2-Cent Tuesday

Hello Friends! I hope you are well. How is it that we are past mid-January already? I hope your January has been filled with lots of sewing!


Before I go further, I just want to remind you the 2 sew-alongs I have going on.

#1. Leaders/Enders Sewalong making a heart quilt. Details HERE.

#2. Norfolk Sampler Quilt. Preliminary details HERE. This is another stress-free sewalong that will be happening through the entire year of 2022.


Of course, being a tropical girl at heart, I am more than ready for summer at this point! I was just thinking the wintry cold days are great for planning summer projects! Keepsake Quilting is kitting two of my patriotic designs. Click HERE to purchase the kits. I am waiting for fabrics to make the flag quilt! It will be my 2022 Patriotic Quilt!


Now here are my 2-cents for the week!

Keep a second iron handy in case your main iron gives up its ghost in the middle of the quilt project while you are sewing at night!

And that’s my 2-cents for you. It’s now your turn to share yours!

Have a lovely rest of your week!


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5 thoughts on “2-Cent Tuesday

  1. “Sew” happy to hear your two-cents worth……. yup, been there, and yes, done that. Guess what, I am using my spare iron at the moment. Definitely good advice. Your snowy photo looks much like our yard. l think that TN had an all-time record snow storm this past Sunday/Monday. Perfect sewing weather 😁

  2. I actually have 2 back-up irons. I kept my mother’s after she passed and I have the one I was using before my daughter gave me a Rowenta. I like the cheap irons that are replaceable after they bite the dust.

  3. My first issue of Quilter’s World arrived today, I’m so excitied to start digging through my blues to make this quilt with you. I enjoyed the sew along to make you Stomping Ground with Pat Sloan. Whatever it takes to get it done!! I also have a fair collection of blue dishes.

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