A Double Dose 2-Cent Tuesday

Hello Friends, I hope you have been well! Before I forget, there is a chance for you a win a Stomping Ground Kit from Hancocks of Paducah! Click HERE for details and to vote your favorite version!

Summer came to an end, and my daughter started 7th grade this past week. Many of you had known her as Miss Baby since she was born. How time has flown by, and now I have a 7th grader in the house. This quilt I am sharing with you is inspired by my daughter’s love for the Little House on the Prairie books when she was much younger. I titled it “Little Village on the Prairie”. There is ONE block in this quilt that is not like the others…. can you spot it?

Little Village on the Prairie is featured in Quilters World Autumn 2021 issue. You may purchase the issue HERE.

The fabrics I used are from Warm Winter Wishes fabric line by Moda. I like this fabric line because the prints fund little accents that are versatile in any quilts. You may purchase the fabrics HERE.


Since I missed our regular 2-Cent Tuesday last week, I am sharing my 2-Cents x 2 today!

#1. If you like to use as many fabrics as you possibly can in your applique projects, charm pack (or Fat Quarter bundles) could be your best friends. Since the applique pieces in many classes are small, charm squares make the perfect size to cut and prepare your pieces.

#2. If you wonder what background fabric to use for your quilt, color cards are really handy — especially when a color like white comes in different shades. It could be bright white, antique white, creamy white etc. Sometimes the colors shown on a computer screen for a solid is completely different in real life! That happened to me recently. I thought I was getting a dark navy indigo, and the actual fabric showed up as purple. That’s why a color card comes in really handy when you are trying to decide what shade you need for your quilt background.

And that’s my 2-cents in double dosage for this week and last! Now it’s your turn to share your 2-cents!

Have a lovely week.


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13 thoughts on “A Double Dose 2-Cent Tuesday

  1. Yes! Amazing how quickly time flies fly by! Great idea to use precuts for appliqué. Color cards are a great idea too. They are super for “fine tuning” colors in any project. Here’s to a fabulous school year for a “Miss Baby!”

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