Morrison Park Fabric Hop – celebrating Pat Sloan’s new fabric line & GIVEAWAY!

Hello Friends, it’s been a looooong time since I last visited with you. Please forgive me for my absence. Life took a really hectic turn when I started having to play teacher earlier this year, and then, it seemed like the pace never let up due to one thing or another. I do hope you are well, and are enjoying the fall season. Can you believe 2020 is almost over?


Well, I am back today to celebrate Dear Friend Pat Sloan‘s new fabric release with Benartex, with my newest finished project. But first, have you see Pat’s Morrison Park fabrics?

Have you been following Pat’s Morrison Park Blog Tour?

September 28 – Cheryl Bricky Meadow Mist Designs

September 29 – Laura Pilan Slice of Pi Quilts

September 30 – Andy Knowlton A Bright Corner

October 1 – Amy Ellis Amy’s Creative Side

October 2 – Yvonne Fuchs Quilting Jetgirl

October 3 – Pam Vieira-McGinnis Pam Kitty Morning

October 4 – Jen Shaffer Patterns by Jen

October 5 – Heather Valentine The Sewing Loft

October 6 – Annie Unrein By Annie

October 7 – Melissa Corry Happy Quilting Melissa

October 8 – Karen Pratt Cream Craft Goods

October 9 – Jane Davidson Quilt Jane

October 10 – Wendy Sheppard Ivory Springs

October 11 – Pat Sloan


The prints are sweet, adorable, and quite Liberty-like, and so cheerful and happy too — much like Pat herself! And these fabrics are in shops now!

There are so many prints I like from Morrison Park. But my favorite is actually this one! I am always on a hunt for a good background fabric that is interesting (not too loud, but not too dull), effective in highlighting other prints, and yet not overshadowed by the prints.

And with that I shall show you my quilt made with Morrison Park fabrics!

You can see that even the elephants have busted out from the zoo to celebrate Pat’s new fabric line! Let’s take a closer look at the elephants! You can see how well that background fabric plays with the other prints in the following pictures.

This quilt is actually made for one of my upcoming patterns called Stomping Ground. We are going through the final edits for the pattern as I write, and it will be ready within 7-10 days, if not sooner! Watch my Instagram feed. This is a Fat-Quarter friendly pattern — so, start collecting your favorite Morrison Park fat quarters. You can make the blocks with using a background fabric + 10 FQs.

While I haven’t used all the fabrics in the entire Morrison Park collection, you may click HERE to view all the fabrics!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my Stomping Ground design in Pat’s Morrison Park fabrics!


There will be one winner for this giveaway.

Prize Option 1 is US prize – of a Morrison Park layer cake and a Benartex Fat Quarterly club newsletter w/charm pack. 

Prize Option 2 is outside the US – Pat’s Aurifil Perfect Box of Neutrals. 

Between now and Oct 13, 2020 (23:59, or 11:59pm EST), leave a comment here and tell me:

  1. If you follow Pat on any of her social media sites (if you aren’t, you should!), or
  2. If you have made a quilt from Pat’s vast offerings of patterns and books, or
  3. Something appreciative you would like to say to Pat!

I will pick and announce a winner on Oct 14 at 8am EST!

Thank you for spending part of your Saturday with me! I wish you a most lovely weekend — and those who are in Louisiana in the path of Delta, do stay safe! Hugs to you all.


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640 thoughts on “Morrison Park Fabric Hop – celebrating Pat Sloan’s new fabric line & GIVEAWAY!

  1. Cheers to you Wendy! What a lovely quilt!
    Pat is awesome! I want to thank her for this tour which introduced me to some new designers and quilters!! It’s been so much fun!!

    • I’m an IG follower and watching you daily…except on 🏈 Saturdays…so now it’s halftime and I can catch up!

    • Learning is fun, and would like to make the elephant quilt. I follow pat on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. I did a sew-a-long with her on the Jolly Bar quilt. Pat makes it fun to quilt, and it’s ok to make mistakes. Thank you Pat for sharing your knowledge.

  2. I just love Pat, mostly for her infectious laugh that brightens my day. You, though are quite the talented quilter too. I enjoyed your blog and will be back, especially to see your acorn quilt that Pat talked about. It sounds like a must have. Thanks Wendy.

  3. I follow Pat on all of her media I believe. I have done a couple of her Quilt alongs I am working on Going on a picnic now sashing and borders. I appreciate her positive attitude through this trying year, and I love this fabric and this quilt.

  4. I have been following Pat’s daily videos since March when I found them. Her hints each day of what to do or try have been very encouraging for me. I’m totally enjoying the Morrison Park Fabric Hop. The fabrics are gorgeous and the quilts I’m seeing are so fantastic and the patterns so varied. Love your elephants!

  5. Sew happy to see your “Stomping Ground” using Pats’s delightful fabrics. Quite a creative team. Life is busy these days but in different ways than in the past. Great to hear from you Wendy. ❤️

  6. Adorable quilt Wendy. I love it. I do follow Pat Sloan on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. I’ve made her patterns, have some of her batiks, and I love this line of fabric. I’m a faithful watcher of her YouTube channel, she’s very entertaining, and inspiring. Your elephants are the best.

  7. Yes, I follow Pat on FB IG and her Blog. I’ve made a few of her BOM Projects and even finished them. That’s an accomplishment over just making blocks. Cute Elephants! I love Pat’s way of doing her videos with each block.

  8. The elephants are absolutely darling!! I have been following Pat on FB for a number of years. I have made many of her patterns and done her sew a longs. She has been quite an inspiration to me, especially since the start of the COVID pandemic. I can’t wait each day for her videos and to see her progress since her fall.

  9. Elephants! What a cute idea! I love it when Pat pulls out her “scraps” and shows us how we can get the same block results using our stash! It makes me want to run to my sewing room and play with my fabric. (When I should be doing my day job…don’t tell my boss! Ha.)

  10. I love Pat’s social media. I get her emails and also belong to her FB group. I have made several of her sew along the most recent being the jelly roll snowflake quilt

    Pat, thanks for everything. So glad you are progressing so well with your rehab

  11. I do follow Pat, she had spoke at our Guild several years back. I want to make a lot of her patterns because her patterns are all
    So happy!!

  12. Love your take on Pat’s fabric Wendy! Just adorable! I follow Pat on YT and on her website. A couple of years ago I made your red, black and white Interlock quilt and it was a hit at our local library silent auction fundraiser. Love your designs!

    • Don’t have the hang of WordPress just yet. I signed up to follow you but my comment above showed up as Anonymous. I’ll try again. : )

  13. I follow Pat on FB & love her daily videos. I have been working on her Going on a Picnic sew along & several jelly snowflakes recently. I love your elephant pattern!

  14. Your pattern is so, so cute! I follow Pat Sloan on Facebook. I’ve made Oh My Stars pattern recently. Love her fabric.

  15. I follow Pat through Facebook, Instagram & her blog. I have made numerous quilts that Pat has designed mostly from her books & lately I have joined several of her sew alongs. She has given me the confidence to try new techniques. Thank you Pat for your constant enthusiasm!

  16. I love your devotion, and the energy you give, to the quilting community. You really do a lot for us, and I appreciate it a great deal. Thank you. Adrienne

  17. I follow Pat’s daily videos and have several of her books. She is a great resource for improving my quilting process, learning applique, machine quilting, and organizing my sewing room. Pat’s Let’s Go Sew pattern was a fun quilt to make to decorate my sewing room.

  18. Yes, I follow her newsletter and Facebook. I have made one of her quilts. Pat, I love all your fabric, will be buying Morrison park

  19. What a sweet quilt you’ve designed and made with Morrison Park fabrics! Stomping Ground is surely going to be a winning pattern, especially for baby quilts! I am a Pat Sloan follower on Bloglovin’, IG and receive her newsletter, too.
    duchick at gmail dot com

  20. I have followed Pat for years via email and have made several of her quilts from her block sewalongs! I also follow her (and you, Wendy) on Instagram. What would I say to Pat?…:Hello, quilting friend….I feel as if I know you!” Love the elephant pattern, Wendy….it’s adorable. My granddaughter, Ellie, would love it, I’m sure!

  21. I have been following Pat for a long time and she is very giving of her talent. I love how you used her fabric, it is so cute.

  22. Yes, I follow Pat on her FB page, web page, and her cooking page also. I enjoy her videos and have made a thing or two that she has been the inspiration for. I like the latest MP collection of fabrics. I think it is so cool to have other designers play with and show off the MP line. LUV IT !!!

  23. I follow Pat on bloglovin. I have never made any thing with her line, but would love to. I always enjoy reading her tips and am glad the she is recovering from her accident.

  24. Yes I’m an unashamed stalker of Pats. I follow her on FB & watch her daily videos. I’ve made almost all her block by block quilts, most recently “going on a picnic”! She is an inspiration, and fun to watch. In spite of her accident, Covid & everything
    she remained upbeat and encouraging.
    Ps I like your elephants!

  25. I had quilt therapy from Pat Sloan during April doing her project of the month. I also am trying to do free motion quilting with her book. I enjoy watching her as it help with the stress of life during covid.

  26. Pat Sloan is probably one of my earliest inspirations starting my quilting adventures.
    She is brilliant and always helpful and friendly. I remember years ago asking her something on her blog and she emailed me back. I felt like she really cared about helping me.

    I get her blog post updates and newsletters

    I do have a few of her Bonnie Lane fabrics left…. I had a bundle. I love her patterns, and I love yours, Wendy!! I want to make a Stomping Around quilt for my grandboy.
    I made a Little Wishes table runner for my sister. It was fun and easy and turned out so cool.

  27. I follow pat on YouTube and Facebook. I look for ideas for quilts and see what colors people are using. Your elephants are great w pat’s fabric

  28. I follow Pat Sloan’s videos and enjoy her friendly visits there. I want to also say that I admire her perseverance through her ordeal with her broken wrists. She carried on beautifully


  29. Love this pattern with the Morrisson Park fabric. I love to follow Pat on Facebook and enjoy her daily fireside chats.

  30. I am a long time follower of Pat and have made many of her design! Now I am following you too! Love the elephants! Thanks Pat for another great fabric line!

  31. First of all, adorable quilt!

    I just started following Pat on FB back in June. I’m kinda in a pause pattern with projects, so I haven’t done any sew alongs or purchased any of her books – yet! Christmas is coming & I need to give ideas. (My kids are in HS, but e-learning is still kicking my butt. Algebra 2?! Pass!

    I appreciate Pat for many reasons. Her videos are always uplifting. Her giggle is contagious. The community that she has built of FB is awesome.

  32. Your elephant quilt is adorable! I follow Pat on Youtube and Instagram. I love the colors in the Morrison Park fabric.

  33. Pat Sloan and her daily blog helped me to get back to productive quilting during a time that I got stalled out. Daily sewing and daily blocks have been such a boon to my mental health. I love your elephants so much. Using the Morrison Park fabrics reminds me of the elephants who get painted in India for special festivals. Thank you for sharing your creativity.

  34. I follow Pat and the gang on Facebook. I don’t miss her daily video. It’s a bright spot in my day. I love this fabric line and your quilt is adorable.

  35. I follow pat on Facebook and YouTube and have made a couple quilts from her patterns. Aldo, love this elephant pattern!

  36. hi – I have followed Pat for so many years. She is an inspiration. I have participated in most of her sew alongs and quilt projects. I always buy Pat’s fabric lines. Your elephant pattern is too cute. Thank you both.

  37. I do follow Pat on FB and youtube. I have made many quilts from Pat’s fabrics and patterns. I just love Pat and she always makes me smile. She has kept us going and stitching through Covid and even when she had two broken wrists. She is just awesome!

  38. I have been following Pat since Covid started. She is my sewing buddy. I plan to sew along with the upcoming cozy project and need to get back to the Stars one. Pat and I share the broken wrist recovery. Journey.

  39. First the elephants are to die for, so cute! I follow Pat on Facebook and instgram! I have made several of her quilts and she is such a bright light in my life!

  40. Your project turned out great. What a fun new pattern. I’m not on social media, but I enjoy keeping up with Pat through her emails. Thanks for adding to the fun of the Morrison Park tour!

  41. I follow Pat on Facebook and through her newsletter. I love her new fabric line. Your elephants are so cute. I will look for your new pattern.

  42. Hi Wendy, Have missed your emails although I do follow on Instagram.
    I also follow Pat on Instagram. I haven’t made any of her quilts YET but plan to.
    And I like Pat’s Morrison Park a lot.

  43. What a cute, cute pattern! Nice choice for Pat’s fabrics. I have made several of her QAL and mystery quilts and love her daily videos.

  44. Love, love these elephants. Can’t wait to purchase the pattern.
    I love Pat. I have my first cup of coffee with her every morning. (Except Sunday). Doing many of her monthly projects.

  45. I read Pat’s blog every day. I have used some of her earlier fabrics and have made blocks she has offered on her blog. I appreciate her generosity and her sharing her wealth of knowledge with us. I love the cute elephant quilt you designed, and I will be watching for the pattern to be released.

  46. I have only been following Pat since mid summer, but I love her daily videos! I’m almost done with my going on a picnic quilt (I decided to make it bigger so had to find 4 more blocks to make) and have learned a lot about how blocks are designed. I love how the sampler quilts allow me to play with fabric. Listening to Pat’s daily videos makes me feel like I have a great friend.

    Also, I love your pattern and cannot wait for it to be finished so I can use it!!!!

  47. I follow Pat daily on her videos and love the information she shares. I’ve done a few of her patterns, including 5 (one for each of my grands) of the lap size O My Stars that are awaiting my time at a local quilt shop to use their long arm.

  48. I absolutely LOVE your elephants!!! I have been a part of Pat’s group for over 3 years. I participate in most of her sew alongs. I appreciate all the work Pat does and gives to her group. She’s taught me much!

  49. Your elephant quilt is so cheerful. I follow Pat by email and on social media. I very much appreciate her generosity and her skills. Even though I have quilted for years, I still like to refer to her beginner books or tell new people about them.

  50. I have Pat’s book on free motion quilting, and it taught me a lot. I appreciate her generosity in sharing her knowledge.

