Get an early start on your Saturday!

Hello Friends, I hope you have had a blessed holy week. Please allow me to wish you a lovely and blessed Easter!


If you would like to get an early start on your Saturday, you are welcome to join Pat Sloan and myself watching her new YouTube episode live! The episode is live at 7:15am, but it’s there for you to watch later as well. The link is here:

It’s a fun chat between friends — so, grab your cup of coffee/tea and spend your Saturday morning with us? Pat is a pro, me — not so much, but do check in and see if you could spot my Asian accent! Do subscribe to Pat’s channel — she always has fun stuff to share!

Have a great weekend, Friends!



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12 thoughts on “Get an early start on your Saturday!

  1. You are a Pro, a Pro with a big heart. And you stand out with so much creativity, a good heart, and integrity. You should not feel less than, from anyone.

  2. I cant wait to meet you! But, wait, 7 am in the east is 4 am in WA. I’ll be anxious to catch your rerun with my cup of coffee.

  3. Good Morning Wendy, Loved the live interview with you and Pat this morning. No, I was not up at “O-dark-thirty” to watch it live 😂🤣, but watch it I did. It was lots of fun to see your happy, smiling face, almost in person. 300 rose cuts, oh my golly; I would be happy with a fraction of those! 💐🌷🌹🥀 Our “knock-off” roses popular in TN, are not for cutting 😕. Thanks for sharing this morning, it was a happy visit. Continue to inspire us with you fun designs. Happy Easter to you and your family. ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Thoroughly enjoyed your conversation with Pat Sloan today. Delightful information, very entertaining. I love all of your quilts but the Butterfly quilt really stood out. Is there a pattern available for purchase?
    Thank you,
    Dawn Lunn

  5. Loved watching the interview with Pat today. I see several quilts you did that I want to make AND I Loved Gwen’s cross stitch featuring the Beatitudes. Is that her pattern and is it available someplace to purchase. So glad Pat did this interview with you. I am now a fan. : )

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