If you are looking for a hold all bag for stitching…

Hello Friends, I hope you have had a good week! I just finished a queen sized magazine quilt. It’s nice to have another one sent off so that I can get to the next on the list. It’s as if my life revolves around “what’s next on the list”, haha. I actually caught myself recently asking my daughter the same thing about her schedule.

I know most of the time I am associated with quilting. But my love for fiber and thread started with hand stitching when I was little. I was intrigued by my aunt who did cross-stitching at the time. Due to the rigorous demands at school, I never did dabble in cross-stitching until I was in college. I have the sweetest memories cross-stitching and chatting into the night with my roommate.

If you are a stitcher, and are looking for a bag that is useful in holding your stitching things, you might be interested in The Supreme Organizer made by Yazzii. Click HERE to read the specs.

The bag folds out like a book.

A book that has may see-through pockets. Here are a few ways the pockets can be used. Definitely for starters, one can use the pockets to organize one’s stitching needles by size. And don’t forget the thread keeps as well!

Then one can use the pockets to organize the threads specific for various projects because I am guessing more stitchers are stitching more than one project at a time! Here might be a handy trick — I actually have multiple spools of the same color if I know if I would like to use the color in various projects. The spools are then group with other spools for various projects. That way I have ALL the colors I need in one place.

The Supreme Organizer has a large pocket that allows the storage of pieces with minimal folding.

This organizer also has two larger pockets that are handy for storing stitching charts. The see-through pocket you see below is sufficient to store a 6″ hoop. If you use a larger hoop, the larger pockets should be able to hold the hoop.

There you have it, my stitching friends! There are so many ways to organize things with Yazzii bags. You might also try using the Yazzii pouches to help you further organizes all your stitching treasures!

Have a great weekend!


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4 thoughts on “If you are looking for a hold all bag for stitching…

  1. I have a gorgeous hot pink Yazzie bag that I just love. It is filled with three projects. One project is an appliquรฉ, another is an embroidery project using pearl cotton threads, and the third is a hexie project. All three fit nicely in one bag. I LOVE it.

  2. Wendy, you must never sleep! You really do get so much done. I have a question for you. I like to embroidet and work with wool. I have trouble with my thread knotting when I am working on projects. I use Thread Heaven to coat my thread before I start working with it and am still having the problem. Do you have any suggestions that would help with this?

  3. All of these yazzi bags are gems! I love this one
    I won a massive bag from Instagram and I love it. The great part is that I can carry a lot, or leave some bags at home. Either way, I love and need the organization when I just need to get out. I have taken my yazzi bag to Algonquian Park and sat on a bench with daddy. He loves the Potomac River there. You can gaze at activity for hours. I have to avoid chattering my head off bc that just puts him to sleep๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
    So, I bring my sewing, usually quilt labels, or sometimes, little stuffie Llamas or hexies. there are always the hexies.
    Happy Saturday Wendy๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

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