  51. I follow Pat on Facebook and Instagram, I have found many new quilters to follow through this introduction to Morrison Park. I do lots of quilt alongs with Pat, have several of her books and have made some wall hangings and table runners from them while doing her other quilt alongs!

  52. I follow Pat daily and have done several of her monthly quilts Rainbow and Going On A Picnic). Watching Pat has helped me get over my slump I was having about sewing. I feel like Pat is a great friend and look forward to watching her daily. I also love your elephant pattern, can’t wait until it’s available!!!

  53. I’ve been following Pat on YouTube for quite awhile, quilt alongs, etc :) Love, love the elephants!! And the tusks in the striped :) Oh my, would have never thought of that!

  54. I found Pat I over a year ago and have been participating in as many of her sewalongs as I can while still keeping my day job. I love this line and what you have made with it! Pat got me out of a ten year non-quilting rut, and she is truly an inspiration in quilting and attitude! Thank you for participating in her Morrison Park Tour!

  55. I follow both you and Pat wherever I can find you! I had the pleasure of meeting Pat at my local quilt shop, Capital Quilts, Gaithersburg, Maryland, about 6 years ago when she did her fabulous trunk show. I got to see her first quilt in person! I have been following her ever since and have made several of her patterns. I have many of her books. I really like her daily videos and the monthly calendar. I watch the videos with my breakfast, save for the Monday night Fireside Chats, which are so fun to communicate with others online live. Quilting has gotten me through the long months of the pandemic and Pat has contributed to my learning in this wonderful, creative process! Quilters are a special, unique group of people. So happy to be surrounded by such caring and creative people!

  56. I follow Pat daily sewing many of her Mystery BOM and monthly quilts. I love that her bubbly laugh and her jolliness even when she was hurting and in pain. I have learned a lot from her.

  57. Oh Wendy!! Your quilt is so beautiful and your design is so wonderful!! I am thinking baby quilt! Congratulations on your new pattern, and Pat’s fabrics worked perfect in the pachyderms! ;)

  58. I follow Pat and love her blog, her sew a longs, her fabric, and especially her daily videos! Even my hubby has been looking forward to listening to her daily uplifting messages!!

  59. Looooove your FUN Quilt!!! Thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way too :) I follow Pat thru Email, Bloglovin & Pinterest..I don’t do FB, Instagram, Twitter …

  60. I don’t follow Pat (but will now!). The fabric is beautiful and your quilt is gorgeous Wendy. I love everything you do. Wearing ALL the hats this year is challenging for us all. Good luck teacher 😀

  61. Appreciate Pat’s big smile on the cover of her books; always brightens my day when I pull one off the shelf and see her encouraging grin. I have also prayed for her often since she broke both wrists (I broke one wrist and ribs last year; that was difficult, but 2 broken wrists … What a way to add to 2020 memories!) E-hugs!

  62. Wendy, I love Stomping Ground!! What a wonderful way to display the beautiful fabrics of Morrison Park. As for Pat Sloan, I am not on facebook, so I am very appreciative of her daily posts on you tube. Especially during this covid lockdown, her daily inspiration has been wonderful since my guild’s quilt space has been shuttered. I am always in awe of her seemingly boundless energy, bright spirit and creativity. I have participated in many of her quilt alongs, often ditching my own projects in order to jump into one of her quilt patterns. I have really enjoyed this tour of bloggers/shops to see the many different ideas that her friends have for her fabric line. Thank You!

  63. I follow Pat on Instagram and Facebook. I have made her Children’s Library block of the month. I really enjoy her daily YouTube videos.

  64. Love your elephant quilt. I follow Pat on YouTube every day that she posts a video. She has had her challenges in 2020, as we all have. She’s a trooper!

  65. Pat is cheerful, full of information and advice, and her youtube is a great way to start the day. She is inspiring and practical and I love that she shares her projects, successes and snippets of her life with her viewers. Lots of positive energy there!

  66. First Wendy, your elephants are adorable! As far as Pat goes I love the fact that every day except Sundays now, she comes on her videos and has a happy face despite all of her challenges with her wrists! She has continued to show her determination to get things done despite very challenging circumstances. Besides all of that she always has so many wonderful sew-alongs with beautiful designs and fabrics as well as encouraging words, almost every day! Wow! Glad you are her friend and I love all of your designs too! :-) K-

  67. I follow Pat Sloan on her daily videos and on FB. Words of encouragement for Pat…I love your daily videos they have been helping me get thru this pandemic and you are always upbeat! Even if you have 2broken wrists! You are inspirational! Thank you Pat!! 🌹

  68. I love your elephant pattern! So cute! Ifollow Pat via email. I am not on IG or FB. I am thinking i need your pattern when it comes out!

  69. I follow Pat’s daily videos, FB and her website. I have made her Oh My Stars, her BOW, flower bouquet and childhood games, Out West BOM and made her Stay Home pattern four times. Just to name a few. Thanks to Pat for her motivation and for providing wonderful patterns. Pat has made me a better quilter. I also love those elephants. Maybe Pat will do an elephant sew along.

  70. Hi Wendy! I follow Pat in all of her social media, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. And now ill follow you. She is such an inspiration to everyone! I LOVE the elephant and will be making a pillow soon.

    • .I follow Pat in Facebook and Instagram. I just finished a row by row using a Jolly bar and I made a quilt a few years ago. Using black and orange and it was. Gifted to my niece and nephew. I’ve been following Pat for a while and I want to thank her efor her kindness in sharing her talent with us.

  71. I follow Pat on all of her social platforms and what her daily videos….. I have made several of her quilts and am finishing the Going on a Picnic right now! Pat is not only talented as a quilter, but she is great motivator and especially watching her through her recent wrist injuries has inspired me…. she is just wonderful! I am glad to have found you through her…. your work is also beautiful!

  72. I do follow Pat through email & YouTube. I haven’t finished one of her patterns but have several starts. Pat is amazing with her never ending enthusiasm & ideas! Love you too Wendy!

  73. Oh my. This pattern is great! And yes I follow Pat on all social media. Watch her everyday she’s on!

  74. Thanks for the great info Wendy. I do follow Pat and have made several of her quilts. After reading your blog, I look forward to joining in and hearing about your quilting adventures also. There’s always more to learn!

  75. I follow Pat ion Instagram. This new fabric collection looks great and I’m going to be on the lookout for it. And I love the elephants! I think I need to make pillows out of your blocks. ;)

  76. I follow Pat’s daily videos, and her facebook page. I have made her ‘Oh My Stars’, and ‘Traffic Jam’ patterns. She is an inspiration.

  77. I love your quilt Wendy! Great Job! I have been following Pat for some time and I am in awe that she continued to do all the thing she does with two broken wrist. What a trooper. It was fun seeing all the designers and their work using the Morrison Fabrics.

  78. I follow Pat Sloan’s videos every morning.
    I also follow her on Facebook and her blog. I have many of her patterns and participated in her sew alongs.

    • The elephants are adorable and show off Pat’s new fabric line perfectly. I follow Pat on Facebook and I look forward to her videos daily. I’m in the process of making her latest scrappy stars with the black poka dots. I admire Pat’s work ethic and optimistic outlook. Her latest “incident” and how she never missed a day of work thru it all tells a lot about her.

  79. Oh your quilt is just too cute! I subscribe to Pat’s newsletter, get her daily emails and follow her blog via bloglovin!

  80. First thing Wendy–I love your Elephant baby quilt – Stomping Ground! To answer the your questions about Pat Sloan: 1. yes I am on her Facebook Group, Instagram, and follow her blog. 2. I have made a few of her quilts–i.e.. Out West, Pat’s Traffic Jam, Jelly Snowflake, and more.

  81. I have been a faithful follower of Pat’s You tube since March… I took one course from her from my Wilmington Guild and one from my Villages Guild. I enjoy her upbeat posts.
    I love your Elephant Stomp Quilt!!! It’s oh so cute. The fabric choices you made are great. I agree the background goes with all the collection.

  82. I follow pat on YouTube. I’m new to quilting so I’ve never used her fabrics before but would like to. I love her positive attitude and motivation. Thanks.

  83. I follow Pat Sloan daily and I’m just finishing up her Little Wishes Star pattern, but most of all I like her daily challenges and tips every morning.

  84. I always watch Pat Sloan videos! They fill me with inspiration and new tips. I also follow her blog, facebook and instagram. The new Morrison Park line is beautiful!

  85. I follow Pat daily on her you-tube channel. I love what you’ve done done with her new fabric. I have done a traffic jam and Bringing home the Christmas tree. Thanks to you BOTH for your inspiration and guidance

  86. I follow Pat on all social media. I appreciate her encouragement to learn free motion quilting. I’ve also done lots of her free sew alongside. My favorite so far is Out West.

  87. Pat’s web pages are a wonderful source of information and inspiration that I check out on a regular basis.

  88. I follow most all of Pat’s sew alongs and go to Facebook every day to see what is going on. She’s such a delightful personality.

  89. I find Pat’s patterns and helpful hints valuable. Her patterns and ways she combines into quilts are always inspirational.

  90. I have been watching Pat’s videos everyday and reading her blog posts as well. She is such great company during the virus isolation. I made a quilt using her fabric called Mind your Peas and Carrots. So cute and lots of veggies. Thanks, Pat for you’re enthusiasm and generosity. You make my day. Wendy, I love your cute elephants!

  91. YES! I follow Pat’s video chats every day, YouTube and on Facebook. I don’t do instagram or any of the other social media places. I love her sweet disposition and positive outlook on everything. I have been following her for years as I have some of her first books that I bought to learn how to quilt. Then more recently I have learned so much from her. I love her easy style and like it that some things just don’t bother her that much. I started with the daily YouTube chats and watched her instruction on free motion quilting. I have done a few of her sew alongs but not all of them. I am ready to do the Warm and Cozy one coming up in a few days. I love her Morrison Park fabrics and your quilt is adorable. I have 3 grandsons who love elephants and will be making this one to have when they come for a visit. is it possible to make the elephants from a layer cake? I love all of your quilts and am looking forward to getting the elephant pattern and maybe some other ones too! Thanks for being part of this give away. I would love to have a Morrison Part charm pack. Will be watching for your elephant pattern!

  92. Wendy, I Love your Elephant Quilt it’s so Darling, what child wouldn’t Love it!!!! Even an Adult. Want to watch some of your videos look so interesting. I Love watching Pat’s Videos she’s amazing. Would love to go visit her for a weekend, we would have so much FUN!!!!

  93. I do follow Pat in more ways then one. I’m currently working on some of her patterns and I would like to tell Pat how much I look forward to hearing her “hello friends” every morning on Youtube. Pat, you cheer me up, encourage me, and inspire me. You don’t know how much I have needed to hear those wonderful cheerful words ea. morning this past year. Thank you Pat!

  94. Hello Wendy, I love your new Elephant pattern!! Yes, I do follow Pat on her Blog and have made several of her blocks and several of her quilts. My favorite Sew Along with Pat was her Grandma’s Kitchen, it was fun to remember so many memories along with everyone. I would just tell Pat that her generosity is greatly appreciated and that I have learned a lot from her in my years of quilting. Thank you, Wendy for also sharing all of your knowledge and splendid patterns with us, also! I have also learned a great deal from you and have enjoyed and used several of your patterns. The Elephant pattern you have shared today is adorable and I look forward to being able to make it! Have a spectacular day!

  95. Cute, cute, cute elephants! Pat has been my online teacher for nearly 4 years now! So happy to have found her!

  96. I’ve been following Pat for about 6 months. I’ve not yet made a quilt by one of her patterns but love her easy way of keeping things simple. Pat is a beautiful person and, I agree with you that Morrison Park is very Liberty-esque! Your Stomp pattern is simply adorable! I have great-grandsons who would love this quilt!

  97. Of course I follow Pat! She’s the cats 🐱 meow! I’ve made several of her patterns and kits. Love your elephant pattern.

  98. I follow Pat online & watch her daily videos while I quilt. Love her big smile & optimistic outlook no matter what. Love this new line of fabrics.

  99. I follow Pat on various places and she has gotten me through these past 7 months. If she can keep smiling and laughing for us with two broken wrists, what do we have to whine about. I have made quilts of her design and love her fabrics. Wendy, your elephants are sooooooo cute!

  100. I L.O.V.E. Pat Sloan! I follow her on Instagram & fb and watch her videos regularly. Your elephant quilt is darling!! thank you!

  101. This year I have been getting Pat’s e-mails and have been watching her daily fireside chats. I made the Jelly Snowflake quilt and love it! I love her Morrison Park fabrics.

  102. I follow Pat and look forward to her videos each day (except Sunday when she takes a well deserved break). I have participated in several Sew alongs of hers and have completed a quilt in her Bonnie Lane fabric. Looking forward to seeing the Morrison Park collection in person

  103. Yes! Pat was the first online quilter I followed when I began quilting in March. I made a quilt from her pattern, “Main Street”. It brought back so many memories of my hometown. Thanks, Pat, for inspiring the thousands of quilters (young and old)!

  104. Hi
    I follow Pat and her lovely fabric everyday. I certainly have learned a lot from her tips and try keeping up with calendar activity. Presently I am doing the jolly snowflake quilt and have done several of her sew alongside, including about four Oh My Stars quilts and own several of Pat’s publications.
    I am so thankful Pats wrists are going well and with therapy I’m sure full use will be soon.

  105. Love the elephants in Morrison Park fabrics! I follow Pat on all her platforms. She has been the one constant in my days during this pandemic. She’s stayed up beat and so positive even with her broken wrists! Shes helped me keep focused and enlightens me when my sew mojo disappears! She is quite a good influence on us all!

  106. I follow Pat and am excited to do my first quilt- her cozy mystery quilt. I love your elephant quilt- I am currently doing an applique elephant wall hanging for my daughter.

  107. I definitely follow Pat and receive her emails. I love the colors and fabrics of Pat’s Morrison Park line and would love to make a quilt using them.

  108. Pat has the most helpful videos and blogs for this beginner quilter. I follow her on Facebook. Love the elephant quilt for great nieces. Such an assortment of fabrics to choose from.

