as non-demanding as possible, because life is like a moving target over at my end.

If you post your progress pictures on Instagram, please use hashtag #iloveleadersandenders so that I can follow along your quilt progress.

Click HERE to purchase the kit from Hancocks of Paducah.  Stock is running low!

Click HERE if you just want the pattern to sew along with your own fabrics.

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You may click HERE for assignments for previous check-in dates.


From last assignment, you should have the top right corner triangles all attached to your 56 left sections. Set them aside.


Sew together the pieces that go into the RIGHT side of the blocks. If you are going to make the quilt exactly as shown in my original design, refer to the following chart for the fabrics used for the right pieces if you haven’t sorted them out from Part 1.

If you are using your own fabrics, and want to do a completely scrappy layout, you will need to sew (112) 2 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ rectangles into (56) sets of two 2 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ rectangles.

I press my seams open. Click HERE for when I talked about how I press my seams open.

And that’s it — the next date I will check in with you is February 11, 2022! Again, this is not a race — it’s just something very easy and straightforward you can work on to break the monotony when you are working on your main quilt project(s)!

Happy Piecing!

p.s. Did you hear about the #NorfolkSampler2022 Quilt Along? Details HERE.


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