More bag talk – not back talk!

Hi Friends, I hope your week has gone well for you! We are about 2 weeks from Thanksgiving, and it seems to me time only flies these days!

I know many of you sew gifts for gifting for Christmas! I will do some as well this year. My daughter and I stitch at least one Christmas ornament each year to add to our tree. She already stitched hers for this year with the two sled ornaments I had shown you here. I just have to finish mine.


If you indulge in hand applique projects, I am sharing with you a gift item you could possibly add to a gift list for yourself — the Maxie Yazzii (CA375). You may read the specifications of this bag here,

So, it’s a large-sized bag, but narrow, compared to the many other Yazzii organizers. I like the large size, and the not so bulky depth of the bag. I can definitely see it used as bag one would bring to a multi-day class or retreat — because this bag actually stores a small-sized cutting mat!

So, what I really really like about this package deal is that the bag comes with 4 pouches – all see through so you know the contents of the pouches. It comes with a large square pouch, and 3 much smaller organizer pouches. The large square pouch is perfect for storing the fabrics you would bring to class, while the pouches and organizers within the bag are great to bring all your notions and tools.

Photo credit: Yazzii website

BUT, I am actually using the Maxie Yazzii as a bag to hold what I need for one major hand applique project! It is one that I was teased that my granddaughter (!) would have to finish for me one day. But I persist… it’s the Mary Brown quilt. Do a search to see an image of the quilt, and you will see the teasing is quite justified.

I am NOT starting another hand applique needleturn project until I get this one completed. The only problem is that this is my “ME” project, and I don’t get much of any “ME” time. So, most of the time, it would be months before I get a block of time to work on my “ME” project. And I lose track of my blocks, patterns, and fabrics because they end up all over the place. With Maxie Yazzii, I am able to consolidate all my hand applique supplies into one spot, and best of all, this is conveniently portable. I tend to work on my ME projects when I go on trips — so, I can easily bring the bag with me, versus lugging a plastic tub + a pizza box for the blocks!

You can see that I am using the large square pouch to store my completed blocks. The smallest pouch has my essential notions – toothpicks, scissors, needles and a thread spool.

[My thread of choice for hand applique is the 80wt made by Aurifil – which I use for hand applique as well as for machine quilting. I have written about them here, and here.


I am using the other pouches to store fabric pieces for my next block. I don’t have my fabrics picked out yet. But it will be pieces for a pineapple block in the Mary Brown quilt.

So you open up the actual Maxie Yazzii bag — this is what you see. See the large see through pocket on the left? That is where my little pouches will go! One thing about these pouches, if you have them in another color, they are even better for identification purposes when they are in the pocket.

Then, the see through pockets on the attached sleeve are where I sort my Aurifil 80wt spools by color.

Then I turn the sleeve over, and there are more see through pockets for me to organize my bits and bobs specifically used for hand applique.

And on the other side is the another pocket for me to store my patterns.

I hope you can see from the picture that is where the “depth” of the bag is, where I will lay my large pouch (on top of the pattern pocket).

I like this bag a lot to organize my applique project. IF I were to have another applique project, I would not hesitate to use another separate Maxie Yazzii bag to organize my project that way. I said IF — haha! The only thing I would like is a front zipper pocket like the Quilters Project Bag (CA880). I have written about the bag HERE. I like the front zipper pocket to either store my phone or keys. Being able to find my keys/phone easily in a front pocket would come in really handy if I were to bring my Maxie Yazzii to a class.

Yazzii is having a giveaway on their Instagram feed at the moment – check out their feed for more information. So, do give them a follow. They also regularly post vidoes on how to use their bags. They are fun to watch, and are great for organizing ideas!

For my list of reviews on Yazzii’s bags, click the following:

CA880 – Quilters Project Bag

CA140 – Oval Organzier

Stay tuned — my daughter will have a say on another Yazzii bag in a few weeks! She is using hers for cross-stitching purposes, and she is definitely doing much better keeping track of her stitching things with her own Yazzii bag. One thing I really don’t like to hear as a mother is… “Mom, where is my….?”

That’s all for now, Friends. It is close to 2am, and I need to catch a few zzzz’s before I do it all over again!

Have a lovely rest of your week!


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2 thoughts on “More bag talk – not back talk!

  1. Those look like a fabulous way to stay organized. It’s a real drain of time when you have to search for things when you finally get some quiet stitching time. I try to keep mine in zippered bags, but it’s not the best solution.

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