2-Cent Tuesday

Hello Friends! I hope you are all well, and are sewing! My 2-cents will be brief today.

This is actually a little trick my friend Wanda showed me years ago when I was a newbie quilter, and I am forever grateful for this trick. Well, this is how I pin my pieces — I pin toward the raw edges of my fabric pieces.

You know how they tell you not to sew over pins?By pinning my pieces this way, it’s almost as if I can sew over pins without actually sewing over pins!

We all have different ways of doing things. If you have never tried pinning your pieces this way, you might give it a try, and see if you like it. So, that’s my 2-cents for today — it’s now your turn! Till next time!

p.s. See those purple fork pins? I have never used them until my quilting teacher Barbara sent them — I am learning now learning and experimenting with pins because of Barbara. Will have more to share on pins soon.


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14 thoughts on “2-Cent Tuesday

  1. I pin this direction as well – easier to remove (sometimes 1/4 inch from edge as it depends on what I am working on). I only use forked pins when working miniature for a stronger pin on those tiny pieces – although I think mine are a lot thinner than yours.

  2. Wendy, I believe this is very very good advice. There is information available but many do not discover it. That is why it is good to listen and learn and take away from that what you will.
    I sometimes pin straight. It is a lot to pay attention to but if I am sewing on binding (Like I am now….) I need those pins straight so I do not make crooked messes and have to unsew. That is just me, I am very good at being sloppy, But if I am sewing pieces, I do indeed double pin, like you do. Unsewing can be so unpleasant, we live and learn. I do have some of those double pins, I do not recall the brand but they are made in Japan and very very thin and sharp. Ouch, a bit too sharp. but they are superb for holding seams together when you really want them perfect. As you said in another post, sometimes the imperfection is just fine for what you are doing but …. I know even then, you want some points to look nice.
    I hope to do some sewing today,, finish binding then do the folding and pinning of that, THEN put that aside haha and quilt a few little quilts for my grand girls. and I finally decided what to do for the border of Mason’s plaid quilt. I hope you are finding time to do everything you want to do. I am always running. today I am staying home.
    My neighbor has a snow blower and he walked by our house yesterday as I was leaving to go to my daddy, He announced that we are getting 10″ of snow over the next few days. I do not know what weather source he heard that from or maybe he was just “pulling my leg” I laughed and gave him permission to clear my driveway if he would enjoy that.
    Love, Rosemary

  3. I have tried pinning that way (with regular pins) but find the top layer pulls back slightly from the seam edge, so I still have to pull the pins out to even the edges. Looking forward to your pin review.

  4. I, too, pin from the “inner to the outer.” Sometimes I need to remove pins, other times I don’t. However, out of habit, I always seem to remove the pins……. just in case. I love the Clover “Patchwork” pins because they are so fine. I have never used a double pin. I think that it is time to “get out of my box” and try them. I shall look for the Clover “fork pin.” I’m on a search…… once this ice storm blows over. Yikes!! Valentine’s Day ❤️ is supposed to remain below freezing the entire day ❄️❄️❄️. Perfect weekend for quilting 😁

    • This pin thing has sent me on a quest — I am waiting for different pins to come in to try them all out! And that sent me on another goose chase for the perfect pin cushions! Yikes!

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