2-Cent Tuesday & A Leaders/Enders Sew-Along!

QUICK PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT – please note that I will be responding to your questions/comments in the comment section from now. Due to time constraint, I won’t be responding via email. So, if you ask a question, do check back on the comment section in this post for answers!


Hello Friends, Happy Tuesday to you! I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving.


I often work on more than one or two quilts at one time, and in between, I always have another project that has easy units to make as my leaders and enders units. For those who aren’t familiar with leaders-and-enders units — here’s how they work. They are just simple units for a “side” quilt that you would make while working on chain piecing for your main quilt project. That way you don’t have to cut off any threads as you sew.

So, it’s like getting an extra quilt pieced while you are working on your projects. It is a GREAT way to make charity quilts that generally have simpler designs. And that brings up the leaders-and-enders quilt that I will be working on for the next few months.

I am going to do a sew-along between mid-December 2021 and April 2022 with this Aunt Grace Sew Charming Hearts quilt. All are welcome to join!

Click HERE to purchase the kit from Hancocks of Paducah. Picture below shows exactly what you are getting with the kit — a FQ bundle, background and binding fabrics! These 30s’ prints from Marcus Fabrics’ Aunt Grace Sew Charming line are absolutely adorable. Click HERE to see the individual prints.

This is supposed to be a stress-free sew along because you will just be sewing the blocks as leaders-and-enders when you work on your main quilt! It’s never a race. And you are more than welcome to join in if you just want to make the quilt at your own pace, or make the quilt a main quilt project. I will, however, have a few dates (12/16/21 – 3/21/22) where I check in with you on your progress. Our first date is 12/16/21. You will have some time to get the kits in the meantime. So check back on 12/16/21 for our first assignment! With the assignments I will share with you as time goes on, you will find that these heart blocks are great as leaders and enders blocks!


Now for my 2-cents this week — one way to ensure you actually finish a quilt you start is to grab a friend or two or three to work on the same quilt. That way, you can spur each other on to finish the quilt!

Recently, Bronwyn of New Zealand had a friendly sewing contest with my Stomping Ground design with her friend Helena who lives across the globe in Sweden! They picked a pattern, determined the number of blocks they were going to make in a week, and had a contest to see who was first completing their weekly assignment. The end result: they completed their quilt just after a few weeks.

Then, both Jenny Doan of Missouri Star and her friend Cherry made a quilt with my Go Big or Go Gnome design. Again, sewing with friends = completed quilt! [The pattern for Go Big or Go Gnome is in the book Quilted Gnomes for Your Home HERE.]

Both sweet sewing-with-friends stories is proof you can sew along with your friend(s) whether you live close by to each other or not — and have lots of fun — AND complete lots of quilts!

So, why not grab a friend and pick a quilt you would like to work on for 2022, and then cheer each other on while working on the quilt? How about making that Aunt Grace Sew Charming quilt with your group of quilting friends?

That’s my 2-cents this week. Now it’s your turn to share your 2-cents!

Have a great rest of your week!

p.s. I will be doing “A Christmas Quilt A Day” series on Instagram starting December 1, and you will see my Go Big or Go Gnome quilt there!

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8 thoughts on “2-Cent Tuesday & A Leaders/Enders Sew-Along!

    • So, so true — the sanity part is what convinced me to add leaders and enders in my piecing process. If nothing else, it breaks up the monotony of making the same quilt blocks. :)

  1. I love using leaders and enders. It’s an awesome concept to finish two quilts at a time. Sounds like a no pressure quilt along. I also have time to purchase my kit. Thank you, Wendy

  2. Your Marcus Fabrics Aunt Grace Heart Quilt is a heartwarming quilt that will certainly be a fun SAL and great way to start the new year. I think you shared excellent tips today to help finish a quilt, as well as having fun while creating.

  3. I’m a huge fan of leader/enders! As Bonnie Hunter’s new mystery is dropping, I plan to work on finishing up one of her old mysteries that I started three years ago. The three parts of it already done and one part in progress have all been worked on as leader/enders with other projects since I started it. I agree that a “make it with a friend” quilt challenge is also a good project progress booster!

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