  109. I follow Pat on both Facebook and You Tube. I love her calm way of explaining things and cheerful disposition.

  110. I love the elephant wuilt. How adorable. I follow Pat Sloan on IG and Bloglovin. She is a quilting inspiration! I have a couple of her quilt patterns on my to do list.

  111. I do read all of Pat’s videos. I like that here sew a longs aren’t complicated patterns. She has totally free sew alongs, no pattern to purchase and i can use scraps!

  112. I have followed Pat Sloan’s blog for years, she is so excited about all she does. Love her ideas. Your quilt was so cute, thanks for sharing. Patty B.

  113. I do follow Pat Sloan. I love her and the quilt projects she gives freely, with instruction and videos! I have been following for about 3 years and have made about a dozen of more of her quilts. I just finished the Going on a Picnic Sew Along.

  114. GREAT use of the Morrison Park fabrics!
    Yes, I follow Pat on Facebook, and love her sew-alongs. I’m putting the borders on the Jelly Snowflake today and I made a UFO of the Jolly Bar sew-along (I’ll get it quilted, have a new greatgrandson coming in 5 weeks so his quilt is A#1 right now!). Please let her know I think she’s amazing to work through the months of rehab following her broken wrists – I don’t think she missed a day of videos, which is CRAZY!!! That had to hurt like no get-out!

  115. I enjoy so much all of Pat’s newsletters and YouTube videos. I have several of her patterns ready to go, just waiting until I finish a UFO that has haunted me for a long time. I only have 4 blocks to go. Last thing I will ever hand quilt. Pat is so inspirational and always smiling even in the worst of times. She creates beautiful fabric designs and makes beautiful quilts!!!

  116. So nice to meet you, Wendy! I have been following Pat for a long time and have used all of her books to learn new things about quilting. I also follow her monthly challenges – while I’ve started a few, I have yet to get any of them to completion.

  117. I love how Pat is stretching my mind. Sometime I get a pattern and sometimes I do not understand but she helps me get it !

  118. I love Pat’s new line & your quilt is just adorable! I follow Pat on Facebook & have done several of her sew-alongs.

  119. Your elephant quilt is so cute! Pat’s fabric are really lovely! I follow Pat on IG, FB, and YouTube religiously! I’ve made several of her quilts in the last few years, and I try to buy the fabric lines as they are released. Just can’t have enough fabric!

  120. Hi, I’ve just found Pat Sloan’s YouTube. I enjoy listening to her about different projects, fabric, and so much more. She inspires me to sew so much more. I have decided to join the Sewsoclites weekly block. This is something I can work with and not have turn into a UFO.

  121. Yes I follow Pat Sloan on Social Media, Yes I love her designs and have made her Rainbow quilt and others. I want to thank her for giving me the courage to machine quilt. She is a wonderful person.

  122. I love Pat Sloan have followed her for a couple of years. Love her ideas and how friendly and nice she is. She makes quilting seem do able.

  123. I follow Pat’s blog and follow on Facebook and You Tube. I made her Let’s Go Camping quilt Along and am finishing a couple of the quilts she shared this year. I’m loving this Morrison Park Blog Tour. Have been introduced to several designers that are new to me. I love your Stomping Ground quilt. You have a new fan.

  124. The elephant quilt is truly beautiful. I follow Pat on Facebook and YouTube, watching her videos daily. She, as well as her daily videos, are an inspiration in making me a better quilter, including expanding my own skills by designing some of my own quilts. I look forward to her daily videos and have purchased several of her books too.

  125. I have made a few quilts from Pat’s patterns. I love how accessible and friendly she is. And i love your Stomp quilt Wendy.

  126. Love your play with color on the elephants. I follow Pat on YouTube and on Facebook. She is a bright spot in my day when I watch her.

  127. Wendy, your quilt is adorable! What a great appeal to people of all ages! Brought a smile to my face!

    Pat Sloan is part of my daily routine. I enjoy her Facebook group and daily YouTube videos. I really appreciated the quilt alongs in during the pandemic…the rainbow quilt and the snowball quilt. I actually made two of each! Her optimism was refreshing and contrary to the sad news reports. When she broke her arm, she continued to be the guiding light of positivity. We would have understood if she stepped away.
    Pat brought us along on her journey of Morrison Park. She shared her excitement from beginning to end! What fun would it be to have her gorgeous fabric in one’s home! Thanks for making the world a better place!

  128. Have done 3 of her sew-a-longs this year, since was off work with no where to go. Love her fun way of doing things. She put me on to Lori Holt and her patterns and am greatful for that.

  129. I do follow Pat on Facebook & YouTube and the first quilt I made of hers was the Winter Solstice quilt a few years ago. I would send her well wishes and hope her wrists are back to 100% quickly, and that she has finally given me that final push to try FMQ’ing! She made it seem doable! PS – I love your elephants!

  130. Love your elephants and Pat’s fabric! Pat is always so up-beat and happy! She always makes me smile whenever I see her picture. I have made some of her patterns and they are always so fun!

  131. I follow Pat daily, she has become my Quarantine companion. And the stash busting has been too terrific! Love her designs, I see a blue Morrison Park quilt in my future.

  132. I love the elephants!
    I follow Pat on Facebook and the Quilt Alongside. I have purchased her kits and thread, but, since I have been ill since last spring., I have only been able to watch.
    I admire Pat’s energy and enthusiasm. She is dedicated that she continued with us through her bilateral wrist fractures!? Crazy lady!

    • I love pats quilts.. made a copy of the snowflake one. I plan to make it prior to Christmas.. in the middle of a house renovation. I just started following pat in the last 6 months. Thank you pat for the lovely quilts!

  133. First of all I love your elephant quilt! I follow Pat through bloglovin. I have a pattern of hers on my sewing table that i will be making for a Christmas gift. Pat always has so much inspiration on her blog and her new fabrics are great.

  134. I have just started following Pat on YouTube. I love the colors of this fabric like. I can’t wait to try the out.

  135. I follow @patsloan on all her social media. She has helped to keep me sane during these crazy times! I really loved doing the rainbow quilt earlier this summer, just yesterday my husband complimented me on how pretty that quilt was!

  136. I love Pat, she’s one of the first quilters that I found when I started just 2 yrs ago. I follow Pat daily, have some of her books that I use all the time. Now I found you too. Love your elephants!

  137. I just love this quilt. I would have never thought to use Morrison Park in a whimsical patter. So out of the box. 😁

  138. Yes I follow Pat and yes I have made quilts using her patterns. I think Pat is awesome and I am so glad I found her sites!!!

  139. I follow Pat not only for her amazing knowledge of quilting but also for her company through these difficult times. I look forward to new videos and inspiration. The new fabric line is gorgeous.

  140. I follow Pat’s blog and her YouTube videos. So glad you were a stop on this blog hop because I am absolutely in love with your Stomping Grounds pattern…just as I am looking for a quilt pattern for a new great-niece!

  141. I’ve used several of Pat’s sew-along patterns-she is one of the most energetic makers-even with broken wrists! Her emails and daily videos are great motivators :)

  142. Yes I love Pat Sloan. I’ve made several
    of her quilt alongs. Starting with Splendid Sampler, her winter sew along 2019 and the rainbow 1/2 square triangle sewalong this spring. She inspires me everyday with her daily chats and all her wonderful tips and tricks.

  143. I follow Pat, have made several of her quilts. I have learned a lot since finding Pat at the beginning of this year.

  144. Love Pat’s Facebook page and listen to her mist mornings on YouTube. She is generous with her time and talent, always sharing her knowledge with other quilters. I have participated in several QALs snd have a couple of her books

  145. Oh course I keep up with Pat’s Facebook pages, her website and her videos. I’ completed the Traffic Jam this year’s and just finished up the Jelly Snowflake. I’ve seen so many patterns I want to make. Pat, mystery quilts scare me but I have my fabric and I’m looking forward to being brave and following the next mystery block. Thanks for everything. I’m always telling other quilters to check out your site.

  146. I so love your elephants! Almost as much as I love following sweet Pat Sloan! I am working on her Out West quilt patterns now. I think this Morrison Park material is beautiful!

  147. What a wonderful quilt! Made me think of my mother who collected elephants. I could almost hear her demanding one be made for her. Thank you so much for sharing

  148. I do follow Pat on You Tube and FB. I have made some of her quilt from her books and patterns and her sew-along quilts.
    Pat is an amazing lady. She is very inspirational. Thank you Pat for everything you do for us.

  149. Hi there! Yes, I absolutely follow Pat Sloan on her facebook page. She has been an inspiration to me during this “stay at home period.” I have just finished the Out West sew along and earlier made the stay at home quilt. Both of these I made entirely from my “stash.” I also made a Jolly Bar quilt from the Fat Quarter Shop using fabric purchased from there. Love your elephants. : )

  150. Love Pat and I follow her on Facebook and Instagram. I have done several of her sew alongs. She is so talented and encouraging. I am definitely going to have to do this pattern with her new fabric collection! I love both!

  151. I follow Pat and enjoy her videos. I have made a couple of her bow, boom projects. I really like the elephants pattern😍

  152. I follow Pat on her Facebook pages and enjoy her emails, videos a lot! Thanks Pat for all the great videos and tips on quilting how to’s. Your books are very helpful too. I purchase as many of them as I can find!

  153. Hello Wendy, I love your elephant quilt :):). I have been following Pat for nearly 4 years and have made some of her patterns. The first one was Winter Solstice mystery quilt – it was my first pattern and quilt!!!

  154. I follow Pat through e-mails and enjoy her up-beat attitude! I have one of her early Applique books as well as her first seasonal quilt book–I haven’t made the quilt yet but have started one of her mystery quilts. Thanks, Pat for your inspiration!!

  155. Lovely elephant quilt! I follow Pat on Facebook, Instagram…she’s so inspirational! Thanks for the chance to win this fantastic prize!

  156. Stomping Grounds is adorable in Pat’s new line. Pat is just such fun and inspirational. I watch her on YouTube and receive her newsletters. She is such a wonderful teacher. I have some of her books and patterns and enjoy the quilts I’ve made from them. I’ve also participated in her sew-alongside.

  157. I do follow Pat daily and enjoy her up beat attitude and bundle of energy and enthusiasm that she so freely shares. I have some of her books and have done several patterns from the books and free ones she offers… my most recent being Oh My Stars. I love the new fabric line and anxious to get some. Your elephant pattern is adorable and I’ve enjoyed seeing some of your other work in my quilt magazines! Great inspiration!

  158. I follow Pat on her YouTube channel, Facebook & Instagram. I have made several of her monthly quilts. The stay at home, the rainbow and I have purchased several of her books. I love the elephants pattern that was made with her Morrison Park collection. Pat has been a great inspiration for me to make my quilting a priority in my life. It is the one thing that makes me smile – even on a day when I am down. Pat ROCKS!!!

  159. Follow Pat’s newsletter and with bloglovin’. Thank you, Pat, for telling me the correct way to baste, by scratching the underneath surface.

  160. I follow Pat on her dailey chats and weekly fireside chats. I have made lots of her projects and love them all. Love what you did with the Morrison Park Fabric collection. The elephants are so darn cute. Will be following you, too.

  161. Hi Wendy – love your elephants. During this pandemic Pat has been welcomed into my home nearly every day and is always so bright and happy( even through her difficult year) i follow her instagram and facebook – quilting with Pat Sloan. Recently i have made Pats Oh my stars and Childhood games and love all Pats designs. Morrison Park brings back so many memories of days out with family – something we are waiting patiently to achieve soon. Something i would say to Pat – just keep doing what your re doing you are such an inspiration and i love having you in my lounge room in Australia.

  162. I recently started quilting. I follow Pat on youtube. I have not made one of her quilts, but am going to start her next quilt along.
    I forgot the 3rd thing I am supposed to tell you…so let me say I love starting the day with Pat’s daily talk
    And I love your elephant quilt! Have a new great- great due in May…think this might be a plan!

  163. I love Pat and have used several of her patterns. She is sew practical & gives great instructions. I also follow her blog & facebook pages. She has wonderful ideas & is just plain fun! Thanks for sharing your sweet elephants!

  164. Pat Sloan’s Morrison Park is beautiful in your Stomping Ground pattern. When I saw your use of the bright colorful fabrics, I immediately thought of three little granddaughters that would absolutely love a quilt like yours!
    I am not on Facebook, but I do follow Pat on YouTube as well as her blog. I became aware of her during the lockdown and loved making her block of the week quilts. My first one I did with her was the Stay at Home quilt, followed by the Childhood Games quilt. Those two were a lot of fun and enjoyment for me,
    I haven’t made any quilts yet out of her books, but I do own several of her books and intend on making one or two soon from her Celebrate the Seasons book in my collection.

  165. I can’t believe it took so long for me to find Pat, but once I did this year I’ve been following daily, her videos are fun and informative. I’ve made her free patterns, joined sew-a-longs, and bought a few patterns & books. I admire her indomitable spirit overcoming a serious injury to persevere and inspire her followers. I truly appreciate all she has done this difficult year to provide a bright and safe place for everyone.

  166. Oh my goodness, this is my favorite! I love the fabrics you used for this quilt. It did not need the whole line.

  167. Your stomping ground quilt would make such a cute kids quilt! I follow Pat on her YouTube channel. I have yet to make any of her quilts but have a bunch on my future projects list.

  168. I follow Pat- appreciate her ideas, patterns, and teaching style plus her tours to introduce all her followers to new people to follow!!! I adore the elephants! Is a must have!!

  169. I love the prints in the fabric line – Can’t wait to use some – I love your Elephants Stumping Wendy!!!

  170. I follow Pat on email. I made my first quilt, Let’s go camping, with Pat. She got me started and I love quilting. Your elephants are so cute.

  171. I follow Pat daily on her Youtube chat and have made her rainbow quilt this past spring! I appreciate her encouraging posts and happy, pleasant demeanor even as she has gone through her health challenge!

