It’s for the kids!

Just a quick piece of news! You may now purchase ALL my for-sale patterns in pdf format on Fat Quarter Shop’s website. They have paper patterns for some of my patterns, but not all. So, if you haven’t seen the full offerings of my for-sale patterns, check them out HERE.


Now back to what this post is about… baby quilts, kids quilts, child quilts!

Kids are fun, and that’s why so many of quilters love baby/kids quilts designs!

Of course, there are the panel quilts that are super quick and easy to make. The following quilt has zero piecing! It’s just a panel that I made happen solely by free-motion quilting on it.

Then, there are child quilts that require just a bit more piecing. Recently, two of my kids quilts designs are included in Annie’s Fast & Fun Quilts for Kids. The book is available or purchase HERE.

First up is my jigsaw puzzle quilt.

Then, there is my Pick Up Sticks child’s bed quilt.

And I just released my Duckling, Duckling, Go pattern. Fat Quarter Shop has both paper and digital patterns! Click HERE to order. I do have to note that the paper patterns are just now shipping to the distributor, so there will be a little lag time getting to shops. You may also purchase the pattern in pdf format directly from me HERE.

I know my quilting teacher Barbara has blessed many many many babies with baby quilts! I always think of the silent prayers uttered by the quiltmaker for a child when she is making that quilt for the special child; and one day, that quiltmaker will be recognized in heaven for being a prayer warrior for that child!

Tell me about the baby / child quilts you have made – I would love to hear them!

Thank you for dropping by! I hope you have a lovely weekend.


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7 thoughts on “It’s for the kids!

  1. Love your panel quilt. The quilting makes it. I recently made one for a challenge. It’s on my IG account (my name). The quilt is cute but the quilting leaves MUCH to be desired. Even though it’s technically finished I am adding more before it’s donated.

  2. My nephew and his wife Jessie are huge Star Wars nerds so when their second little boy was born (in front of his big brother on the living room floor! Marshal was more excited about the fire truck arriving (sent out automatically to any 911 call) than he was impressed by the birth. But Marshall and Lucas are the closest of friends now. I made them both Star Wars quilts with red minkie on the back of one and navy on the back of the other. Marshal loved his, Lucas was just weeks old, so had no opinion, LOL.

  3. I have made at least 35 to 40 baby and kids quilt for my grandchildren, the children and grandchildren of my work colleagues before I retired, friends and neighbors and donation quilts for a variety of organization. I generally use bright primary colors rather than pastels.

  4. I’m lovin’ the Jigsaw Puzzle Quilt and the Pick Up Sticks Quilt. I don’t have any little ones but these would be great for “bigger people” too!! I’m looking forward to receiving the book in about a week!! 😁 These two quilts are perfect for what I am doing these days…….. using up my STASH. It’s gonna take a while, however 😂🤣.

  5. Its been so long ago I can’t remember the actual pattern of the first baby quilts I made. I LOVE the jigsaw pattern so ordered the book today. I also love the sheep panel. Can you tell me who’s fabric line that is from? Thanks

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