It’s Your Turn to Stomp

Hello Friends, Happy Friday to you! I hope you have had a good week. I want to thank you for all the comments you left for beloved Pat Sloan last weekend in my Morrison Park fabric tour post. It is evident that we ALL love Pat! Click HERE if you had missed it.

I had mentioned to you in the Fabric Tour post last week that we were on the last stage of the editing process for the Stomping Ground pattern. I am excited to share the news that the pattern is NOW available. Many thanks to my editors Laurel and Sue for working hard to get this ready.


Click HERE to purchase the pattern in pdf format from my Etsy shop. Pattern copies in paper format are available exclusively to shops – shops may order directly from me, or United Notions.

This pattern is Fat-Quarter Friendly, and totally fabric independent. Here are a few versions using a few different upcoming fabric lines.

Tochi by Moda Fabrics

Forget Me Not by Dear Stella Designs

Woodland & Songbirds by Poppie Cotton

And of course, you have seen the quilt in Morrison Park by Benartex.

Construction Tip: Now there are a few small pieces in order to make the shape of the elephant’s trunk, body and ear happen.

My tip in working with tiny pieces is this:

#1. Starch press fabric to stiffen the fabric before cutting.

#2. When piecing, finger press first, use a fine fine pin to hold fabric pieces in place while sewing. I will remove the pin (if necessary) if I see that the needle will hit the pin directly. Otherwse, I slow down my machine, and have the needle just glide over my pin. These are the pins I use when piecing. You may purchase them HERE.

THEN, finger press again before press with iron to set in seams.

Otherwise, the block construction is straightforward.

There you have it, my friends! I hope you will have fun making these elephant blocks. Send me pictures of your blocks so that I can brag about you!

Have a great weekend!


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6 thoughts on “It’s Your Turn to Stomp

  1. This is a really cute quilt. I have it on my list. Right now, I must finish my ongoing projects!
    I love these clover pins. I bought two boxes of these last March. I love these pins!!
    With grandbabies, my sewing room is off limits, but Sarah is 5 now and she is allowed to be in my room (next to the kitchen – just the big morning/sun room) with me. She LOVES looking at all of my things. Eeek, I did promise her a few things “when you turn 6” or “when you turn 7”
    I know she will love learning from me.
    My other babies are just too little.
    I am so happy you made this pattern!!

  2. Wendy, love the pattern and love the fabric!!! This is a one of a kind quilt!! I will look for the issue that has the article on your daughter in it. Hard to believe she is 11!!! The Fall has arrived in Wisconsin with the leaves changing and the cooler weather. Good time to stay inside and quilt.

    Take care!

  3. Wendy, this is OT, but I purchased your Harrison Urn pattern from your website ( through PayPal on October 24 and have no response from you about it. According to my receipt, the payment went through. I was charged shipping and handling, but I had no chance to enter my snail mail address. I’d like to solve this problem as soon as possible. Thank you.

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