2 + 2-Cent Tuesday

Hello Friends, I hope you have been well, and that your week got off a great start. I do apologize for missing 2-Cent Tuesday last week. Things have been a little bit crazy over here. But all’s well, and so I am not complaining.


Before I go on, I thought I would share with you news of my First French Feature in the latest Quiltmania magazine. I am very excited about my Cherry Cordials quilt being featured! The quilt traveled to France safely and back. Too bad, the quilt couldn’t put me in its pocket for the travel.

At 95″ square finished, this is the largest quilt I have ever pieced!


Since I missed last week’s 2-Cent Tuesday, I am going to try to make this week’s 2-Cent Tuesday worth 4 cents!

2 Cent #1. I used strip-piecing to make the 9-patch units in the quilt shown above. In strip piecing, instead of piecing long strips (usually width of fabric or 40-42″), I cut my strips into four sections of 10-11″, and strip piece that way. I find that strip piecing shorter strips keeps me having to deal with wonkiness of the pieced strips. And my 9-patch units turn out looking SO much crisper — and no wonkiness!

2 Cent #2. I told you my Cherry Cordials quilt finishes at 95″ square. I found that fork pins really help with securing the long border strips before I sewed them to the quilt center. Here are two types of fork pins I use. I want to thank my quilting teacher Barbara for sending me the ones in the first picture. I love the “handle” on the pins. They make grabbing the pins super easy. The pins in the second picture are made by Clover. They are a little finer, and VERY sharp. I like them too. So I actually use both types. If you have had trouble pinning long strips, you might like the extra strength of fork pins.

Well, I hope my couple of tricks are worth 4 cents. Now it’s your turn to share your 2 cents, or 4! I want to thank you all again for writing and telling me how you have liked my 2-Cent Tuesday posts! The pleasure is all mine.

Have a lovely rest of your week!


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3 thoughts on “2 + 2-Cent Tuesday

  1. Your HUGE quilt is a beauty!! I have yet to try the “fork” pins. I never think about them when I’m in my favorite quilting store. I do, however, think of them at 10:00 at night when I am stitching and wishing that I had some 😂. I’ll put them on my “needs” list right now. You are right, I may need both kinds 🤣.

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