Update, Upgrade & Giveaway!

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**************************************************************************************************************************************************************************Hello Friends!  I hope you had a restful weekend.  We took time over the weekend to pray for the gold star families, as one of the gold star mothers had said, “Everyday for a gold star family is Memorial Day.”

Memorial Day

The weather where I am at has been great for my roses.  It’s been mild and cool, and the bugs aren’t out in droves yet!  After 300+ blooms produced in the First Flush, I found the pinkest of them all.  Here is a no-filter picture of my Oliva Austin Rose from two days ago!  I spent an entire morning cutting back the remnants of the First Flush.  I am keeping my fingers crossed on the second round…

Oliva Austin

Speaking of pink — I have an update and upgrade confession to make!  I have upgraded my Yazzii red oval organizer to a PINK QUILTERS PROJECT BAG!


You have read about how much I liked my oval organizer in THIS POST.  And at the end of the post, I mused about being curious about the larger Quilters Project Bag!  Well, here it is — all MINE!  Right off the bat, this bag stands!  I like my bags to stand, and not limp.


The technical information on the Quilters Project Bag is HERE.  The truth is there still were a few things I would love to fit in one place as far as the organizer goes — a few more notions, and the needlework projects that have my present attention, as well as the patterns that I couldn’t fit in my oval organizer.  And I was straining the oval organizer to its full capacity.  So, I decided to try out the Quilters Project Bag.  Below I will show you what I am able to fit into this 13 x 10.5 x 5 inches bag:


The top pink pouch is what I use to store cleaning supplies for my sewing machine.  That way, I don’t have to hunt for my little lint brush that I keep misplacing!  And of course, I have quite the stash for handwork needles.


The Quilters Project Bag has large built in pouches with windows that I love!  I can easily see what I have placed in the pouches.



I like to combine the use of the pouches offered by Yazzii to organize my notions based on techniques, and store these pouches in my Quilters Project Bag.  This is my hand applique pouch.  You can view the pouches HERE.  The pouch below fits into the window pocket of the Quilters Project Bag.


Here are more of  what I can store in the next few pages of storage windows.





Now comes the fun part — I have a brand new Quilters Project Bag to give away, a $107.95 value!  It is also in PINK!  Between now and next Tuesday (June 1), please leave a comment answer this question:


You have to answer this question in order to qualify for the giveaway drawing.  Winner will be announced on June 2.  Giveaway is only available to US addresses.

Thank you for stopping by, and I wish you a lovely rest of the week!


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147 thoughts on “Update, Upgrade & Giveaway!

  1. Sturdy zippers. I don’t want my stuff falling out of pockets without zipper closures, and when I zip something in there, I want to know I can trust it to stay closed.

  2. I want a variety of different pockets in an organizer—some zippered, some see-through, some large and some smaller–and enough pockets so that I not only can keep general notions, tools in it but also some specific to a particular project. Love the pink—so pretty! And your flowers…oh my gosh—breathtaking!

  3. I love having one place to store my items so that whether I am sewing at home or away I have what I need. I am the person in Georgia that shared my go bag with you. I only use it for my actual notions but I like your idea of having projects in the same bag. The project bag looks big enough for that.

  4. I want it to be fairly compact and not take a lot of space when it is open. And it needs to look nice! 😆

  5. I, too, love my Yazzi bag! It’s beautifully made, the pockets are sturdy, and like you said, it stands!! I like being able to “flip the pages” and see what’s in each pocket. I almost ordered the quilter’s project bag, but I resisted. My closet is full of cute totes. Now I’m thinking I may NEED this one!

    Your roses are beautiful! My dad was a rosarian and spent hours each day in his rose beds. As an elderly widower, he used to always take a bouquet to the receptionist at his doctor’s office…..they loved to see Mr. Vernon coming! I enjoyed seeing yours.

    Love to you! Eileen Sherrill


  6. I want a size to carry that doesn’t get too heavy or bulky when filled. I look for pockets or storage that will hold a variety of sized items.

    Love your rose pictures! Ours have been doing well this spring, too.
    Sandy A

  7. I look for plenty of see thru pockets so I can see in a glance what I have.
    With all that you store in your bag, , I hope it has wheels!! 😂😂

  8. WOW. I need an organizer bag. Right now, I have three zippy bags (gallon size) for all of my hand sewing. I do like clear pockets that zip or close so my stuff does not toss around. I always take my projects with me to the very many doctor appointments I take hubbs to (he just had open heart surgery, he is all better in only a week!!! but he cant drive for a 6 weeks)
    and also my daddy — so many doctors and labs lolol. I have had a carry zippy bags with me for 6 years now. It is always messy and I can’t find anything. Sometimes I realize I left the bag I needed in the car.
    These bags are DREAMY

    • Wendy your pink rose is beautiful I love it. I have an olden rose bush, a pretty red, called Lincoln. I have had it for 35 years!! I love pink!!

  9. I look for size in a notions bag . . . not too big and not so small it doesn’t hold much. The dimensions of this bag look just right, and tje fact that it stands is great!! Love the see-through pouched!!

