2-Cent Tuesday

Hello Friends, it’s Tuesday again! I hope you have had a lovely start to your week. It’s time to think about fall — and I have a couple “colder months” fall quilts to share with you today!

#1. Autumn is Calling – featured with complete pattern in Quilters World Autumn 2021 issue. You may purchase the issue HERE.

#2. Autumn Leaves kit – purchase kit HERE.


And my 2-cents for this week: USE YOUR PHONE to take pictures of your blocks before you sew them together, or even after the quilt top is sewn together, but BEFORE the quilt is quilted!

[Ask me how I know this is an important step! I recently turned in a magazine project where I didn’t realize one of the blocks was turned incorrectly. The project was quilted and bound and sent to the editor — before I realized the error! Fortunately the project is a small project, and it took me a day to re-make the project to resend to the editor.]

The picture you take doesn’t have to be fancy — following is one I took of Autumn is Calling before it was quilted!

That’s my 2-cents for today. Now it’s your turn to share yours with other quilters! Thank you for stopping by. I hope you have a lovely rest of your week!


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5 thoughts on “2-Cent Tuesday

  1. Taking photos of “in progress” quilts is a great hint. I also like to take photos when I am arranging the blocks. The photo helps me to zero in on the arrangement according to color. The blocks that need to be rearranged just seem to “pop out” in a photo. It is amazing what we see in the photo that we don’t see in “person.”

  2. I usually show my quilt tops to my husband. For some reason he can find the blocks turned wrong and the pins and needles I’ve dropped on the floor.

  3. Photos are a great tool in quilting. I have a quilting buddy that I send a picture to, to get a second opinion on the layout. We are totally honest with each other (but nice😀) when replying. Next to my ripper she’s my most valued sewing tool!

  4. What I have learned from my own pictures (usually after I have posted them) is that the mistakes show up very well. Things that I do not see on my design board are evident in the pictures.

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