Fun gifts for Stitchers and Quilters

Hello Friends! I hope you are doing well despite the cold (very cold!) weather! We are supposed to get some snow tonight even though our high was in the 50s yesterday. Do stay safe! Before I start prattling on, I would like to thank ALL of you who left comments on Gwen’s blog post from last weekend. She read every comment, and was very encouraged.

One thing I do to keep stitching fun for Gwen is to always be on a lookout for stitching accessories to make the process fun and interesting for her. For example, I found these kitty thread keeps that are great tools in teaching a child to be organized with her threads while stitching.

Recently, I came across these fun stitching/quilting gift items made by Zappy Dots. I am amazed at the range of products offered – from apparel, jewelry to notions! Click HERE to visit Zappy Dots’ website. All Zappy Dots products are made in USA.

Many of the products are based on the idea of these nifty and pretty 1″ dots. The dots then find themselves in various gifts and notions like pendants, bracelets, needle minders and scissors fobs. I currently have the needle minder (nanny), scissors fob, and the interchangeable silver bangle.

Let’s start with me showing you the silver bangle, or bracelet. Well, as soon as Gwen saw this, she subtly claimed this one! We agree we could “share” — you know how that goes, haha. Gwen thinks the interchangeable concept is the coolest thing (since sliced bread) because one can effortless change the look of the bangle by using the different magnetic dots that snaps onto the face of the bangle.

There are other bracelet styles as well besides this one I just showed you. Click HERE to see the other offerings, as well as an almost endless range of “dots” you could purchase for yourself and friends.

I like the simple and sweet magnetic needle minder and the scissors fob! The surface of the dots are protected against wear. Gwen loves playing with the magnetic needle minders. They were perfect for me to teach Gwen about the physics of magnetism as well as eletromagnetism.

The scissors fob adds a bit of visual bling to my scissors. More importantly, the fob makes it easy for me spot where I place my scissors at all times. When I stitch, I don’t always place the scissors at one fixed spot like I am supposed to, and I so easily lose track of them.

I find that the items are affordable as gifts for a stitching or quilting friend, or even for yourself. Check out Zappy Dots’ website HERE, and I double dog dare you to not spend more than 20 minutes looking to see if you couldn’t find the perfect “dot”! I found SO many dots that I want to have…. maybe it’s time for another collection!?

I always appreciate you stopping by! I hope you have a lovely rest of your week – do stay safe and WARM! Till next week.


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5 thoughts on “Fun gifts for Stitchers and Quilters

  1. Fun, fun stitching items. It is always intriguing to find such cute items. l shall check them out. Upon first glance, they are looking great as gifts for my stitching buddies. I may even find one or two for myself 😊. You were toasty 🌞 yesterday. We hit a high of 25 ⛄️ yesterday and 27 ❄️ today. In fact, our local paper said that our low of 12 yesterday was colder than Anchorage, Alaska, Toronto, Canada, Helsinki, Finland, and Reykjavik, Iceland. Brrrrrr❄️❄️ A snowstorm is on its way later today and into tomorrow …………..

  2. I discovered Zappy Dots 4 or 5 years ago. Love their stuff. I do have the bangle bracelet but do tell Gwen to be careful. Somehow I lost the Zappy Dot I had placed in my bracelet. I was sad when I got home that day & discovered it was gone. 😕 I love the necklace & wear it often with the many Zappy Dots I have. You an even buy some seasonal dots. I especially like some of the Christmas dots. I hope you & Gwen enjoy yours. They’re pretty irresistible! 🙂

    • Thank you for the caution about the dots on the bracelet! I will ask Gwen to be careful. And I am so happy to hear your positive testimonial.

      I am supposed to be working, but I have been looking at the dots! ARGH – someone help me!

  3. Did you know that scissor fobs also serve a secondary purpose. They are supposed to have some weight to them so if the scissors fall to the floor, the fob will hit first, so the points of your scissors don’t. Just a little known fact from a retired needlework teacher.

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