Monday Check-in!

Hello Friends, I hope you had a great weekend. How is it that we are in late January already?

I thought today is a fun day to share a poem Gwen recently wrote of the elephant.

Here goes:

The Elephant

by GKS, Jan 2021

Oh, creature of colossal height!

Oh, creature of such stately might!

Your trunk is like a garden hose

But bigger. And, as for your toes

They are huge! Oh, Mighty One,

When most see you they want to run.

Your trumpeting is louder than

An orchestra. And, having no fan

You slop black mud between your ears

Which takes care of your sweaty fears.

Your tusks! Well, they’re something to see!

For they are made of ivory!

Oh, wonderful! Marvelous to behold!

What a brave creature and bold!

I think we overlook your tail.

You show it off, but to no avail.

So I will help. Oh, lovely tail!

It’s quite thin, quite as thin as a rail.

And your legs! Oh, gracious, they’re like trees!

And just look at those giant knees!

Oh, how could I forget the ears?

With them, one most assuredly hears

Things that us humans do not know

Such as ‘Elephants know their friends from foes!’

Your physique is clumsy, I’m afraid.

It is the truth, it must be said.

However, you can run, if needed.

Your wise advice is quite best heeded

Because of your great memory

And because you are quite, quite free.

And now, my poetry must relent –

Goodbye, my friend, the elephant.

So, how’s your stomp going if you decided to join the fun? Feel free still to jump in anytime. Pat Sloan has the information HERE. Pat’s schedule has 2 more Mondays left after today.

Check out Pat’s Facebook Quilt Along page HERE and see all the different versions of Elephant blocks. Just looking at the fabric choices is most inspiring. Pat Sloan has the information on the quilt along on her blog HERE.

You may purchase the Pattern PDF here. And Fat Quarter Shop has both paper and PDF formats here. I am sewing along and making a second quilt. This is one of my blocks using Woodland Song fabrics by Poppie Cotton.

I want to thank those of you who have purchased my patterns, and supporting my daughter’s college fund! I released two more patterns within the last week. Both are availabe from my Etsy Shop HERE.

Patriot Dream

2. At A Glance — because New Year means new clipboards to keep track of quilt projects.

That’s all for now — I hope you enjoyed Gwen’s little poem, and I will be back tomorrow with my 2-Cent Tuesday!


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22 thoughts on “Monday Check-in!

  1. My, oh my, such talent!! Love Gwen’s word creativity, a great addition to the fun quilt!! Yikes! How can a month disappear so quickly???? “See” you tomorrow ❤️

  2. I want to make this quilt soon.
    You are so inspiring, Wendy. Gwen is an absolute gem! 💎 I am so proud of her efforts and dedication.

  3. Gwen’s poem is phenomenal- just like the elephants! Love her astute observations of the ellies! You are both so talented! Beautiful poetry, Gwen!

  4. Love the quilt and the poem! Thank you for posting Gwen’s poem; it’s amazing – just like she is. Her Mom, too, of course!

  5. Perhaps before more publication the grammatical error in her poem should be corrected: “we humans”, not “us humans”. I don’t think this phase was meant to use poetic license, based on the grammar and word choices in the rest of the poem. And I don’t mean to take away from the creativity of this lovely poem and the young lady, Gwen, who wrote it — it’s superb. I’m just thinking this is an unfortunate and all-too-common English language grammatical error.

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