  172. Hi Wendy, I follow Pat Sloan, and now you, on Twitter & Instagram. I have been sewing most of my life, but only recently started quilting. Pat’s books and Quilt Alongs have been both helpful and inspiring in my quilting journey. I’ve done the Ultimate Beginner Quilt & Main Street.
    Even made a quilt for my brother using Oh My Stars. However, I really enjoyed doing A Flower Bouquet. My sister, who I was estranged from for years, and I did it together. I used a kit that Pat used and my sister used her stash. This project was the perfect thing to “bind” us closer together. Thank you Pat for the Joy you bring every day to so many people.

  173. Hello Wendy,
    Stomping grounds quilt is adorable! I just love it! I do follow Pat and I have made some
    of her quilts! Think she is not only a wonderful quilter I think she is an awesome person! I would love to do a class or retreat with her if she ever offers one. Quiltville retreat center would be a suggestion for her to offer one at. You should come too! It would be amazing!

  174. I follow Pat on YouTube and belong to her Facebook group. Pat Sloan is a delight! Her videos are one of the big reasons I have made it through this pandemic with some sanity! Just knowing there will be a video coming up to talk about quilting and focus on something other than the news. I look forward to them every day! Thanks Pat!
    Your Stomping Ground pattern is adorable and I know I will have to have it!

  175. Yes, I receive daily Pat email. I watch on YouTube and facebook. I have several blocks completed and saved many others to do. I am so thankful that Pat is doing so well with two major surgeries and the therapy she has endured and being so positive.

  176. I follow Pat on her blog and her daily post on YouTube. I always learn something new and find inspiration from her videos.

  177. Your elephants are great. I follow pats daily video, have done sew a longs and loved her appliqué patterns. She has a great attitude, thank you

  178. Love your quilt Wendy. I follow Pat on Instagram and Facebook. Have been listening to Pat every day. I have made made 3 of Pat’s quilts. I really appreciate everything Pat has done, she is one incredible lady and I have learnt so much.

  179. Love being a part of Goat’s sewing family. Many completed projects started with Pats great instructions. Love the Stomping Ground … fun fun fun!!!

  180. I do follow Pat and participate in many of her sew-alongs. She has many talents. I love the cheerful colors in her new line. I also love love love those elephants👍

  181. Love being part of Pat’s sewing family!
     Many completed projects started with Pat’s great instructions. Love the Stomping Ground … fun fun fun!!!

  182. I follow Pat on her sites and have done several of her quilt-alongs. I am working on machine-quilting my rainbow quilt as we speak today! My grandsons will be so glad when they are able to cuddle up in this rainbow quilt to watch tv here at our house when I have completed it. I hope to have it ready by next weekend! They will be so excited and will probably fight over who gets to use it first. We may have to draw numbers! lol

  183. I definitely follow Pat on Instagram ( she is fabulous)
    About 5 years ago one of my first quilts was a quilt along in McCalls (couldn’t wait for that magazine every two months😁)
    I appreciate the way she speaks to every level of quilter she truly loves her work
    Your Stomping Grounds quilt is so cute and fun.

  184. Pat your quilts email bloc and fabric are so inspirational. You have retired my desire to make quilts. So many ideas and see slings to choose from. Thank you

  185. I love your Elephants. I enjoy Pat’s site, have finished Out West, Childhood Games, and Going on a Picnic Sew A Longs. Her Morrison Park fabrics are beautiful!

  186. I follow Pat on Facebook and You Tube I look forward to watching her videos and have made several of the sew alongs.

  187. I love the elephants 🐘!! I have one of Pat’s books. I just started following her on IG and with her daily news letter. One of the things that caught my eye about Pat was…….she’s always smiling!! Even when I first saw her with 2 hands wrapped up!! Smiling in these times is the best!! 😊😊😊😊😁😁😁😊😊😊

  188. I am finishing up Pat’s ” Oh My Stars ” Baby quilt – this is the first baby quilt I have made. Love it!

  189. Of course I follow Pat – on two sites! The new fabrics are wonderful and just perfect for your elephants. Thank you for NOT making it paper pieced. =) Thanks for the chance to win the fabrics and newsletter, too.

  190. I get all of Pat’s emails and have made several of her quilts. In fact I’m just finishing up her Traffic Jam quilt now — I’m always wayyyy behind! I do not follow any social media,, but love everything Pat does, and love how generous she is with her patterns and ideas.

  191. Love your Stomping Grounds quilt and use of Morrison Park. Yes, I am following Pat in all possible ways. I’m getting ready for my 4th Block Wednesday with Pat- Cozy Things. I’m currently finishing up her BOM: Out West. I also did her April daily block sew along. Thank you Pat for offering so much to the quilting community. Pat shares knowledge, inspires and encourages. She also shares a wealth of resources on her site. Even in the midst of recovering from two broken wrists she showed perseverance, positivity and motivated her followers to be productive.

  192. Yes, I do follow Pat! Love her! I have not yet done one of her projects but I plan to do one soon! Love your Elephant Quilt, so adorable!!

  193. Hi, Wendy! Yes I faithfully watch Pat’s videos and I have made so many of her great quilt patterns that I’ve lost count! She is so inspiring! ❤️

  194. I do follow Pat. She’s my wake-up person most days on You-Tube. I’m putting together the rainbow quilt she did recently, half square triangles in rainbow colors. I have several of her books so there should be more quilts in the future.

  195. Love the elephants! I made pat’s splendid sampler one and follow all her quilts.
    Thanks for a fun tour.

  196. I watch Pat everyday. She is so cheerful and happy. I have one of her machine quilting books. She is such a good teacher.

  197. I have been following Pat on Facebook for years, and I have made many quilts with her patterns and quilt-alongs. She has taught me so much! Your Stomping Ground is adorable in her Morrison Park fabrics, and I can’t wait for your pattern to come out. My niece is expecting twins next year!

  198. I am definitely a Pat Sloan follower – watch her daily videos, on FB, and email. I’ve made the Rainbow quilt from the May sew along, and the Wonky Wishes. I have three more cut out – all sew alongs. I LOVE Pat’s spirit – even with two broken wrists, she has not taken much time off, continuing to inspire and challenge us every day, and she is so encouraging – and I love when she laughs.

  199. I have been making Pat’s quilts for a while now. I have friends and family making her quilts too because her instructions are so good. Thank you, Pat. I have enjoyed meeting your quilting friends through this blog hop. Ciao from Canada

  200. I had not thought of a baby quilt but the elephants are awesome!! I listen to Pat each morning with my coffee. I was learning machine quilting when she broke both wrists. I have her book but am hoping she goes back to it next year when her wrists. Thank you for your tour. Teresa

  201. I live on Price Edward Island, Canada’s smallest province and though we are relatively few, there are many quilters here. I am a recent follower who loves seeing the inspirational ideas and clear instructions. I have a lot if fabric that will now, hopefully, become more than “plans!” Thank you!!

  202. Yes I follow Pat. 2. no 3. She always has new ideas. Tells me about give away like this one which brings me to designers like you. What a cute elephant pattern! I am always learning even after lifetime of loving quilting.

  203. I follow Pat on Facebook and watch her daily talks on utube. I made many of her seedlings and love,love her new fabric line

  204. Your elephant quilt is Absolutely darling! I enjoyed Pat’s sew along; just finished the blocks for Going on a Picnic……started following here just before she started that sew along.

  205. Your elephant quilt is absolutely darling. I recently started following Pat and did the Going on a Picnic sew along-Enjoyed that. My blocks are done—still picking out sashing & borders.

  206. Love your elephant quilt and it looks great in the Morrison Park fabrics! I follow Pat on Instagram and Facebook plus I watch her youtube channel. I have done of her quilt alongs and have enjoyed them.

  207. Beautiful Quilt. Love following Pat’s blog and quilt making tips. I am working on doing lap robe quilts for our veterans and love the variety of designs available.

  208. I purchased Pat Sloan’s book about machine quilting, have joined some sew along projects offered on her site, and have learned so much from her. She makes quilting fun and is very encouraging.

  209. I follow Pat everyday and love her daily videos! I’ve done several sew along with hers. The one thing I love the most about Pat is her laugh!

  210. I follow Pat on all of her media sites and I have completed one of her quilt tops. I am currently making four of her other quilts. I typically stay behind on her schedule but I am trying! She is great and has so many wonderful ideas!

  211. I follow Pat everyday and enjoy your suggestions and tips. Just love her Morrison Park fabric, trying to finish a few other projects before I figure out what I’d like to do with that fabric. Love the elephant pattern.

  212. I have used Pat’s alphabet on my quilts before. She is such a fun lady and always has such great ideas.

  213. I like many of Pat’s fabrics and patterns. I made a quilt from her Bobbins and Bits line and gave it to a quilter friend and she just loved it. Your elephants look wonderful in the Morrison Park fabrics.

  214. I was fortunate to attend a workshop with Pat a number of years ago. Have followed her since. Have made her tulip quilt.

  215. I really enjoy Pat’s cheerful views and I try to watch her video everyday. It is like having a friend come into my home to visit. I am enjoying the Morrison park fabric line and hope to use some of it in my projects.

  216. I love your pattern, the elephants are so cute in Morrison Park Fabrics!
    I follow Pat Sloan on all her social media outlets and I get her emails.
    I have a few of her books and am getting ready to decide which patterns I will be making for Christmas gifts!
    My message to Pat is that I can not thank you enough for all the inspiration and information that has helped me understanding and helping me get better at quilting! Love you for all the help!!❤️❤️

  217. I am beginner/bold beginner quilter. I tend to just dive in without knowing how difficult a quilt is and learn the hard way. I have done some of your blocks, but in spite of being in total quarantine have been sewing less these days (although I should count the 100 + masks I have made and give away as sewing).

  218. I watch Pat’s daily videos, her quiltalongs, and also have her patterns. I plan on making some of them when I finish the have to get done projects I am working on now. Her grin and laugh are infectious and she makes my day.

  219. I follow Pat every day and have made several of her quilts and projects. That elephant is AMAZING!

  220. Love your elephant quilt. A great way to showcase a fabric line. I receive Pat’s emails, watch her daily videos except Sunday of course (we all need a day of rest), have some of her books & copy her free patterns. Pat’s videos are friendly & uplifting which has been great during this year of ups & downs. I’m not on Facebook so I like that she has an open page & I check it out a few times a week. I told a friend it was like going to a quilt show which we have all missed this year. Thanks Pat for all you do even with your personal setback this year.

  221. Wow you are going to have a tough time picking! I love Pat Sloan and have done quite a few of her quilt patterns. I don’t know how I would get through the day without her.

  222. I’ve been watching Pats daily YouTube videos and website postings for quite some time. She has the stamina and drive all wrapped up in one person that I have never seen in any other. Her courage and stick to it attitude between the fall, surgeries, pain, casts, physical therapy and recovery is more than most would have ever gone thru as gracefully as she has……especially thru her daily videos to “lift up our spirits” during her ordeal.

    I have made several of her suggested quilt projects she has talked about, instructed on YouTube and posted. I especially am appreciative of her helpful suggestions for techniques and fabric coordinated choices.

    Wishing Pat continued progress on her recovery from her ordeal..

  223. I follow Pat on Facebook , Instagram and YouTube. I really appreciate the way that she speaks to us as if we’re right there sitting across her table from her. I am getting ready to start the childhood games cook pattern that she did with my granddaughter.

  224. I’ve been listening to Pat and following her Facebook page. I really like sewing the blocks from her “I love to quilt” series. Thanks, Pat, for the free info. and free block patterns!
    Your elephant quilt is beautiful and inspiring, Wendy!

  225. I am a follower of Pat! I recently have started the snowflake quilt-a-long. I would like to cheer her on in her recovery! She has been remarkably cheerful through-out and an inspiration!

  226. Yes, I follow Pat on FB. Love your pattern! I watch her daily videos and I’m collecting things to make some of her patterns.

  227. I really like your elephant pattern. I follow Pat on Twitter, You Tube and Facebook. And probably Instagram, too, LOL!. I made a couple of her block-a-day patterns early in the pandemic. I’m glad to see that she is recovering. What a trooper she is, to continue her You Tube videos every day despite having two broken wrists!

  228. I follow Pat. I have made Oh my stars and Traffic Jam. I also have her machine quilting book. What a talented designer.

  229. Pat’s a rockstar !! She has helped me get through this time of uncertainty with her positive daily attitude , her helpful tips and daily challenges . I do look forward to her daily live streams and chats ! She has created a wonderful group of talented creative people.
    I follow Pat on you tube snd Instagram .
    She makes me smile everyday! I have never met her but would love to someday meet her in person to chat over a cup of coffee, snack and a quilt along .
    I absolutely love your elephants !!
    Would love to make something with Morrison Park collection one day!
    Stay well!

  230. Yes, I follow Pat on social media. I have made several patterns “Like Oh My Stars” and “Winter Fun” to name a couple. I love doing her Sew Alongs. Pat has a great use of color and is a great enabler for my quilting addiction.

  231. I am privileged to follow Pat. I so very much appreciate the amazing energy she shares and the incredible motivation. I participate in her sew alongside and have made several patterns from her Teach Me series. I love your elephants and look forward to it’s availability.

  232. I love Pat Sloan & have several of her books. I frequently refer to them when I hit a road block. Also appreciate her willingness to share with the quilting community. Your Stomping Ground pattern is precious & I’d love to know when it’s available.

  233. Beautiful elephants using Morrison Park! I follow Pat on her Facebook group and watch her daily videos. I’m working on her May Rainbows using half square triangles. Lol, just a little behind as it’s what… October!

  234. Thanks for sharing your adorable Elephants. I found Pat, read her Bio.. we have a great deal in common!! Someday, I’ll send her a message. I visit her website daily, watch her UTube videos and listen to her daily chats. Her energy, empathy, endless ability to offer entertainment gives me a very needed escape. Most days, I tune in to just giggle and laugh along with her honesty.
    I am (finally) gonna TRY to complete my first quilts to my two girls following her “Cozy Things” project. Thanks again, to both of you for sharing your time and talents. There are lots of us who truly appreciate your giving back. Love, an olde RN

  235. I follow Pat on Facebook, Instagram, and on her website. I wish I had her energy! I have made several of Pat’s patterns from books and patterns, and her sew-a-longs. Thanks, Pat for all your inspiration! You always inspire me with what you are working on. And I have you to thank for getting me onto Pinterest many years ago!

