2-Cent Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, my Friends! I hope you are well. I looked at the calendar this week, and was a little surprised Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK — where did the time go? Question for you — TO BRINE, or NOT TO BRINE?

My 2-Cent for this week is BRINE for a trouble-free roast turkey! I remember being filled with trepidation years ago when I was to roast the turkey for Thanksgiving for the first time ever in my life. I don’t know why, but that is not like me at all. But I picked up a Woman’s Day magazine at a grocery checkout line. In it was a recipe for a traditional roasted turkey, and it recommended brining. I followed the recipe exactly. The turkey was so well received my crew asked me to roast another one for the following weekend after Thanksgiving – and I did.

I also have a rule — we carve the turkey at the dinner table. I thought everyone at the table might as well appreciate my hard work in getting up at the crack of dawn and roasting the turkey! At the table, we fill the time waiting for the turkey by either singing Thanksgiving hymns, or answering trivia questions about Thanksgiving!

And THAT’s my 2-cents for this week. Now it’s your turn to share your 2-cents about your Thanksgiving meal preparations. I am also looking for new side dishes to add to my usual repertoire. Feel free to share your favorite side dish(es) for Thanksgiving.


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8 thoughts on “2-Cent Tuesday

  1. Beautiful looking turkey! I’ve never brined anything. :) Our favorite side dish are yams/sweet potatoes (boiled until soft) and then peeled, sliced and drizzled with brown sugar/butter and topped with marshmallows and baked until the marshmallows brown a bit. There would be mutiny here if those weren’t on the table! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  2. I never heard of brining and don’t know what it is. My family aren’t big turkey or ham fans. Some years we’ve had chicken. Recently we have tacos Thanksgiving and Christmas without side dishes. Son in law is gluten free. I don’t like to cook, (rather be sewing), don’t want to be creative and don’t want to search for food he can eat. Also, my family doesn’t help with meal prep and they like tacos.

  3. I brine the bird….
    With much smaller gatherings right now for TG I find it hard to cut down on the size of the menu!
    So we / I need to make one of the following instead of all:
    Sweet potatoes ( diced and roasted with a bit of chili powder and salt)
    Mashed Potatoes
    Mamas cornbread dressing
    Mamas dressing gets my vote.

    I insist on one “new dish” each year
    This year I think its going to be a cabbage pomegranate slaw!

  4. I like your Thanksgiving traditions and what a beautiful Turkey. Perfect! I hope you and your family have a very Happy Thanksgiving this year. Gobble, gobble, as my mother used to say when she’d answer the phone on Thanksgiving!

  5. I would be very happy if I can write like you, but I can’t write like you, where is my luck, really people like you are an example for the world. You have written this comment very beautifully, I am very glad that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  6. I hoped you and your family enjoyed your Thanksgiving! Although I’m a little late to the debate, my two cents: BRINE! We usually do a wet brine but this year tried a dry brine. Worked good and was less work so we’ll see which way we decide to go the next time.

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