Hello Friends, I hope you are well. I posted the announcement of the #NorfolkSampler2022 Quilt Along HERE. First check-in date is January 31, 2022!!

So there are three blocks to make between the Spring 2022 and Summer 2022 of Quilters World issues.

THE PLAN IS TO POST BLOCK #1 on Jan 31, 2022 on your social media platform so we can all see each other’s block. When you share your a picture of Block #1 on Instagram, YOU ARE ELIGIBLE FOR A NICE GIVEAWAY, TO BE HOSTED BY ANNIE’S. GIVEAWAY DETAILS ARE FORTHCOMING ON JANUARY 31, 2022.


I have heard from many who are joining in. I know some of you have even completed your blocks. Anytime you want to send me pictures of your blocks — my email is Here are the blocks from Celia! Great job, Celia!


You don’t have to make your Norfolk Sampler Quilt in blue! Here are a few colorways I have come up with.

Disclaimer – The following mock-ups are for illustration purposes only. Due to time constraint, I apologize ahead of time I will not be able to field questions about fabric skus or yardages. Yardages are included in the pattern instructions released in Quilters World Spring 2022 issue. Purchase your issue HERE.

So here goes!

#1. Christmas (Riley Blake, Adele in Winter)

#2. 30s Feedsack (Marcus Fabrics, Aunt Grace)

#3. Solids (Robert Kaufman Kona)

#4. Patriotic (Windham Fabrics, Hudson)

#5. Colorful (Moda, One Fine Day)

#6. Autumn (Marcus, Antique Ambers)

#7. Neutral (Windham Fabrics, Marlias)

#8. Sweet and Pink (Andover, Little Sweetheart)

Hopefully these will give you some ideas on fabric choices if you are unsure what fabrics to use for your Norfolk Sampler quilt. Now, get thee to the internet, your stash bin, or your local quilt shop! You know you want to, haha!

I will be back in a few days to show you a little trick how I make my first block!

Have a great day!


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5 thoughts on “NORFOLK SAMPLER Series Quilt QAL – DIFFERENT LOOKS!

  1. Wendy your points are PERFECT!!! Any tips?? I ordered the magazine for the pattern and am waiting patiently. (Maybe). All those color wheels to choose from makes my head swim. As I was scrolling down I thought I found the one I loved then another, then another 😀

  2. I love seeing all the different colorways! I am using an earlier 3Sisters line and picked up the magazine last night at JoAnn’s. Eager to get started on it.

  3. Oh I love the patriotic! I have another request for a dear Vietnam brother so that will be his! I’m hoping my magazine subscription gets here in time!

  4. I can’t wait for part three! Can’ I start on the next part? Or do I need to just start another in a different color way? What to do! Barb

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