  236. I follow Pat on all the platforms and love her videos. I have learned so much from her and really appreciate how upbeat she is. I will be starting my first sew along with her this month!

  237. I follow Pat Sloan, I’ve got two of her books, the Splendid Sampler ones and have made of those blocks into quilts. Pat, I love, love, love the colors in your fabric lines! Keep them coming!

  238. I do follow Pat Sloan on Facebook and her I love to quilt e-mail. I would like to thank Pat for patterns and challenges. She has helped me greatly since I found her. I will have to subscribe to you when I find the correct place to do that. Thank you. I also have made quite a few of Pats patterns for gifts and giveaways. Six are to be given to the older ladies at my church. These were the stay at home block challenge from April. Am binding now.

  239. Pat is a good teacher. She inspires me to try new things, to follow along with the daily challenge with her on each new monthly calendar and the sew alongs! I learn so much from watching her and from the comments from other people who are watching her. I follow on YouTube, email and website.

  240. I do follow pat on Facebook and I have made some of her patterns. The most recent is the one using the Jolly Bar 11 book.
    Pat, I love to watch your daily YouTubes an I think you do so much for the quilting community. I’m so glad I found you!

  241. I love Pat. I have her books, have made quilts with her patterns and fabric. I follow her blog, on you tube, and facebook. She’s the best. I love your elephant quilt pattern.

  242. I love the elephants quilt, beautiful! I do follow Pat! I’ve made her block mystery Main St. with Cheeky fabric and other blocks from her sew alongs. She’s very inspiring and watching her on YouTube helped me when I was feeling very low and had me focus on quilting.

  243. I love watching Pat’s videos each day, and admire her for her perseverance despite breaking both of her wrists. She has such a courageous spirit. I really want to make the ‘Bring Home the Tree’ Table Runner she showed and designed from Lori Holt’s Quilt pattern. Such a cute idea.

  244. I love Pat’s motivation and awesome personality. I follow her mostly on YouTube. Love the daily video. There is always something that you can walk away with whether it’s helpful quilt information or something personal. I have made scrappy stars and the jelly snowflake quilt recently. Wendy , I think it was really great that you asked us to comment saying something nice about Pat. I really liked that…and it was easy.

  245. Wow, I love the variety in this collection! So many colors and pattern designs, amazing!! :D I just LOVE elephants so I will HAVE to add this to my make list for someday. ;) Right now I have a few quilts in my stack before I can start another one. lol

    I haven’t made too many quilts yet but Pat your patterns are definitely on my to make list…each one is so unique and beautiful! I love your instagram page!

  246. Pat’s Morrison Park collection is perfect for elephants. Happy elephants what more could a kid like. Pat is like her fabrics “happy and fun”.

  247. Wendy, your elephant quilt is so adorably cute!!!! Yes, I follow Pat Sloan on every Facebook group she has and on her blog, watch her daily videos, and receive her newsletters and emails. I have some of her books and made some quilts using her patterns and sew-alongs. I love Pat Sloan. I love her creativity. I love her generosity in providing the many free quilt patterns as well as giving of herself in making charity quilts. I love her forever cheerful spirit. I could chant: I Love Pat Sloan!

  248. I ❤️ The elephants!! Pat is like my daily cup of coffee – I look forward to her EVERY day! Thanks Pat!!

  249. I am new to quilting and am so happy I am following Pat. I have learned so much from her and look forward to her postings and emails.

  250. I love your pattern with Pat’s fabric. I follow both you and Pat on IG. I love Pat’s smile. It always makes me smile and brightens my day.

  251. Hi! I follow you on Instagram as @liflongteacher and I have been in Pat’s quilting group on Facebook for 6 years. I made her Let’s Go Sew pattern using her methods in her Teach Me to Applique book. I also sewed along on her Vacation Time quilt and the free log cabin block quilt, too in 2014. I have her Bonnie Lane “Glow” quilt kit, but haven’t had time to make it yet. And I have the Bonnie Lane pattern and fabrics to make it, but it to sits in my to-do bin. I follow her on Instagram, too! I just love her daily videos and I’d love to win one if these prizes!

  252. Your elephant quilt is so cute, done up in Pat’s Morrison Park fabrics. I follow Pat via email & have several of her books. Pat is always smiling & so chipper, even with broken wrists, fingers & carpal tunnel. An amazing quilter, tip sharer, organizer & inspiration for all of us especially when things are difficult.

  253. I have been following Pat Sloan for a long time, I admire her creativity and work ethic; I follow her on Instagram and her blog; more, what I really appreciate that she shares so many of her patterns and they are all FREE to us. Thank you, Pat.

  254. I love Pat and watch her on youtube/fireside chats all the time.I love her new fabric line as well as your elephant quilt – too cute.

  255. I do follow Pat and i have started a couple of her quilt a longs. I follow by email and Facebook znd so enjoy her Utube videos. Your quilt is darling.

  256. I’m a member of Pat’s FB group and I make sure to watch her daily videos. I love the motivation and the inspiration she offers. I really appreciate the community of quilters she has developed and so happy I can be a part of the fun!!

  257. I have followed “Quilt along with a Pat Sloan” on Facebook for a few months. I watch her YouTube video every day that it comes out. I just made the jelly snowflake quilt thanks to Pat. I actually printed out her sampler blocks from “going on a picnic” and “childhood games” as they came out, but I have not made them yet. I really appreciate how positive and joyful she is every day, even through her wrist injury and recovery. And I love that she says “I love you” to her friends every day!

  258. Love your elephants! I follow Pat and have done several of her sew alongs! She inspirers me every day!!

  259. I have followed Pat for a couple years now on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. I have done many of her quilt alongs, Glow, Drive Down Bonnie Lane, and many other’s this year. I have several of her books and have learned much from them. I love that Pat always takes time to answer questions and does not make them seem unimportant. She is always positive, even during adversity and brightens the gloomy days with her positivity.

  260. Beautiful quilt. I have watched Pat’s daily videos since March. She has been such a great inspiration to me.

  261. I also have watched Pat every day–she is a wonderful part of my day and I have used many of her hints and ideas!

  262. Your elephant quilt is awesome! You made excellent use of the Morrison Park fabric! I love the elephants’ ears! As for Pat, I watch all of her videos and participate is almost all of her sew alongs. I always make her Wednesday quilts and her block of the month ones. I so admire her for all she has accomplished with those two broken wrists.

  263. I follow Pat and learned to quilt following her books. I have made so many of her patterns that I’m having storage problems.

  264. I follow Pat on email,IG and FB.I love her enthusiasm, her style and easy to follow tutorials. Thank you.

  265. Wendy, your quilt is so fun and shows off Pat’s Morrison Park fabric so well! I read Pat’s blog and watch her videos daily. I’m working on the Jelly Snowflake sew along right now (a little behind). I have the Teach Me to Machine Quilt book(along with others) in preparation of trying more than straight line quilting. I have to get busy on Christmas quilting! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  266. I found a quilt I loved online, printed the free pattern and have made 2 quilts so far. “Oh My Stars” was the pattern. Then later I found Pat Sloan on You Tube and realized she was the one who wrote the pattern I had made. I watch her daily and miss her on Sundays. The rest is history as they say. Karen

  267. Yes, I follow Pat on Facebook and get her emails. She is such a busy person I can’t keep up with everything she’s doing! She is such a generous quilter, too, with all of her free quilt patterns she shares.

  268. Oh I adore Pat and follow her on social media!! I’ve done a few of the sew alongs and wish her many Blessings!! ❤

  269. I follow Pat on her blog, her Facebook and Facebook food page
    I am doing her Jelly Snowflake quilt and a bringing home the Chris tree table runner.
    I appreciate her helpful hints and her monthly calendar.

  270. Follow Pat on her blog, made several of her patterns and QAL’s. Met her at Quilt market, she incredibly bubbly, fun and sweet. Love her. thanks.

  271. Following Pat can be a full-time job! Even with her accident, her giving personality shone through. I’ve used enough of Pat’s fabrics and patterns that you’d think she was my BFF :-) Actually, Pat’s genuine love for all of us makes her feel as if we’ve known each other since grade school, although she is much younger than I, lol.
    I am thrilled to have met you and your site, Wendy…I’ll be back, you’re in my favorites now!

  272. I do watch Pat’s daily videos. I have made quilts from her patterns. In fact, she gave me permission to demo one of her free patterns at a charity I sew with. So generous of Pat.

  273. I follow Pat via her newsletter & I made her “Oh My Stars” quilt pattern in patriotic fabrics.

  274. I am a newbie and just started following Pat on FB and receiving her emails this past summer. I have throughly enjoyed her videos and find her very inspirational. I have not participated in any of her sew alongs yet but I am looking forward to joining her on one soon. I love her new line of Morrison Park fabrics and agree with you on the background fabric. It is beautiful!

  275. I follow pat on Facebook and instagram. I followed her blog for longer and sign up for all her Wednesday blocks. Someday I’ll make one. I was following Pat regularly through March and April. I made her Block a day quilt in April from my stash (it’s since been given away as a baby quilt). Around June I quit following Pat as religiously as she started quilting and I wasn’t ready to go there yet. (I was on a mission to finish putting together a bunch of kits I’d accumulated). Now I’m quilting trying to find new homes for all those kits I made earlier. Pat was a lifesaver as she got me going during March and April.

  276. I’ve made quite a few quilts while following Pat’s sew-alongs. Even with all her troubles she’s joyful and inspirational. And LOVE your elephants…might be my next project.

  277. I follow Pat Sloan on Facebook and email. I only found her recently when I did my first Sew-a-long with the Snowflake Quilt. I can’t believe her Energizer Bunnylike quilting/stitching life as she is always so busy! She didn’t even slow down much with her broken wrists! It helps to get me back in gear since I hit a slump after piecing several tops at once.

  278. I follow Pat Sloan’s blog. I like her applique style and love that Morrison park’s florals reflect that!
    I first made the beautiful “Liberty Blooms” quilt, and have been following ever since. Thank you for the chance to win, and your elephants are cute!

  279. Hello !
    Yes, I follow Pat Sloan on Facebook and E-mail.
    I used her book for my very first quilt in October last year.
    I’m alway check her website and finding her videos
    on YouTube. She is awesome. I’ve learned a lot from her. 💕👌

  280. I have been sewing along with Pat since the start of Merry and Bright. She is fabulous, I follow her on her Facebook group Quilt Along with Pat Sloan, and I love how she makes everything so interesting!

  281. I get Pat’s emails, but I do not do ANY social media and don’t plan to. I love Pat’s ideas on her website.

  282. I have been following Pat for almost a year. I can’t believe I am so slow to follow her, I wish I had started years ago. I love her fabrics (especially the blue ones) and I really LOVE your elephant quilt. How do we get a pattern?

  283. Your elephant pattern is too cute! Pat’s Morrison Park is a perfect fit for it. I’m a newbie to quilting & visit Pat’s website frequently for help. I also have 2 of her books.

  284. Yes, I follow Pat and love her fun sew alongs. What a fun elephant quilt. Will look for your pattern soon.

  285. I follow Pats FB groups and watch her daily videos. I live I. Seattle and since COVID, I’ve been staying up until the wee hours all things quilting! Maybe organizing g my stash, threads, whatever Pats daily chore is. I watch her premier video, chat online prior to the video, then I go to bed! Tough schedule!- LOL. But each day my sleep cycle starts after Pats video (airs at 4:15 PST). She’s an inspiration and always has a smile! 😍. Love your elephants too!

  286. I’ve only been following Pat for a little while but I love her Morrison Park line. I look forward each day to her YouTube chats & hope to join her on a project soon.

  287. I follow Pat’s FB group and receive her emails. I am currently sewing the snowflake quilt that she posted recently.

  288. I love Pat! I watch her YouTube video every day because she is upbeat and adorable. I am going to do the Cozy QAL with her but haven’t made any of her other patterns yet. I do have her Teach Me How to Quilt book and I want to make the cat for my daughter.

  289. I follow Pat on Facebook. Love her new fabric collection. So glad to find your website. The elephant quilt is beautiful!

  290. I have been viewing Pat’s daily YouTube videos since the beginning of March and follow her blog. I made her At Home quilt in April and I am working on the spools quilt.

  291. I follow Pat on ALL of her social media outlets. I love her daily videos❣️She’s the most inspirational & encouraging quilter I’ve ever known. I’ve made her Traffic Jam, Rainbow, Oh MY Stars An older one with coffee cups (I can’t remember the name of it right now). I ❤️ Your elephant quilt & Pats new Morrison Park fabrics.

  292. I follow Pat and do most of her sew-alongs. I love her daily videos. I love your pattern and think it would be perfect for my daughter’s friend who is expecting twins in the new year! I can hardly wait to get the pattern and get started on two quilts! <3 And I will start followin you today.

  293. The very first time I happened to find Pat’s Youtube channel, her wrists were in cast, which surprised me. Since then, have been following Pat’s youtube, and now her daily video has become part of my quilting life. But I have not made any of her pattern yet. I wish I could get her Morrison Park fabrics, but I live outside US….
    Thanks for Pat for enjoyable video almost every day! I am so glad her wrists are getting better and better.

    Your elephant quilt is super cute!

  294. I follow Pat via email, IG, and FB… so I never miss a thing and she’s always an amazing source of inspiration. I love that she’s so down to earth and I could imagine chatting over tea!!

  295. I belong to Pat’s group and have made many of Pat’s designs, in fact, I have one ready to bind now. Pat is so generous in sharing her designs and does so much to inspire and encourage quilters. Your elephant pattern is so cute and of course Pat’s fabrics are gorgeous.

  296. You “Stomping Ground” quilt with the elephants using Pat’s Morrison Park fabric line is darling! I have been following Pat since just before the pandemic hit and she is so wonderful and inspiring to all of us. I’ve quilted along with her on several quilts now including the Charming Baby and the Jolly Snowflake. I remember when Pat first introduced us to her new, Morrison Park fabric line and it’s so lovely. I’d sure love to win the layer cake because I could make a beautiful, large size quilt. Thank you for all you do and for being on the tour! Roxy in Hudson, WI

  297. I try to watch Pat’s videos and have three quilts to get finished before I can decide which of Pat’s I want to try.. humm, I like several blocks from several quilts, I may make my own version of Pat’s quilts, sort of like ” Out West on a Jellyroll Picnic”. As soon as I can get my back in shape to sit and sew, I want to try something like that. Thanks, Wendy for a cute version of Pat’s fabric collection.