  10. I look for clear vinyl and also that they can stand up and not fall over! Pink is my favorite color by the way!

  11. Project bags that stand up are a real blessing. Clear heavy duty vinyl with strong zippers and pulls are also a must. I really enjoy reading all your blogs. Thanks for the opportunity.

  12. My number on is a place to securely store scissors where they won’t poke a hole through the bag and then fall out. Experience has taught me!

  13. It’s interesting to see your bag and how you can see your thread. I think that’s something I would want. I’d want to be able to see all the spoils of thread, flat in the bag. :)

  14. Lots of secure see-thru pockets in a variety of sizes to hold lots of stuff. Always trying to get more organized… Your pink rose is stunning! Thanks for the giveaway.

  15. Wow! I love your new bag! And I loved the red one too! LOL To answer your question, my bags must have windows so I can see what project, tools etc are in it! I like to be able to easily find things and not have to dig to the bottom to find what I need. Thanks for the fun. Have a happy day!

  16. I love pockets! If they are easily accessible, even better! If they are ‘at a glance’, I’m in organizational heaven! Thanks for the chance to win this amazing bag.

  17. The most important things I look for in project bags are: spaces for everything, and size. It cannot be TOO big, else I cannot take it with me and lay it on my lap comfortably. I like to work directly from the bag! Thank you Wendy, for this opportunity to win!

  18. This bag looks amazing!!! When I am looking at possible project bags, I look for lots of pockets and ways to organize things without just dumping everything into a central spot. You are so kind and generous!! Thank you for offering this 🥰

  19. Hello Wendy, I have to be totally honest with you and state the fact that I have never thought about this type of bag or even looked at one. After reading your post and all of the comments, it would be wonderful to have a bag such as this! I think zippered pockets, no the zippered clear pockets would be the most important factor, I would look for. That way, I could see what I was looking for much easier than having to open every pocket until I did find my needles or scissors. LOL. With my brain injury that would happen a lot. Thank you for sharing this great post and the beautiful Roses! Plus, of course, the opportunity to win this fantastic give away!! Have a magnificent day!!

  20. Most important: It must be odorless! Some bags stink to high heaven from the plastic degassing. I bought a bag online that looked perfect — the right size, a good amount of pockets, etc., but the smell was so bad that even a week of airing it out on the back porch couldn’t dissipate the stench. Otherwise, it would have been quite useful.

  21. I like style and ease of use. I want “a place for everything and everything in its place,” as my mother use to say. My mom was an outstanding seamstress and knitter. I love pink!
    Barb Johnson

  22. See through pockets in a variety of sizes with quality zippers. Compact but with room for notions. Your roses are lovely.

  23. See through pockets are a must. I really don’t like having to look through every pocket to find what I’m looking for.

    I love your poppies cross stitch. You are amazing.

  24. Love your roses! I have a brown thumb when it comes to them although I can grow other flowers.
    I want visibility in my project bag. I like to see and easily find my projects and notions. Sturdy zippers are also a requirement, so if I kinda over pack the zipper won’t let go and leave me trailing my threads, scissors, rulers, etc. Is it a sin to covet your pink bag?

  25. My favorite: canvas/duck fabric, compact size, clear pockets/compartments, shoulder strap or sturdy handles, and strong zippers!

  26. I look for a project bag with lots of pockets for storage. Good quality that will stand up to a lot of travel. I hope your second round of roses are as beautiful as the first.

  27. I need a project bag that has pockets to hold like items together so I don’t have to hunt for items through out my sewing room

  28. Lots of places to store things so they STAY put, don’t jumble or fall out and where I can find them. Handles are super important along with QUALITY materials and finishing.

  29. I look for something not too big and bulky with clear pockets and zippers. I like the kind that can be customized with different size compartments too.

  30. I like something that makes it easy to access all the supplies–thanks for the chance for the pretty pink bag.

  31. What I look for in an organizer bag is pockets pockets and more pockets. I love the clear view pockets so I can see at a glance what’s in there. But. The first thing about a bag that always catches my eye is color!!! If it’s an eye-catching color and has a lot of pockets -sold. No need to wrap I’ll just take it as it is.
    Thanks for a lovely blog.

  32. I’ve never had the luxury of a sewing bag/organizer! Would seem from all the pictures that this would be great to take on a sewing retreat. Planning to attend my daughter’s destination wedding (keep your fingers crossed) in the fall and this would be perfect for my handwork projects. Thanks for the giveaway!

  33. Oh how lovely! The bag and rose🙂 Pockets, pockets and pouches inside and out. I look for multiple storage places in any kind of tote. It just makes my life a simpler and I like that lol.

  34. I love pink! I have never had a real sewing organizer bag but, if I did….I would want it to be very sturdy and have see through pockets, dividers and pouches.

  35. For me it’s ease of finding things once I put them in a bag. This organizer bag fits the bill with all the vinyl windows. Thanks for the giveaway Wendy.

