2-Cent Tuesday

Hello Friends, it’s Tuesday again! You know what that means! Continuing with our discussion on piecing and points, here is something I do!

Oftentimes when I sew block units together when completing a block and there are no butting seams, I guess-timate where the intersection would be where the point forms. Then, I peel back the top unit and check to see if the point is indeed where it’s supposed to be.

Once satisfied it is, I would place a pin where the intersection point is. I would use a much finer pin than shown.

THEN, when getting close to the pin, I actually leave the it in, and use the handwheel to glide my needle over the pin instead of using the pedal. Works like a charm 99% of the time for me! Here is an example…

Alrightie – that’s all the 2 cents I have to offer today. Now it’s your turn! Happy Quilting!


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3 thoughts on “2-Cent Tuesday

  1. That’s what I call the 3P’s: pinch, peek and pin. 😊 I hope you are keeping warm and safe during this nasty weather! I really enjoyed Gwen’s blog post last week. Very talented like her mom. Steph, who is snowed in and piecing. 🤪☃️❄️🌬

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  2. brilliant Wendy. We have much less “unsewing” when we just take the extra time to ease through the tricky areas. Happy Tuesday already!

  3. Sounds “like a plan” and a mighty good one. Seems as though it is always worth the effort to take that extra step in order to avoid the dreaded seam ripper. I think that we may be setting new records here in Middle TN. We had 6″ of ice on our outside deck yesterday. Sleet fell yesterday, today we are having snow fall….Yikes!!❄️❄️❄️

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