  298. I found Pat Sloan’s YouTube videos this summer and I love them. Pat is so encouraging and her quilt alongs are great! I’ve purchased several books she recommended and they are helpful.

  299. I love the Elephant quilt! So cute and colorful! I think it’s great that you are all highlighting her new fabric line.

  300. I have been enjoying all of the beautiful Morrison Park fabric creations. I began joining Pat Sloan’s facebook group almost 4 years ago, so I could learn quilting in my Retirement. HAPPINESS abounds around Pat & all the Quilt Makers. Love the kindness so many people shine into each others lives.

  301. I follow Pat Sloan on Facebook, receive her emails and check out the patterns in her website often.
    Have made Traffic Jam, Splendid Sampler 1 and 2, Solstice quilt and various blocks that I liked.
    Pat is awesome and even with her broken wrists she continued to inspire all her followers!

  302. I do follow Pat and just finished her Going On a Picnic sampler which I posted today on her Facebook page. I love your elephant quilt. It’s so cute in Pat’s Morrison Park fabric.

  303. Hi Wendy, I do follow Pat Sloan and since I’m a fairly new quilter, I have enjoyed doing her projects on You Tube and FB. I love her enthusiasm and encouragement even during the hardships she’s endured. I also love how she included YOU in this tour. I love your elephant quilt and am inspired by your website of other things you have done. Please thank Pat Sloan for putting this tour together so I could enjoy your website as well. Thank you and well done!

  304. I follow Pat on FB as well as on YouTube. I am really amazed and so impressed with how she has dealt with your wrist injuries and how she has just managed so well. Pat you are so awesome with how you’ve done with it. I’ve also appreciated your YouTube videos which have sure helped my attitude and getting me thru this quarantine lock down! Elaine From Alberta, Canada

  305. Hi! I follow Pat on facebook and instagram, and now follow you on instagram too! Pat always gives her knowledge, tips, and tricks so freely… it’s so refreshing!

  306. I follow Pat and I have participated in some of her sew alongs. I love how positive Pat always seems to be. Watching her is like watching a kid at a birthday party and her excitement is infectious.

    Pat, I appreciate all you do for us. Seeing your reaction to your big accident this year was a testament to your strong character. Thank you.

  307. I try to follow Pat with her daily emails. Just learning to use Facebook. Am currently working on two of her projects; “Out of this World” and “Out West”. Slow going because I don’t have my sewing machine in my current living space so everything is hand sewn. Love your elephants. Such a cute idea.

  308. Love the elephants, that’s what my grandson is going to be for Halloween. I love Pat watch her videos every day and have made some of her quilts.

  309. These elephants are wonderful. I follow Pat on Facebook, IG YouTube. I’ve learned a lot over the years from her. I have her Free Motion book and another one. She is a great teacher.

  310. I love to follow Pat and getting her Email updates are always something to look forward to. My sister and I have made most of her sew alongs this past year and really appreciate her sense of humor in the good and bad.

  311. Wendy, I love your little elephant. He is so adorable and brings me happy memories of a dear friend I lost. I’ve been with Pat for a couple of years now and she is fantastic. Her bubbly personality is so contagious. Last winter I did her Winter Fun quilt along and it was so fun. Her Morrison Park collection is beautiful but what else would we expect from Pat. Hopefully I will be getting some of them in the near future and I agree with you about the print for the background.

  312. Pat is a bright spot in my day….I love her laugh! I watch her daily blog videos and follow all her sew alongs. I wish I had time to sew all the great projects she provides. Thanks for a chance to win this great prize!

  313. I follow Pat on Facebook and her blog. I’m still making my way through The Splendid Sampler (the first one), and I have plans to do her 182 Day Solstice Challenge (along with a few other). Friends of mine have made quite a few of the Oh My Stars Quilts for Project Linus in our area. What would I like to say to Pat? Thank you for all the inspiration and ideas, for the free patterns.

  314. I follow Pat, on Facebook, you tube, and her blog. She is my first stop every morning, and I binge watch the you tubes whenever I can. I have been waiting for Morrison Park since she first previewed it!

  315. Wendy I really like your elephant quilt. It would make a great baby quilt! I have made several of Pat Quilts. I used “Oh My Star” pattern to make a Quilt of Valor for my Beother in Law

  316. Thanks so much for this interesting site Wendy. I love the patterns and fabric. I would use the fabric in a lap quilt. Pat has become my youtube and quilting BFF (even though she doesn’t know me). Her videos are brilliant, as is her FB and website. Pat, I appreciate your friendship!

  317. Thank you for showing your pretty elephant parade. Yes, I watch Pat’s videos. She is my connection to the outside world now that we are so confined to home. I have some of her patterns in mind to help me use my stash.

  318. Cute quilt! Pat was my inspiration in getting back into quilting. I sewed her ‘10 minutes a day’ challenge, and that led to many more! I’ve made several of her block of the month quilts. My favorite is Globetrotting. Thanks Pat for all you do, and for being my inspiration and guiding light through this quilting journey!!

  319. I would thank her for all the effort she has made during this time to keep us inspired and organized. I am so glad she is doing well after breaking her wrists! She is always upbeat and makes me smile when I watch her videos.

  320. I follow Pat in her quilt group on Facebook, love the daily videos! I’ve made a few of her quilts, my favorite being Oh My Stars! I love how she shares her tips and I love this Morrison Park fabric line.

  321. The elephants are so sweet. It made me think of the cruelty,and killing of these beautiful creatures and wish there was more we can do to save them.Pat has such an amazing blog and videos and sew alongs.

  322. I love elephants yours are beautiful! I follow Pat everywhere! Instagram, emails, Facebook!!! I’ve made her star pattern, and enjoy her daily emails! Pat is a wonderful positive person, so upbeat always!

  323. Love the elephants!!! Yes, I follow Pat pretty much everywhere! I’ve done sew alongs and watch her daily videos. She inspires me and is always so friendly!!!

  324. I am really enjoying this blog hop! I follow Pat on Bloglovin. Unfortunately, I have never made one of Pat’s patterns. Pat (and you) are very talented sewists. Thanks!

  325. Pat has really come up with a great fabric line with these prints. They do remind me of Liberty. The elephants make up so well in them and the quilt is adorable. You both did a great job. I get Pat’s inspiring emails.

  326. I follow pat!! Im finishing up my out west quilt top from her mystery block sew along!! I appreciate all her hard work and planning that goes into her patterns and blog posts!

  327. I follow Pat on Bloglovin and have numerous applique wall hanging patterns I’ve made. Just hung up three with fall theme made from her fabrics with sunflowers etc made in her collection from many moons ago. I’d like to thank her for the quilt along with the snowflake. I finished that as well for Christmas wall hanging. I love to switch quilts to follow the seasons for home decor.

  328. A friend told me about Pat’s sites and UTUBE and I have been following her ever since. I so glad she told me. I have just recently make the snowflake mystery quilt, altho the second time it was not a mystery.

  329. I follow Pat on YouTube, Facebook and her blog. I haven’t made one of Pat’s patterns YET, but I am looking forward to the Cozy Things mystery quilt. Pat has such a wonderful spirit and I love her positive energy!! Thanks Pat!!

  330. I have been following Pat’s sites and her daily videos for the last 3 months. I love her daily inspirations!

  331. I follow Pat on her daily chats. Love all the inspiration she brings and great pattern ideas. I’ve been collecting her block of the week and hope to get one of them completed.

  332. Hi Wendy,
    I follow Pat’s blog and also follow her on FB. I love her patterns, especially the free ones. She is a generous woman. I’ve done several Oh my Stars quilts and 2 jelly roll snowflake quilts most re entry.
    It’s such a warm fuzzy feeling to listen to Pat’s upbeat positive chats.
    Love your Elephant quilt! I can hear my mom from heaven saying “the trunks should by up”, lol. It made me smile.

  333. I follow Pat on her blog and watch all of the YouTube videos. I have taken one of her classes and own some books. I really appreciate how encouraging Pat is and how much time she spends sharing her knowledge, love of quilting and all the amazing free and fun things she offers.

  334. I am just catching up with the fabric and shop tour. Loving it. I love the pattern you choose. And can’t wait to go to a quilt store to see and touch the fabrics in person. I will be sure to checkout your site more as I am new to many of these designers. I have already made three of Pats free quilts starting with the traffic jam. I especially love the polka dots.

  335. I follow Pat and can’t miss a day of her video’s. She’s such a bubbly personality even with two broken wrists and fingers.. It has become especially important since Covid as I am isolated now. I try and watch her video’s first thing to put me on a more cheerful track for the day. I want to thank her for that and all the time and effort she puts into it all of her quilt alongs.

  336. I would say 95 percent of the quilts I make are from Pat Sloan. If I had a chance to share a Starbucks with Pat I would say thank you for lifting my spirits during this horrendous pandemic. She provided our rsi bow window pattern to ease folks minds during this pandemic. Our rainbow quilt and especially our novelty block of the day. I was able to pack my worries away and have these fun projects to look forward to. Thanks to our Morrison park fabric and thanks to all creative quilters.

  337. Very cute elephants, Wendy. I follow Pat on YouTube and her blog. I feel inspired by all that she shares. Thank you.

  338. I follow Pat on youtube and on facebook. I look forward to her video each day! I have done several of her QALs. It has been fun finding other quilt designers during this Morrison Park fabric tour. Love your elephants!

  339. I just love your quilt! Pat’s new fabric line is just awesome! I get her newsletters & follow all her QALs.

  340. I love this patter. With Pats fabrics and this Pattern I could make an awesome baby quilt (my specialty).
    Thank you Pat for all you do for us quilters.

  341. I watch Pat on youtube and follow her website. I have done several of her QALs and currently have blocks in the works for Childhood Games and Out West. Winter Fun is just a flimsy waiting to be sandwiched and quilted. I always enjoy her daily videos and Monday night Fireside Chats. I am so glad your wrists and hand are healing well, Pat.

  342. I just discovered Pat’s blog and would love to win a layer cake of her beautiful fabric. I like her videos because she is so down to earth!

  343. Hi Wendy, I follow Pat on her website and YouTube, and used to listen to her podcast. I’m so glad she’s introduced us to you- I enjoy your blog as well! Hi Pat, your cheerfulness makes me happy!

  344. Pat’s inspiring videos, FB and Instagram posts ( yes, a subscriber to all) brighten even the most gloomy day. Working on Out west quilt along and have her out of this world project kitted up and banked for the long winter. Her Bonnie lane gray and coral porch sitting fabrics were great backgrounds, bindings and backings for my new grandson’s quilt and growth panel blankets. What would we do without Pat’s daily encouragements and great ideas.?

  345. love your elephants…so cute…great way to show off Pat Sloan’s beautiful fabric line Morrison Park

  346. Good Morning – I LOVE following Pat on Facebook, website and her blog. So happy she is doing better after her fall. She is always an inspiration but even more so when she carried on while she healed! I have done her sew-a-longs and am anxiously awaiting the one starting in the middle of this month “Cozy Things”. I also just bought some charm packs for her “Oh My Stars” pattern. She has kept me very busy! Thank you for taking part in this sew along.

  347. I follow Pat’s daily video and have made two quilt (tops) since the pandemic time started. Pat is great fun!

  348. I follow Pat on fb. I love her quilt alongs and have made Out West and Baskets and Blooms and several others. The instrunctions are always so clear and easy to follow along.

  349. Yes, I receive Pat’s newsletter, and participated In and made Her Grandma’s kitchen wall. I really like this line with all the colors! Your quilt really shows off the whole line!

  350. I follow Pat, I watch Pat, I love Pat. My first quilt top was one of Pat’s patterns. I appreciate her and her work ethic. She is always on and going and going. I now follow many wonderful people due to her sharing her friends with us. Thank you for your beautiful contributions.

  351. I watch Pat’s videos daily and love them. She really gets me motivated! I am an RN and have been working all through COVID and I do alot of work from home so it takes a lot to tear me away from work and my computer but she does it!

  352. Hi, I follow Pat Sloan on Facebook and instagram, I have and currently doing sew alongs she has on he website. I just got into quilting this year and have learn a lot.Love her new fabric line. She is a trooper for caring on like she did with two broken wrist. I have great respect for her. I will be starting her new sew along Cozy things this week can’t wait. I love your elephant quilt I hope to get a pattern for that when it is available.

  353. Amazing.. I have done several of yr quilts from magazines…2013, 2015, F&P book.. love the elephant quilt.

    Love Pat. What a great quilter and designer. What a trooper since her accident.. she still manages to make every morning shine.

  354. O hyes I follow her on Facebook, I have made many of her designs and I just love her morning chats they just brighten the day.

  355. I do follow Pat on social media and her blog. I have made a couple of her patterns but not as many as I would like. Love her chats and so happy she is on the mend from her sidewalk mishap.

  356. Pat is such an inspiration – always so positive and fun, and full of wonderful ideas. I’ve made several of her patterns and follow her on several different mediums.
    Your elephants are very cute.

  357. I subscribe to Pat’s videos and look forward to her every morning. I love your new pattern with the elephants, I need more Grandchildren to make this one for.

  358. Love following Pat on Facebook and YouTube. She is such a trooper with all that has happened to her this year. Really like Morrison Park and what you have done with it!

  359. I found Pat’s videos just before Covid and I have been watching her videos since then. I made the Stay at Home quilt and Childhood Games. The elephants are really cute.

  360. I got hooked on Pat’s YouTube videos during my extra time at home. Love this opportunity to see new designers in not familiar with.

  361. I just adore your stomping ground quilt. I have followed Pat for years and have really enjoyed her adding the daily videos while we’ve been in quarantine and sewing so so much more. I have made a number of you quilts and patterns and she is just so fun to see everyday and continues to inspire us with new patterns and ideas. Thank you for the giveaway.

