2-Cent Tuesday

Hello Friends, it’s Tuesday again! I hope you had a great start to your week. It’s been a busy sort of week, but I did manage to get Scissors & Spools pattern listed in my shop.

Scissors & Spools is a Layer Cake (10″ Squares)-Friendly pattern. The quilt finishes at 46″ x 61″. Click here to purchase the pattern in PDF format. Or, if you prefer the paper format, Fat Quarter Shop has them.


Did you know this past Sunday was National Sewing Machine Day?

I am often asked what machine I use — I am a Bernina girl, from the very beginning.

But here are my 2-cents on purchasing a sewing machine:

Always test out a machine at a local dealer before you make the purchase. While you are at the dealer, ask as many questions as you can think of! Sometimes, ALL your sewing needs might be met in a mid level model instead of the schnazziest model.

BUT a friendly note of caution – in purchasing a sewing machine, just know that the machine will determine the level of sewing enjoyment. If you end up getting a machine with which you constantly fight, you won’t enjoy sewing as much as if you had gotten a machine that is more collaborative!

It’s your turn to share your 2-cents on purchasing a sewing machine!

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you have a lovely rest of your week!


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15 thoughts on “2-Cent Tuesday

  1. I love this new pattern. As far as what machine to buy?–I only do straight stitching, so NO computerized machines for me. :-) At home I sew on an Emdeko (look that one up) an OLD Bernina 830, a Featherweight, a Singer 310. and the list goes on. As I said, NO computerized. which also means NO plastic. The work horses are the all metal. My heroes :-)

  2. I’m so excited about this new pattern! Thank you! I agree with you about sewing machines. I love my Janome. I went to a dealer several years ago and tried my machine out. I sewed on it for about a half hour and bought it immediately. It’s the perfect machine for me. Recently I tried a Bernina but the dealer really didn’t have it so I could try it out very well. So I stayed eith the machine I have.

  3. Fun pattern! I recommend buying a machine from a dealer close to home if possible. I live in a remote rural area and having my machine tech close by is helpful.

  4. I have…. a Singer 316G that runs like a speedboat. That is my mom’s first machine
    Then I have a collection of old Singers I have acquired through friends.
    My current favorite Singer machine is the Singer 301A, it is zippy.
    I have not purchased a machine in ages. I gave my oldest daughter a Janome Hello Kitty machine when she went to college, but she does not use it much. It is a very substantial machine despite it’s name.
    Lizzie, my younger, has never sewn. She would do quite well if she learned, but her talents and yearnings are elsewhere. She is an excellent pianist and organist. At present she has three babies under the age of 3 1/2yrs

    It is good to know what you really need in a machine. It is wonderful we have the internets now to learn so much
    Happy Tuesday

  5. Whew! What a cute new pattern!! Having the right machine for you is the perfect choice. Having a helpful dealer close by, if possible, is also the perfect choice. Knowing how to operate “your” machine is also the perfect choice. All of these make for a fun and productive sewing/quilting experience. 😊

  6. Oh I love this pattern with the spools and thread! I’m going to get it. I’m a BERNINA girl too and thanks for all your tips! Have a blessed day Wendy

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  7. Great 2 cent Tuesday tips. I do so think it is important to consider your local dealer when looking to buy a new machine, no matter what the brand is. Some only care about the sell and offer not real customer support after purchase. And some are Uber Creative and some haven’t created anything new in decades. Speaking of new, I absolutely love your new Scissors & Spools design.

  8. I really like the scissors and spool pattern! I do that all the time when I’m hand sewing. I’m a Janome girl, and now have two, so I’d always recommend test drive one before making a decision. Interestingly enough, my 1973 workhorse is a Kenmore, made by Janome!

  9. Love your Scissors and Spools pattern! I’ll order from FQS when I place my next order with them. I have an older Sears Kenmore and loved it! It was from the 70’s. The bobbin winder broke and nobody could order a part for it. Then, the tension is all messed up. I sewed and sewed on that machine for years, but now it won’t sew a straight stitch nicely anymore. One of the dealers told me that a Janome DC2019 was a step up from my old machine, so I purchased this model when it was on sale in November of 2019.. I’m still struggling and only feel comfortable with straight stitching, however, I am learning. I sure wished I had purchased a machine that was even a step up from the DC2019 with at least the serpentine pattern so I could do some of my own topquilting. I still have my mom’s old Singer and that one sews a straight stitch beautifully, however, there’s no zig-zag or fancy stitches These are work horses and sew the best straight stitches. When I’m ready for a new machine, I will be test driving so I make the best decision. I have also found a dealer I can go to. Thanks for your 2-cents!

  10. I’m with Rosemary…if you have limited funds or simply want a machine that you can maintain yourself, seriously consider getting a vintage sewing machine. Buy one in good working condition first time around if you just want to get sewing. My favorite tailed machine (electric) is a Singer 201 made in the 1950s. She is an all metal (no plastic gears) workhorse and I can easily do all the routine oiling and maintenance myself. My 1910 Singer 66 treadle is also a delight with which to sew & simple to maintain myself. Both were very easy on the wallet when purchasing & no yearly maintenance costs. Avoid vintage machines requiring rare needles or bobbins unless you are interested in a collection. That being said, the new machines have lots of amazing bells & whistles!

  11. If I could write like you, I would be very happy and have good luck, but where is my luck, in fact people like you are a great example to the world. You have written this comment very beautifully, I am very happy and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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