A guest post: Gwendolyn Sheppard on her Stitching Bag

Hello! My name is Gwen Sheppard. Today I’m happy to guest post on my mom’s blog. I am currently a 6th grader who loves going to school to see my friends. I am in my 8th year of learning to play the violin. In my spare time, I like to explore the woods, read, write, and recently, I started making simple bead jewelry. In the summer time when I have more time, I also like to try out different baking recipes.

Beatitudes ODACS

You may have known that I also do needlework. Here are a few examples of what I have stitched in the past.


I am very excited that my Valentines designs was recently featured in the JustCrossStitch February 2021 magazine.

I stitch all my projects with Aurifil threads. I like their wooden spools for their cotton embroidery floss, and vibrant colors. I myself have curated two thread collections for Aurifil.


Recently, I have begun to store the threads for my projects in a strong, durable bag made by Yazzii.

I use the bag CA14 to store not only my threads, but my whole team of stitching supplies. I have found it extremely helpful in keeping my stitching supplies organized. The see-through pockets in this bag make it easy for storing what I need to stitch, as well as maybe a couple of toy items.

The bag comes in vivid colors, including aqua, olive green, and hot pink. I chose aqua because it’s my favorite color at the moment. You may find out more about the bag HERE.

The bag looks attractive and is easy to carry around using the handle. The fabric is thick and durable, yet the bag is small, so it is ideal for taking your sampler supplies on the airplane, on vacation, or simply to your favorite stitching spot in your own backyard. I really like my stitching bag.

My Mom asked me to share my stitching tip. I think mine would be keep on stitching until the project is complete. This tip helps me from having UFOs, because chances are I might have to stitch my Mom’s UFOs, haha (at least that’s what she tells me!).

Thank you for letting me visit with you today. I hope you have a most wonderful Valentines Day! I am looking forward to the heart-shaped Valentines Day cake that I have been seeing in the fridge!


Find me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ivory_spring/

My Etsy Shop (THREADS SHIP FREE to continental US): https://www.etsy.com/shop/ivoryspring 

My Online Machine Quilting Classes: https://www.anniescatalog.com/onlineclasses/instructor.html?id=16

17 thoughts on “A guest post: Gwendolyn Sheppard on her Stitching Bag

  1. Hi Gwen! Your stitching is amazing! I play violin, too and have been following your mom since you were little bitty. It does my heart good to see you becoming such an excellent crafter! I really hope you stick with the violin and the stitching. Both are great creative outlets and have brought me many hours of happiness. Say hi to your mom and Happy Valentine’s day!

  2. Gwen, so fun to read your post! I first met your mom when she was pregnant with you so I’ve watched you grow up! I really admire your counted cross stitch projects since that is one thing I’ve never tried! The ones you showed here are so pretty! You sound like a remarkable young lady! But you have a pretty remarkable mom too!! Jean Hehl

  3. Hello Gwen. Not sure if you know it or not, but you’ve inspired me to learn crossstitch. I have been watching you skill develop for many years and now while I wish I had started when I was your age, or even when I saw you first learning to crossstitch, I’m hopeful it is not too late to learn. I bought both of your yummy Aurifil thread collections too! You have a great eye for color! I have certainly enjoyed your guest post today. Maybe you can do a take over of your mom’s blog (or instagram) periodically and share what you are working on, or any tips you want to share. Speaking of tips, next time I hope you’ll share why and when you use bees wax with crossstitch. Many years ago I used it when handquilting, but haven’t yet used it in crossstitch. I probably should be using it, given you do.

    Happy Valentine’s Day. Enjoy that heart shaped cake (hopefully not all at once).

  4. Gwendolyn you are a doll. Thank you for telling me all about yourself. You have the perfect variety of exceptional activities to keep your mind and spirit growing. Baking is fun, and when you have had enough, there are plenty of things you are accomplished in to enjoy yourself instantly! 8 years of violin is wonderful. Of course your stitching is massively beautiful I love your neat and tidy masterpieces. I adore your Yazzii bag! Yours is beautiful I won my very own bag in December. I love the color you chose, that is my favorite, but Red is also beautiful, and all of the colors are gorgeous. I did not get to choose the color since it was a prize, but I got a navy blue one and it is actually super classy looking, when it is all zipped up, it looks like I could be carrying very important documents when really, I am carrying felt llamas and felt flowers and things to make hexies etc etc
    Aren’t we lucky?
    I am so happy you are in 6th grade, I hope you are enjoying it.

    Toys, I have many myself. My current favorites are Calico Critters kitty dolls and I play with my 5.5 year old grand daughter, Sarah every week! All of the things are at my house bc Sarah has a tiny sister that eats things
    I am so happy to read your blog on your mom’s blog today πŸŒΊπŸ’–

  5. Such a fun way to begin my Valentine’s Day with a blog written by Gwen. Oh my you are an accomplished sewest!! Your stitched pieces are exquisite. I think that you and I began our stitching careers at about the same stage in life, about 4 or 5 years old. My stitching began with cross-stitching on a “stamped” piece of fabric, however. It was of “Little Miss Muffet.” It was definitely not the quality that you do πŸ˜‚. However, fabrics and threads have brought joy to me throughout my entire life. It has also been a life-long learning process; there is always something new to learn. How I wish that I could entice my children or G’children to take up stitching πŸ₯΄, oh well. Such an accomplished violinist. I know that you have been studying hard to attain your musical skills You are lucky gal to have an abundance of talent and skills!! Such a rich and fulfilling life you will have. Thank you for sharing. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your family. ❀️❀️❀️

  6. Can you tell me where I could find the pattern for the house alphabet sampler pictured below? All of your work is beautiful! Thanks, Jana Davison


  7. Gwen, you are a most awesome kiddo! I read every single word of your post and loved it. The pictures were fun, too. Your stitching bag is nice, but I love seeing photos of your stitch work even more. You have inspired me, like your mother does, to keep working on my projects – quilting AND cross-stitch. Thanks for spending some time with us today. – Suzigrammy

  8. Beautiful stitchwork Gwen! You put together a very nice post, too. Glad you are enjoying creating things with your hands. Praying God leads you and guides you always to look to Him for your peace and joy in life!

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