2 Cent Tuesday

IMPORTANT PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT – If you had purchased my Maisons de Patchwork Pattern before Feb 11, 2021, check out pattern corrections HERE.


Hello Friends, another new week, another 2-Cent Tuesday! Today, I thought I would share with you my thoughts on UFOs and WIPs!

We all have them, well most of us anyway. I actually have a dear friend who doesn’t! She doesn’t start a new project unless she has completed her current project. She also doesn’t keep a stash. She only keeps/purchases what she needs for her current project. Talk about discipline…

But we mere mortals… we have them all – the fabric stashes, WIPs and UFOs! We shall discuss fabric stashes on another day. My 2-cents on the WIPs and UFOs is this: As long as we elevate the status of our projects from UFO to WIP, and keep the WIPs on a rotation, we are good! We keep nibbling on those WIPs, and pretty soon, the WIPS will be completed quilts!

Here are a few of my newest WIPs for my newly releases patterns. I don’t have time to devote to just one quilt. So, I put them on a rotation. I make either 1 or 2 blocks at a time, and pretty soon, I will have my quilt top done.

Now one thing I do is this: Whenever I completed the appointed block for a particular WIPs, I would go ahead and cut the pieces for the next block and store the pieces in a bag. That way, the next time I am back at working at the particular quilt, I can just go straight to sewing. Oh, I also keep a block diagram with all the measurements — that way, it’s easy to get back in the groove on a certain project.

Well that’s not much, but I hope it’s at least worth 2 cents — now it’s your turn! Happy Quilting, Friends!


p.s. You might have seen this upcoming design of mine. Moda Fabrics is offering this as a boxed kit later this summer. You may reserve yours now at Fat Quarter Shop. Click HERE.


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9 thoughts on “2 Cent Tuesday

  1. Your precision is so amazing! Thanks for all the tips. I USED to always finish my projects before starting on the next but now I have two or three quilts going at a time. Love the snowflakes

  2. Wendy, can you tell me the name of the butterfly quilt and if the pattern is available, whether for sale or in a magazine?

  3. I am lovin’ your “Stars & Snowflakes” and your “Patriot Dream” patterns especially. I actually love all your patterns and creativity. I’d really like to have at least one day of the week to have 36 hours, kinda like LeapYear but once a week 😂😂😂. Maybe then I could catch up with some my UFO’s!!! 😅😂🤣

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