  362. Yes i follow Pat on YT and her blog. I’m getting ready to start the Cozy pattern with my under the sea and sea turtle fabrics, when she starts the QAL. Love all Pat does with the free patterns and the words of encouragement she gives to beginners and all.

  363. I have been following Pat for awhile, now, and have participated in many sew-alongs. Pat is always so full of positive energy and encouragement! Enjoy the daily videos that encourage organization or working through a slump or trying new binding/backing/layout designs. Always inspiring! Love the new Morrison Park fabrics and really like how you used them in the elephant quilt! Too cute!

  364. I follow Pat on Youtube and email. I’ve made a couple of her button club mini quilts and am getting ready to start a layer cake quilt. I just love watching Pat’s videos!

  365. I have just gotten back into quilting after a 6 year break. My life was busy taking care if my husband during a 4 year medical emergency and my brother on hospice care in his home. I love your pattern, it looks great with Pat’s new line of fabric.

  366. Pat Sloan, your daily videos have given me focus to improve my quilting studio by getting organized, tidying up and finishing my ufo’s. Thanks for all you do.

  367. Pat is such a happy person.. She puts so much effort into her programs, She has definitely been an inspiration during this pandemic. I’ve made two of her quilts, Jolly Snowflake and Going on a Picnic.

  368. Yes! I definitely follow Pat! Isnt she just the busiest lady ever??! She was at the VA Quilt Museum a few years ago, and I finally met her in person! Love her work and would love to win her fabric!

  369. I love the elephants! Yes that background is a great neutral. I love Pat Sloan. She is upbeat and funny. Made the rainbow half square triangle quilt. Probably my favorite.

  370. Hi, I follow Pat on facebook and her blog, I have made so many of her quilts! My favorite was Be My Neighbor! Would just like to say I am glad she is recovering from her fall and Thank You for all you do for the quilting community!!

  371. Yes, I follow Pat on Facebook and watch videos on YouTube everyday. I have completed every sew along since covid quarantine in March. She is an inspiration and I appreciate her introducing me to all of you other wonderful people on this 14 day journey. Now I have more creative people to follow.

  372. Those elephants are adorable! I follow Pat Dloan on her blog, FB & IG. I made an on-point quilt from Bonnie Lane, bordered with the grey print. I so appreciate all the sew alongs that Pat does. I can’t do them all, but I do follow along. I also need to finish Out West.

  373. I follow Pat on FB and look forward to her video every day. Her topics are always fresh and relevant. I wish her well!

  374. I love the elephants, this just proofs you never know what they are going to look like until you make it. I would never have picked this fabric for elephants – but I really like the way it looks they are beautiful. Thank you! I follow Pat mostly on YouTube sometimes on the blog as well. Pat is such a wonderful person – Thank you Pat! You are so generous with your talent and skill. It is truly appreciated.

  375. I love your elephants!!!
    I follow Pat on YouTube and her blog, and just finished my version of OutWest! Her daily video has kept me making steady progress on my youngest daughter’s wedding quilt. I am now nearly done hand quilting it. I hope she continues her daily videos, because now my oldest is engaged, and her wedding quilt will be a hand quilted whole cloth! Pat I love your daily inspiration!

  376. I absolutely love your quilt, so sweet and perfect for my new expected great grandchild coming soon. I follow Pat and have made several of her quilts. Love these new fabrics.

  377. I’ve been a follower of Pat for a few years, she always brightens my day, and she lead me to you! I have participated in a few of her quilt-alongs, which was fun!

  378. What adorable elephants! They would be perfect for any one who has connections to Thailand. I follow Pat Sloan because like you, she has very do-able patterns that even a person like me that is willing to live with not perfect matching seams will be happy with overall.

  379. The elephant quilt is super cute! I follow Pat on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. One of the many things that I love about Pat is that she adds an extra element of fun to quilting by creating themes for her quilts and fabrics.

  380. My favorite place to follow Pat is on YouTube. She is so positive! I have created Childhood Games from Pat’s patterns. I would be so excited to win any of her prizes! Thank you for all you do!! Paulette

  381. This is the first time I’ve seen the Morrison Park line and I love both the blue and red Master garden fabrics. They have a bit of a Scandinavian feel and they are beautiful!!

  382. I started following Pat Sloan in January this year starting with Out West! QAL and Childhood Games QAL – my first time doing any quilt alongs. The Out West! Layout is AMAZING! I appreciate Pat’s generosity and inspiration!

  383. I have been a Pat Sloan follower for quite a while. I have done many of her sew alongs, own several of her books and continue to learn from her. In fact, I have learned a few others to follow as a result of her Morrison Park give away. As fall arrives, I tend to find more time in my quilting and so I am ramping up for fall! I love Pat’s daily videos and have even checked out her kitchen page.

  384. I love your beautiful quilts, your blog has so much content. Thanks for sharing with us. I have been following Pat for a long time. I have made a few of her quilts and working on one with 18 blocks from her blocks. I have learned so much from her written tutorials and her podcasts. She really keeps us working with her challenge blocks and more. I have recommended so many friends to her blog. I have enjoyed this hop and many thanks to all the blogs that participated. Thanks, Pat, your the greatest! I

  385. Absolutely a Pat follower. I have made several of her quilt designs, including the charity quilts she so graciously designs. I participated in her birthday quilt a few years back and was so pleased to see the 3 small blocks I sent incorporated into her quilt.

  386. I’ve followed Pat for many years. I have made several of her patterns and own some of her books along with some of her fabric designs. She is a powerhouse and a huge influence in the quilting community.

  387. Love the elephants. I watch Pat’s videos on youtube and joined her facebook group. I love the encouragement she gives and her daily challenges got me back into sewing. I am currently working on her “going on a picnic” quilt.

  388. I am a Pat follower. Everyday you tube videos with my morning coffee. I have done the Main Street quilt sew along, Now I am working on the Out West sew along quilt in red, white and blue to donate to a veterans group for a charity event they hold. Thanks Pat!!!!

  389. Love Pat’s quilts and fabrics. I follow her on Facebook and email news letters. She is my favorite go to site for inspiration. And with her Morrison Park tour, she has introduced me to many new artists.

  390. Thank you Pat for all the helpful tips and inspiration. I have been trying to get more organized and love the prompts for us to follow along .
    Hope your hands and wrists are healing ❤️
    Thank you for all you do.

  391. First I want to say I love your elephants. I wish it had been out this spring when I was looking for a quilt pattern for my new granddaughter!
    I love Pat Sloan! I first was introduced to her through a podcast. Now I stalk her on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and her website! I love her quilt alongside and am starting “Cozy Things.”

  392. I follow Pat Sloan on Facebook and Youtube. I haven’t yet made any of her patterns, but near the top of my list To Do is a series quilt Seasonal Mystery from Primitive Quilts and Projects, which was the reason I subscribed to that magazine! I think it is amazing all the things that she does and how open she is with her process and giving out information and patterns.

  393. Hi, I follow Pat Sloan in her YouTube channel daily videos, she us great and I am part of her Facebook group as well.

  394. I love Pat’s daily vlog and thoughts on organizing. I am impressed how she has continued to post despite her injured wrists and am so thankful she is healing. I have not made the quilt yet. I do follow her on a few different social media sites. I LOVE your stomping ground pattern!

  395. I have been following Pat for about a year now and have so enjoyed her daily vlog and all the knowledge she has about quilting. I love seeing her beautiful quilts!

  396. I look forward to seeing Pat Sloan face every morning with my morning coffee. They go together. I love her new Morrison Park fabric it has the most beautiful colors and I loved how she explained how she came up with each of the patterns . So happy she is getting on with her wrists my heart really hurt for her. XO

  397. I watch Pat’s daily videos every day. Since I can’t get together with my quilting friends in person, it’s nice to listen to her chat every morning. I have made three quilts from her book, “What a Novel Idea!”. I am impressed with her ability to create and follow a schedule that allows her to do so much, especially after her wrist injury. Love your pattern with the elephants!

  398. I follow Pat regularly. It is wonderful you are part of Pat’s fabric challenge as this is the first time i have been on your (but not the last). Your quilt is great. Thank you.

  399. Pat is so fun — she truly is the Voice of Quilting! I started out listening to her podcast, then followed her on FaceBook, and have been watching her daily videos (which I know she makes just for me). I’ve downloaded several patterns from both of you. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and creativity.

  400. First… great use and combination of colors with that pattern!
    Due to travel restriction, it has been a pleasure to just go on this “tour stop” and see different use of the Morrison fabric and meet more avid quilters and designers. Thank you so much. I have more to follow and I’m finally inspired to sew again.

  401. I do follow Pat on social media, I’ve not made a quilt with her yet, but the patterns are on my computer. I love watching her videos and admire her sewing abilities and creativity.

  402. I follow Pat on YouTube and Facebook and watch her video every day. I love the Morrison Park fabric line and plan to make several projects with it. I also have several of her books.

  403. Yep I follow Pats IG account. And I have 105 Splendid Sampler blocks sitting in a lovely suitcase waiting for their turn

  404. Your elephant quilt is so cute. I’ve been watching Pat’s daily videos since March. I also get emails from her blog and I’m a member of her Facebook group. There have been so many sew a longs this year that I can’t participate in all of them, but I have done some of the ones from Fat Quarter Shop that Pat has participated in. Pat is great! I couldn’t believe how she kept up with the videos and everything else after breaking both of the wrists.

  405. I follow Pat Sloan on all her sew alongs. I have made several. I haven’t figured out how to show them on-line at the party. Can’t figure that out but sure enjoy seeing everyone elses. I love the ones I have made. Love following her.

  406. I am a big Fan of Pat Sloan – she is so bright and cheery. She really has helped me to pull myself out of a slump or two.
    I’ve made several of her sew alongs – and really enjoy the support I get from the group.
    Bright spot in my day!

  407. Elephants in the Park. How delightful is that? Pat’s you tube events are like daily chats with an old friend. Thank goodness we have that now. Love your quilt.

  408. I’ve recently started to do quilting projects and follow Pat and love to see that she is doing so well after her fall. Your Stomping Ground quilt looks good in her fabrics. I like to see her almost everyday of the week.

  409. Thanks, Wendy!! This is an adorable pattern and looks great with Pat’s collection. I have made several,of Pat’s patterns…most recently her Drive Down Bonnie Lane pattern. I follow Pat on Instagram and You Tube. I have also made a couple of your patterns, Wendy!! Special message for Pat: Love you bunches and thank you for all the lovely things you do for us!!

  410. I follow Pat on her blog, watch her videos and do her QALs. I did miss her last one and I do have a few I haven’t finished, but I will! I love her QALs and have learned so much from her. I started quilting in 2016 and started doing her QALs the following spring. I have grown so much as a quilter thanks to her!!!

    • Oh How could I forget to mention! I love Stomping Ground! I have a cousin who loves elephants and I may have to make this for her!!!

  411. Hi Wendy,
    I follow Pat on YouTube and Instagram.

    I also wanted to say that I love your Stomping Ground Pattern! I’m looking forward to the pattern release.

  412. I love to see Pats posts and emails. She always has such darling patterns. I loved doing the snowflake quilt this summer with Pat.

  413. I follow Pat on fb and IG. I have made several Oh My Stars quilts and did the Stay at Home quilt along in April. Her videos have kept me going during Covid.❤️

  414. I follow Pat on you tube and facebook – great to meet all her friends with this fabric hop as well!

  415. I follow Pat on her web site as well as on her Facebook page.
    I have made a number of her Block of the Week and Block of the Month quilts.
    I own her Celebrate the Seasons book as well as her Teach Me to Machine Quilt book.

  416. I follow Pat on UTube, I have just recently started quilting and have found Pat’s Sloan’s website so unfortunately I have not had a chance yet to get a pattern or make it but an looking forward to doing so. I truly appreciate Pat’s inspirational videos and look forward to watching many more. Thank you Pat for sharing you’re knowledge with this beginner.

  417. I follow Pat on YouTube, Instagram , and Facebook. I’m a newbie to quilting, but I have purchased Pat’s book teach me to machine quilt. I have started her rainbow quilt along And have practiced FMQ. I adore Pat she is a wonderful person , she has kept me sane through all of crazy 2020. Who else can smile every morning ! I also found you through Pat’’s YouTube.

  418. I have received Pat’s newsletter since she visited my local guild several years ago. I’ve made a few of her sew-a-long quilts – i\I’d like to thank her for sharing her time and talent with us!

  419. What a beautiful quilt! I follow Pat Sloan on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. I did a sew-a-long with the Jolly Bar quilt. She makes learning fun. Thank you Pat Sloan for sharing your knowledge.

  420. Wow so many comments by the time I got to the boxi forgot the question 😌
    Yes I follow Pat Sloan everyday on her daily videos , absolutely love them and am so grateful to her for doing them!
    I am currently sorting my fabrics, seeing if I have enough to make traffic jam, love this pattern and the star one is next!!
    So happy to hear your favorite piece of her collection is the background, it’s mine too! Can’t wait to get my hands on this collection
    Thank you to Pat Sloan for the last 2 weeks, this has been so much fun seeing all the different ways to use this line;each time I found my favorite pattern the next shop came out with another great pattern; a job well done by all involved and Thank you again❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

  421. I follow Pat on youtube, facebook and her blog…..I love this fabric and what you did with the elephants my daughter would love that quilt….thank you

  422. I follow Pat and have made several of her patterns and sew alongs. Love your elephant pattern! Can’t wait to make it!

  423. A Pat Sloan video came up as a suggestion in my YouTube feed maybe late last year or early 2020 and I have been tuning in to her ever since. I started the “Block a Day” in April but have not completed it, yet.

  424. My morning coffee and Pat inspiring me to get organized and use my time well. I just finished my first Jelly roll snowflake quilt. Thank you. Her new Morrison Park fabrics line will work so well in my Sable.
    You’re elephant quilt pattern is so cute in Pat’s new fabric line.

  425. Love the quilt design and looking forward to visiting your site more often. Love how you all support each other!

  426. I follow Pat every morning. Love her Morrison Park fabric & have a order in at my local quilt shop, waiting for it to arrive!!

