I am late, I am late… for an important

2-CentTuesday Date!

Hello Friends, I hope you are doing well! It’s been a crazy, crazy week so far…. and I totally ran out of time the last few days to make sure I had a 2-Center Tuesday post up for you!

First, please allow me to thank those of you who had written to tell me you are liking my 2-cent posts. I really appreciate you letting me know!


My 2-cents for this week are safety-related…. way back when I was really really new in quilting, I heard a lady at a club meeting share about using an old prescription bottle (with label removed etc) to store old needles for safe disposal. I remember going home from the meeting, and immediately looked for an old prescription bottle. I STILL collect my old needles that way before I dispose of them.

So, that’s my rather late 2-cents for this week! It’s now your turn… Have a lovely rest of your week, and Happy Quilting!


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19 thoughts on “I am late, I am late… for an important

  1. I also use old prescription bottles to collect dull, used rotary blades till I can properly dispose of them! Love the 2-cent Tuesday ideas!

  2. Never too late 😊. Keep the two-cent ideas coming. Old prescription bottles are the perfect size. Besides my favorite sewing machine, I have one at my longarm and embroidery machine too.

  3. I, too, read all your 2-cent Tuesdays, and really enjoy them. Thank you for sharing!
    I love the quilt in the picture at the top of this page. Do you have a pattern for it? The colour combination is truly stunning.
    Thank you for blessing the quilting world with all your tips, patterns, and joy!

  4. Hello Wendy, I follow this exact procedure for all of my needles that need to be disposed. Plus, I also use a pill bottle for storing my dull rotary blades just as Nancy has mentioned. It helps tremendously when tips, such as this are shared with one another! Have a great night!

  5. I used to encase my needles in masking tape to dispose of them. Now that my husband is diabetic we have a sharps disposal bin for lancets and needles. I put them in there now.

  6. Better late than never for a good tip! I do this as well for my dull needles and bent pins. Thank you for each of your tips, Wendy!

  7. I use old prescription bottles to store old needles also, and like you have been doing so for years. Old prescription bottles are useful for so many things.

  8. hi. I’m interested in the pattern for the quilt in your recent 2-cent Tuesday email. Went to the Etsy shop and couldn’t find it. Could you help, please? Thanks, Lee

    • The quilt pattern is called Stained Glass, my original design in a magazine called SIMPLE QUILTS & SEWING (Spring 2013).  Unfortunately, the company folded.  There is no stand alone pattern for that design at the moment.
      Thank you for asking!

  9. I too enjoy your two cent Tuesday posts. Thank you for another great tip today. I too hate to toss needles in the trash that are not well protected and an old Rx bottle is a great way to ensure no one is hurt from old needles. I have an old Rx bottle I was about to toss and I will happily move it into my sewing room today. Great tip!

  10. I meant to leave a message last week about how much I enjoy your 2-cents! I have used a couple of them, like placing the pins towards the seem. But old habits die hard with this old girl, I’m working on it. Your life is so full, it’s ok to be late once in a while. Rose season is coming soon, take time to stop and admire them 😀

  11. this is good advice. I have a large empty bottle from Tylenol, with the safety lid. I hide it in my laundry room. I put all of my old pointy sharp stuff in there.
    This is a good idea, Wendy.
    I hope you are enjoying this day.

  12. I enjoy your 2 cent Tuesdays posts. I’ve used prescription bottles for pins and needles for years. I also use mint containers or hand cream containers for used rotary cutting blades.

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