Season to Taste Book Tour

Happy Friday, Friends — I’d bet you didn’t expect to hear from me so soon! Before I go on, I want to thank you for the comments you left on my previous posts. From now on, I will be responding to your comments a little differently: INSTEAD OF RESPONDING TO SOME OF YOU VIA EMAIL, I AM GOING TO BE POSTING MY RESPONSES AFTER YOUR COMMENTS. I may not always respond to each comment, but I do read all your comments.


Today is my turn in Jessica Dayon’s Season to to Taste book tour! If you haven’t heard of this newly released quilting book, you need to check it out. You may have seen Jessica’s work all over the place, because she is an amazing designer! She hosts many quilt-alongs as well. Check out Jessica’s blog HERE.

Jessica’s book takes you through an entire year of 12 quilts (with complete patterns) according to the seasons. So, it’s a really neat book concept. For my book tour project, I decided to make a mini quilt out of the large leaf block in Jessica’s Gratitude quilt.

I just recently finished a leaf quilt myself, but the way I constructed my leaf blocks was different from the way Jessica constructed hers. So I was intrigued. I followed the steps exactly as prescribed in the instructions. I like the way Jessica made her leaf blocks, especially how to make 4 HST units at one time!

Jessica also hand-embroidered sayings on her large leaf block in the book. I decided to quilt mine instead — because I can quilt much faster than I can do handwork, haha!

I really enjoyed making this mini quilt. I set out with the following goals with this project:

#1. CHECKED! Making a mini red/white solid quilt – for some reason I have never been brave enough to do a red/white solid quilt. So I thought working on a mini first would help me get a feel of things!

#2. CHECKED! Trying a different way to make a familiar block – Jessica’s method is brilliant!

#3. CHECKED! For the last seven years or so, I have been playing with the idea of feathers and letters — and I was able to try it out on this mini quilt! This is the first public sighting of my feathers and letters concept. You will be seeing more feathers & letters from me soon!

I have more technical aspects about this mini quilt to share, but will save that for a different day — because today is Jessica’s day! Would you check out her book HERE?

Till next time — have a great weekend!


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13 thoughts on “Season to Taste Book Tour

  1. Looks like a fun new book. Always good to be open minded to new approaches/new techniques. I love how your combined letters and feathers on this quilt. Now I want to give it a try. Love your feathers (best ever).

  2. beautiful machine quilting. realllly pretty and well done
    Now I want this book! I love the big leaf quilt. beautifully done!!

  3. Fun and inspiring ideas are contained within this book. Your awesome mini quilt is a great example. I love how you focused on only one giant leaf. Your quilting of letters and feathers is gorgeous, a stunning way to enhance the leaf !!

  4. Wendy, love your red “mini quilt” It is beautiful! I have the same piece of furniture that you have in this picture. Can you tell me, is it filled with your quilts?

    Kathy in GB

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