2-Cent Tuesday

Hello Friends, I hope you are doing well. I do apologize for missing last week’s 2-Cent Tuesday. Too much happening at the same time. But here I am today — we are less than 3 weeks before the new school year starts for my daughter. And we are busy getting things done before school starts again.

Two weeks ago, I shared with you my Farmhouse Comfort quilt in the Quilts for Autumn book.

I actually have a second quilt included in the same book, Acorn Juggling! The squirrel block looks hard, but it really isn’t.

You may purchase the book HERE.


Meanwhile, fall is just around the corner, and I am not JUST KITTEN AROUND!

You may purchase the kit and/or paper pattern HERE.

Or you may purchase the fabrics HERE.


And for my 2-cents today… You know how sometimes when you are trying to draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of a square for making half-square-triangle units, and the square would go wobbly a bit, and then that causes the diagonal line to go wonky? That happens to me especially when dealing with small squares…. to solve that problem, I have a mini tiny cutting mat right by my machine where I place the squares and then draw my diagonal lines. The cutting mat keeps the squares in place, and my diagonal lines accurate!

This is my mat HERE – except mine is quite well worn now! At 5″ x 8″, it is just a really nice size.

So, that’s my 2-cents for this week! It’s your turn to share your 2-cents. I hope you have a lovely rest of your summer. See you next time!


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3 thoughts on “2-Cent Tuesday

  1. Oh my, I love your Fall Quilts. And, yes, each morning when I get up I am noticing cooler temperatures. Yup, Fall is in the air. Great idea to use a small cutting mat to help stabilize fabrics when marking those “squirrely” half-square-triangle units when marking them. I have been using a well-worn sand paper appliqué board for the same purpose. It, too, works wonders. I enjoy your two-cents tips 😊

  2. Good morning,

    My 2 cents for drawing diagonal lines is to start in the center and go down and then back to the center and go up – no more wobbly squares.



  3. i use a sheet of fine sandpaper glued to a piece of sturdy cardboard which really makes it impossible for the fabric square to move.

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