We have a winner!

A great shoutout to Karen of GA who inspired me to organized my sewing tools!  Meeting you and seeing your sewing organizer was one of the memorable moments in my travel-teaching adventures.  I hope you keep inspiring others to organize their sewing tools!


Hello Friends, I hope you are still keeping well.  I want to thank all of you for entering the giveaway for the pink Yazzii Quilters Project Bag, and sharing the different things you consider important in a sewing organizer bag!

Giveaway is now closed for the bag shown below (CA880 Quilters Project Bag), but you can read about how I am using it HERE.


Many of you expressed —

#1.  Good quality zippers is a must!

#2.  Multiple sized organizers to organize the various notions.

#3.  Durability is a must!

#4.  See through pockets so you don’t have to hunt for notions already organized in your organizer.

#5.  Appearance of bag is important.

I think the Quilters Project Bag definitely meet the requirements!  AND I AM HAPPY TO ANNOUCE THE WINNER of the giveway is: JoyceO — CONGRATULATIONS!  I will be sending you an email.

giveaway winner

Yazzii is offering free shipping for any orders over $50 in the US.  You may purchase the Quilters Project Bag (CA880) by clicking HERE.

NOW — I would like to offer a quick note of caution.  Since the pocket systems of Yazzii organizers provide easily see through plastic windows, I personally would not place sharp-tip scissors straight into the pockets for fear the tips would poke through the plastic.  

2 solutions:  Store your scissors in the pocket with a scissors sheath, or store scissors in a separate pouch before placing the pouch in the organizer pocket.

Yazzii has some fun pouches that would fit the window pockets… like the CA405.  Click HERE for more information.

yazzi pouch

And I would advise buying contrasting color pouches to go into your organizer, like I have done here.  That way, you can easily spot your pouches!  I organizer my pouches according to the notions I need for various techniques.  The one below is my hand applique pouch.  Just in case I can only take my hand applique supplies with me, I would grab that pouch and use the notions in it.  After I am finished, pouch goes right back to the organizer.


For those of you who travel to classes, or retreats, I think the Yazzii Carry All (CA120) might be for you!  It allows you to fit a cutting mat!  I think that’s absolutely cool!  I have never seen this item in person, but from the website, it looks like the ultimate of the ultimates!

I am also thinking with the shoulder straps, it could even double as a travel bag if you travel to classes or retreats.  As long as you don’t have prohibited items, I am thinking this would be a nice bag to take when traveling by plane and have long layovers.  How nice it is to be able to sit at the airport and just break out a sewing project to work on, AND have everything for the project right there!

Click HERE for more information of this CA120 Carry All.

yazzi carry all

The other bag that I found intriguing is the Maxie Yazzii (CA375).  I think this is a great bag for taking to classes or retreats because this bag actually holds fabrics (2-3y according to the website information!) + notions and tools.  Click HERE for more information.

Yazzii Maxie

Now I personally LOVE large purses because I pack almost my entire house in my purse — because one never knows what one might need at any given time! Hahaha.  So I am naturally gravitated toward large totes or purses.

Some of you expressed a liking for a more compact sized bag.  I highly recommend the Oval Organizer (CA140).  I have written about it HERE.


Well, window shopping for you was really fun!  I hope you will take a look at Yazzii’s website, and hopefully you will find the organizer after your own heart!  Take a look at their smaller organizers — I think they would be perfect for organizer EPP pieces if you are into it.  EPP is on my to-do list (I already have designs in mind), but right now my life schedule doesn’t allow taking on EPP.  One day…

Thank you for stopping by!  I hope you have a lovely day.

I hope to be back later this week to share with you tips on my Elliptical Quilt.  Log cabins that have gone hip is how I describe these blocks.  You may purchase the pattern HERE.

apricot & Ash block

But I have to run for now — the dreaded deadlines await.  Take care, Friends!!!


Find me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ivory_spring/

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3 thoughts on “We have a winner!

  1. I am so excited!!! Thank you!! ❤️ I can’t wait to receive my Yazzi bag and fill it, having it ready for my next adventure. What a happy way to begin y day!😁

  2. Congratulations to JoyceO!! I bet you have a lot of sewing fun ahead with your new bag. Wendy, thanks for the ‘tour’ showing the different bags and their uses.

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