Hello Friends, Happy Tuesday to you! I hope you have been well. Today kicks off a weekly 2-cent-Tuesday on my blog! I used to have “my two cents” in my machine quilting posts, and I have been wanting to continue that to cover the various aspects of Tuesdays… so here we go:

If you quilt your own quilts, leave the completed quilted piece alone for at least 24-48 hours. Chances are you would anyway – if you are laying the piece on the floor for squaring up purposes. THEN come back and and admire your piece. More than likely, all you see is just quilted texture, and not any mistakes!

Feel free to share in the comments section your 2 cents on anything quilting! I look forward to reading them, and learning from you!


Have you joined Pat Sloan’s Stomping Ground Quilt Along? Check out her Facebook Quilt Along page HERE and see all the different versions of Elephant blocks. Pat Sloan has the information on the quilt along on her blog HERE. I am sewing along and making a second quilt. This is one of my blocks using Woodland Song fabrics by Poppie Cotton.

You may purchase the Pattern PDF here. And Fat Quarter Shop has both paper and PDF formats here.

This is one I had mock-up digitally, and I have called it the Paint Chip Ellie version!

That’s all for today — don’t forget to leave your 2 cents in the comment section! Have a great day!


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15 thoughts on “2-Cent-Tuesday

  1. Good morning, Wendy! Your posts are always a bright spot in the day. Pat does have a big following, and the elephants are so fun in all the different color ways. BTW, do you use your BSR? I put mine away because I learned to machine-quilt before such technology, and it just seems to interrupt my “flow.” But, your stitches are just perfect!

    • Yes, I do use the BSR. BSR, with everything else, has its own learning curve. It take a little bit to get used to. But I have also met quilters who quilt better without the BSR. The reason I use the BSR is because that’s how I learn to machine quilt. I have gotten to the point too where I can quilt without it. So, it’s a bit of a reversal for me process-wise. My suggestion is that you don’t give up on the BSR – maybe try the BSR for quilting at least 10-15 hours, and see if you like it in the end. If not, you could also switch to quilting without it.

  2. You are spot on!! Tomorrow, or even three weeks later, we don’t see our “miss-stitches.” Great advice. I’m looking forward to your “Two-Cent Tuesday” worth of advice. These quick bits of advice are always helpful and welcome. ❤️

  3. Love Elephant Stomp! Am working on one as a baby quilt. My fabrics are an elephant print and a giraffe print, I have had them for a while and this is the perfect pattern. Thank you for this!

  4. The backing of my Stomping Ground will be a large piece of fabric I purchased in Zimbawe on a trip when we saw many elephants. Adding my nickel to your 2-cents, if the quilting still bothers you after 48 hours, you will take it out. Ask me how I know.

    • You will have to send me pictures of your quilt, and show the backing!

      Absolutely on taking out stitchers — that happened to me once, and I spent 3 days taking out stitches from a quilt when it was already about 2/3 done! :)

  5. Loved your 2 cents! I agree. And it can apply to ANYTHING creative. I’ve found it true for sketches, quilting, recordings of my playing piano or violin. After you are “done”, your critical eye and critical ear are still very active. These aren’t bad, IMHO, we use them to create beauty and not just slap something together. I’ll give my 2 cents on them at another time. After 24 to 48 hours, they take a break! or have moved on to your next project!

  6. I agree. To use, the only thing that jumps out is the mistake. No one else notices! Thanks for bringing back the 2 cents. You’re such a wealth of information. I’m loving all the elephants!

  7. That is a great tip….stepping back for a time gives a fresh perspective on what you have been working so diligently on!
    I really enjoyed creating elephants for a baby quilt using your great pattern.

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