A peek into my wardrobe

Well — not really! My wardrobe is mostly an unexciting place because most of my outfits are black. But I was thinking the other day how being a quilter might have subconsciously affected my choices of outfits. I started looking at the prints on my outfits, and found that most of them do have geometric designs that can be adapted into quilt designs. Here is a samplling:

Did you spot my usual pattern here – dark / black and quite geometric! But WAIT, I am expanding my sartorial horizons in my old age… this is the print on my new blouse from Zappy Dots. See how much exciting the print is compared to my usual?

This is the exact blouse I have! he colors are much more vibrant in person. I like the smooth and silky material, and most importantly of all, thread scraps come off the material easily. So, I don’t have to worry about walking into the grocery stores with threads hanging off me.

Last week, I had shared with you the stitching accessories in THIS POST. I was glad quite a few of you shared your wonderful experiences with their goodies – thank you! Check out Zappy Dots’ apparel offerings here — they are designed with quilters/crafters/stitchers in mind, and . You will probably even recognize certain prints that you have seen on fabrics. I promise you, you will spend more than 15 minutes looking at all the goodies!

If you own any Zappy Dots apparel items, please let me know what you think! Thank you for “clothes-shopping” with me today.

Till next time!


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6 thoughts on “A peek into my wardrobe

  1. Oh my gosh, you are a flashy dresser! I am certain these designs look very good on you.!!
    I looked at the webpage, and I did not see one thing that appealed to me 😂😂😂

    I am a very plain dresser. Maybe it is my age. I mean I have adult daughters with children, so I am rather boring. I buy a few blouses from Ann Taylor and Loft. I buy my pants from Lands End. I like frilly flowery girlie blouses, but I wear Keen shoes hahahaha. I am a straight stick for a shape, rather lanky, so I wear my iWatch around my ankle bc if I wear it on my wrist I would keep taking it off. I wear it just to meet my exercise goals (which are minimal)

  2. Ooh! My wardrobe definitely needs a sprucing up. I think that I will head to Zappy Dots! It sounds like fun and I always enjoy color. Inspiration will be good!!

  3. When I first saw the shirt, I thought it was a Kaffe design, but then saw it was Philip Jacobs. I’d love a shirt like that, but I wouldn’t spend that much on a shirt. I’m too cheap!

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