  427. Your elephant quilt is sooo cute and love it in the Morrison Park fabrics! I have been following Pat for a couple of years.

  428. I like elephants. such a pretty pattern.
    I enjoy listening to Pat in the mornings while eating breakfast and getting ready for work in the morning.

  429. I follow Pats Blig and am in her group on FB. I have made several of her patterns. I love the way Pat is so down to earth and shows us her good & “bad” side! It’s nice to know even the professionals struggle!!

  430. I have made a couple of Pat’s quilts during her free quilt alongs. Her patterns are fun. I’ve even participated in her free motion quilting month which I learned A LOT from. Thanks for your daily videos Pat! I don’t miss a single one!

  431. Love the elephants! I have been listening to Pats videos on YouTube for a little over a year. Also I’m part of her Facebook group. I have yet to make one of her patterns. I really love the traffic jam quilt along, but wasn’t able to join in. The daily videos are awesome and i like the organization challenges. I don’t get them all done, but they do help nudge me to be better at keeping things organized. LOVE Pats giggle.
    I’m outside of the US-i’d love to try out those aurifil threads.

  432. Love the pattern!! Can’t wait until it comes out to buy! Yes, I’ve followed Pat for numerous years and have made several of her quilts. Pat, so glad you and you wrist are doing better 😊. I’m going crazy trying to keep up with all the wonderful quilt patterns you have had going on and finally realized I should just focus on a few! (Realization came about AFTER you pointed it out!) keep going with the videos, we know it is quite the process, they are so loved! Hugs from Atchison, Kansas, home of Amelia Earhart! (Yes, shameless plug!). Trish

  433. Hello! I have been to two of Pat’s workshops at my quilt guild here in Virginia. And her free online block programs are great! I’m working on the “Neighborhood” blocks right now! She is so talented and friendly.

  434. This elephant quilt is fabulous. I follow Pat on YouTube, FB, and Instagram. I’ve not yet made one of her quilts but am planning to make Garden Path. Pat, I enjoy your upbeat attitude and your talks, I’m so glad your wrists are healing. I started following around the time of your accident. Looking forward to continuing to watch your YouTube channel and following on FB & Instagram. Happy Fall.

  435. I follow Pat on FB and IG.
    I have not made one of her quilts yet… hope to in the near future.
    I want to thank Pat for all her Quilting Knowlege and for sharing and inspiring quilters everywhere.

  436. Love your Elephant walk!! and Pat’s fabric line!! I love seeing everyone’s quilts on her FB page!! thank you for sharing your Blog!

  437. Such a cute quilt, I love elephants! I get Pat’s newsletter, I follow her on Instagram and I am in her quilt along with Pat Sloan Facebook group. I have made some of her patterns. I want to thank Pat for being the voice of quilting. I love her podcast, I feel like I have gotten to know many quilter’s out there through her efforts. Also, I love her quilt alongs!

  438. Adorable quilt, thanks for sharing it. I do follow Pat on FB, daily on YouTube and her newsletter. I have done several of her sew alongs with my daughter and granddaughter . I so enjoy her positive outlook

  439. I love your elephant quilt!! Sew cute!! I follow Pat on Facebook and Instagram, along with about 50,000 others who also have blogs! However, with Pat I continually go to her blog to download the freebie patterns that she so generously gives out throughout the year! Thanks so much, Pat!! I will admit I haven’t made any of them yet, but will soon be able to work on a quilt of MY choice!! :-) Then, look out!!! :-) Her quilts are so darling, and it amazes me how many she puts out in a year!! Even with two broken wrists she never skipped a beat!! What a Go-Getter!!! :-)
    Vivian at wvoaks at comcast dot net

  440. I follow Pat’s blog and her YouTube videos. I have made a few of her quilt patterns. Pat’s daily videos helped me to through the lonely days of COVID isolation. The tasks and ideas were delightful. Hoorah Pat! I am so pleased that your wrists have healed and hope they will be trouble free from her on out.

  441. l just finished 2 of Pats wonderful quilts Outwest and Going on a Picnic l have 2 of her books l appreciate her for the free patterns and sew alongs and the tips she provides in her videos Love her new Collection Your Quilt is adorable

  442. I have just recently signed up to Pat’s daily blog. I haven’t made anything of hers yet.
    Pat is such an inspiring person to follow.
    She makes me feel less isolated, and encourages me to spend more time sewing. I had hand surgery last year, and an on going should problem. I could not craft for many many months.
    I can certainly empathise with her Inability to sew/cut/hold.

  443. I love your elephants, SO CUTE! I watch Pat daily on you tube and look forward to seeing along with her comfort things starting this week.

  444. Cute quilt. Love elephants! I watch Pat’s daily videos. They have been motivating during this year of staying home.

  445. I get all Pats notifications. I’ve bought two of her books, Appliqué and Quilting. I’ve made many of her patterns Oh My Stars, Christmas Figs, Halloween 🎃 and Witches. I follow her Aurifil, make the blocks and enter. Actually I’ve won too! She is so generous with her advice. This has been very interesting meeting all the designers. Thank you for participating.

  446. Once again, both you and Pat have hit it “out of the park” with your fabric lines, color placement and patterns! Bright, cheerful and playful. Thanks so much.

  447. HI Wendy, I am a big fan of your work. I love Pat’s blog and her sew alongs – I have done several. I also have some of her Sunday Drive fabric and hope to come across some of Morrison Park soon.

  448. This elephant pattern is so cute. I follow Pat on YouTube and I am subscribed to her newletter/blog. I have started several of her QALs, but haven’t finished any of them yet. What I would say to Pat is I love how upbeat she is. I would also ask her how she keeps organized with all she has going on and how she keeps up with everything.

  449. I follow Pat on Facebook, and I try to watch her daily videos on You tube. I have made several of her Free patterns and have purchased a few. She certainly knows how to keep us excited about quilting. If only I had unlimited source of cashflow, so I could sew everyday instead of working. Haha, maybe someday I will quilt as my work! I called my local store to inquire about this fabulous fabric line, and unfortunately they do not have it. I’m hoping to win some! I don’t need any fabric, or have a place to store more, but oh my this line is gorgeous. I would use it for the Glow pattern that I bought. Thank you for the patterns you shared with us. So many wonderful things to make.

  450. Love this fabric collection! I have made several of Par’s projects – have made 2 Jelly Snowflakes, the Out West, the Going on a Picnic. Starting a new one this week! I actually have a separate large binder to keep all of the Pat Sloan patterns I have worked on or plan to!
    Pat, I love your fabric designs! I made the Out West from your Bonnie Lane line. So pretty! I am looking forward to Morrison Park!

  451. I do follow Pat’s Blog and have seen this giveaway and Blog Hop. This Stomping Ground quilt is so cute! I saw it on Instagram, also. peterstankovich @

  452. I follow Pat Sloan on her Instagram, Facebook page, blog and watch her daily YouTube videos! She has been an inspiration for much of my quilting and sewing! Love her new fabric line Morrison Park!

  453. I follow Pat on her you tube videos. I have some of her quilts listed on my to do list but haven’t gotten to them yet. I normally start my day listening to Pat on you tube. Her attitude just puts you into a mood to do something constructive every day. Love the things she shares with everyone. Thanks to everyone who has participated in Morrison Park.

  454. Hello there! I have recently gotten into quilting and have quickly become addicted to buying fabric and thread! I love finding new artists and bloggers like Pat and follow her on many platforms for inspiration! Thank you for this!

  455. I do follow Pat Sloan on various social media. I have not yet made a quilt of hers but have 2 of her books and plan on making more than one, I watch her daily videos and look forward to them. She is so sweet and makes me smile. By the way, I love you elephant quilt. Darling!

  456. I watch Pat Sloan videos on YouTube. I own at least 2 books and fabric????. She has been so determined with moving on with her injury; quite the example for all of us. Enjoy her teaching and ideas much. Cute elephant quilt.

  457. I Have followed Pat Sloan on You Tube since March and am now working on one of her sew-along patterns (using my favourite red scraps for the star points).Thanks, Pat!

  458. Hi Wendy, so nice to meet you. I follow Pat Sloan on Facebook. I am finishing up her Going On A Picnic quilt right now. Just quilting and binding remaining. Isn’t it so inspiring her showing her recover and the drive she has to keep going. It’s awesome. Now following Ivory Spring. Thank you.

  459. Your Elephant pattern is so clever and a great way to showcase the fabric. Some little young one will surely enjoy that! Thank you for introducing yourself to us.

  460. Love the elephant pattern. I have sewed along on Pat’s “Going on a Picnic”, “Out West” and look forward too “Cozy Things”. I watched Pat on youtube and follow her on Instagram and Facebook. She is so inspiring. Thanks Pat and Wendy.

  461. Hello. First – I love the elephants!!! Really cute. And second – I love Pat and Morrison Park. I watch her show every day on YouTube. She is the greatest in my opinion.

  462. Yes, I have followed Pat for some time now. And I’ve made both her Quarantine Quilt and the Snowflake Quilt. Love them!

  463. Love your elephant quilt!❤️ Yes, I follow Pat’s blog, videos and have her machine quilting book. She motivates and inspires as she demonstrates and shares her love of quilting.

  464. I have followed Pat for many years and made several of her quilt patterns. The last one I did was the rainbow quilt, for my newest granddaughter who is a Rainbow Baby. :)

  465. My first Quilt Along was with Pat several years ago, boy have I learned a lot since then. I’ve done several and can’t wait for Cozy Things to start. I follow her on FB, Instagram, you tube and read everything she sends out. Pat was so brave after her fall, I admire her positive thinking and hard work.

  466. I started following Pat about a year ago. I love all of her sew-a-longs – although I have not participated in all of them. I just finished piecing the backing on “Going on a Picnic”. I have certainly learned much by watching Pat’s videos; love the Monday night chats; and enjoy the daily videos. Thanks for sharing so much of your talent.

  467. I watch Pat’s daily video every night. I used to watch the news before bed but that only makes you crazy I’d much rather watch Pat. I’m currently working on the rainbow quilt to bust my stash. I think the best thing so far I have learned from Pat is to be daring with my color choices and mixing things up. Thank you Pat for all you do for the quilting community. Congratulations on your new fabric line🎉

  468. Hello Wendy – love your quilts that I follow on Instagram! YES, I follow Pat! She is so determined after her wrist breaks, surgery and physical therapy, something I could NOT muster! I am making the Layer cake Halloween Quilt with about 47 finished blocks. I enjoy all of the “eye quilt candy” that comes through the Internet in our “quarantine”!

  469. Love to see her daily U tube videos! I read her blogs and have been trying to keep up with her quilt alongs since March of this year!! I have learned sooooomuch from her!! Mostly not to be scared at choosing colors! I found her brave with her choices!!

  470. I had entered a lotto block of Pat Sloan’s “Won’t you be my neighbor”, after my lotto blocks were returned because it was not the same fabric or color choice as required. That was when I went to Pat Sloan’s I Love to quilt. I asked the question do I need to buy the fabric to join her in the Sew Along. When Pat Sloan stated no I will need to buy the book or pattern and I can use my fabric. I found a friend that would allow me to use my fabric stash and teach me how to quilt. I am very thankful that I decided to follow Pat Sloan.

  471. The elephants are so fun. I am a new quilter so I haven’t done something like that yet. I love Pat Sloan’s videos and the new fabric looks beautiful.

  472. I so enjoy Pat’s videos! In case you didn’t know they are good for my health. I get on the recumbent bike while I watch them. They keep me entertained. She said this morning she will do Bthis adorable elephant pattern as a sew along. I am definitely in on that.

  473. I just love Pat and all the fun topics she shares with us on her daily chats. Her fabric line Morrison Park is beautiful. I love the elephants!

  474. Yes I follow Pat on Facebook and watch her on YouTube daily except Sundays. I follow along and quilt with her sew along (involved in several of her sew alongs). Thanks Pat for helping this beginner get better daily.

  475. Your stomping ground quilt is lovely! I follow Pat on YouTube and Facebook. I have made her May Rainbows pattern and a block or 2 from Going on a Picnic! Pat is so inspiring and keeps me motivated to try new things. I love her bubbly personality, even with all that she has been through, she has remained positive and is so generous of her time and talents!

  476. This is such a cute pattern! I may have to make this one. A lady at church is expecting twin boys in December. She’ll be stomping ground to keep up with them and her 2 year old!

  477. Pat Slone is amazing, she has so much to offer to us quilters everyday and she has inmance strength specially after her wrist accident, I loved her take on life.

  478. Hi Wendy- I just finished my first baby quilt. I would love to make your pattern Stomping Ground!!!

    I have been following Pat Solan for sometime now and I have gained motivation as well as learning many ideas and tips.

  479. I follow Pat Sloan on YouTube and receive her emails.
    I have made many of her quilting blocks. Her creativity and positivity are an inspiration to the quilting community
    The stomping ground pattern is so cute I will probably make one for my niece who just had a baby boy.
    Thanks Pat

  480. Hello Wendy, I have been following Pat Sloan for quite some time, since my early magazine subscriptions where I first noticed her style was so similar to mine. I’ve enjoyed and participated in sew alongs a since the Splendid Samplers, and especially all the sew alongs this year of Stay at Home. She is a wonderful resource of information and introduction to many wonderful quilters. I am really looking forward to participating in your Stomping Ground sew along. The elephants are so cute in her Morrison Park. I’m glad you were part of her list for us to go check out!

  481. I so enjoy all of Pat Sloan’s blogs and posts! She’s always upbeat and fun to quilt along with! I have made several Oh My Stars! quilts for babies and I am just finishing hand quilting Winter Fun. I can’t wait to get some of her Morrison Park fabric!

  482. I follow Pat on a daily basis. I’ve done several of her sewalongs. Can’t wait to get my MP fabric from my LQS.

  483. I think you gave me the clue to why I like this line — “Liberty-like prints”! I watch Pat’s daily videos and get her newsletters. I’ve made two of her patterns and have a couple of her books. Guess you could say I’m a super fan! So glad she has been able to heal from her fall!

  484. I follow Pat and I follow you. I love your designs and I love Pat’s also. Pat has some really cute patterns. I want to thank both of you for sharing.

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