  36. Love your English roses. Mine are profuse with blooms this spring. I really like an organizer to hold the ALL the supplies I need for a project and be able to pick up the case and leave on a trip without having to search for scissors or needles or threads. They are all right there ready to go. Pink is an excellent color choice for a “go” bag!!

  37. an organizer needs to have many see thru pockets and also be lightweight so it will not be so heavy after I load it.

  38. Organizers have to have fantastically strong zippers, lots of pockets and pouches to hold everything safe and secure, be large enough to hold everything I want in it but still be light enough to pick up by myself! 🤪🤣

  39. I like a bag that is big enough to carry what I need for a class or a project, but not so huge that I want to carry everything I own. This sweet spot makes it light as possible but as functional as possible too. Your new bag looks like a great one.

  40. I have to admit – I don’t have a project bag. I keep a lot of my in-progress projects in clear heavy plastic totes (cats). But I would love this to gift of to my granddaughter who has just caught the quilting bug at 5 yrs old. She has been hand stitching since about 2 and has a little box I set up for her. I hope to introduce her to a crazy quilter this summer as I think she would love the combination of both.

  41. A good project bag should have lots of clear pockets so that you can see what is in each one. I also like having a variety of different size pockets.

  42. What a fantastic bag! I would want to have a sturdy zipper. One that easily zips and unzips. And I would like for it to stand up. Thanks for sharing about this amazing bag.

  43. A variety of different sized clear pockets with sturdy zippers. Outside pockets would be nice and strong carrying handles because I’m sure I would put way too much in the bag!

  44. I want different size, clear zippered pockets. I need to see inside. No searching for things. This bag looks amazing.

  45. I like different pockets with zippers for ALL my stuff. It’s really super if there is a large pocket for my pieces of fabric I’m working on.

  46. How well it stands up when full (nothing worse than it always falling over and spilling) and it has to be easy to find things so the clear pouches are perfect. And of course, a pretty color.

  47. Most important is being able to see clearly and quickly the contents of the sections. I can organize all day but if I have to unzip every zipper to determine what’s inside if defeats the purpose. This bag looks to fit the bill. Thanks for sharing!

  48. I like to see what is in the pockets, and the more good size pockets, the better! Also, pink is my favorite color!

  49. What I look for most in a project organizer bag is plenty of room to put all of the supplies I might need, and clear pockets so I can see where everything is.This bag looks like it has it all!

  50. Wendy, your roses are beyond gorgeous. Your thumb must be “really green.” 😂 Your Yazzi bag looks to be perfect. It needs to have many pockets with clear windows. It needs to be a manageable size, too small and not all the important items fit, too large and it becomes unmanageable, or I can’t find anything because it has too much stuff. The right color is important. Pink is Perfect!!! 😊❤️

  51. I always look for the quality in the material, how well it would hold up to all the tools I have to use. Additionally, I need to search for that style to be able to hold my items, which I have many in separate areas and keep them very well organized. Plus, lastly, I love the style and color that makes for ease of porting it around the house or in my own room. Even on the go, the ease of moving it around is always a must! ☺ Thank you for sharing such a wonderful product.

  52. Good morning! What a great post and a great question. When I consider a project bag, I try to keep in mind all the different needs it will try to meet. Standing open on its own is so nice, as are all of the clear visible pouches. It also can’t weigh too much yet the fabric has to be able to stand up to a bit of punishment while being toted about. I also like to have different sizes of storage areas like several that are just one large area while others can contain smaller items alone. Thanks for the review of this pretty, great bag as well as the opportunity to win one. ~smile~ Roseanne

  53. The ideal sewing organizer would have enough compartments to organize notions and not just store them. Thank you for offering such a great giveaway!

  54. I too love Yazzi bags and this Pink Quilt Organizer looks perfect for your stitchery too. What I look for in a bag is quality, as well as a variety of compartments for my project bags. This one looks perfect and I definitely need to pick one up especially for a stitchery project I’ve planned for this summer travel.

  55. Wow!! This bag looks to cover all my wants! I love being able to see imediately what’s in the pockets. When you’ve got a limited time to work on a project….time is of the essence. I like my bag to be sturdy with room to carry everything I’ll need. I like the sturdyness and zippers too!

  56. I like being able to see what is in each compartment. Love the pictures of the roses. Thank you for the chance.

  57. I like plenty of sections to keep thread, needles, and other notions separate from each other. Having see-through windows is a plus so I can easily find what I am looking for.

  58. Size is important, not too big, but just right. And being able to organize & see what I have is just a great plus. I love to carry projects with me wherever I go.

  59. Pretty rose! Great bag. What I look for: a lot of pockets, strong zippers, solid construction, big enough to hold what I need. This bag checks all of those things.

  60. I love that you’re having fun with these bags, and your roses are gorgeous. What I need in an organizer bag is pockets. I like the idea of this bag for that reason. I love the clear pockets, too. If I travel to quilt with a friend or teach, I would want a place for my cutters to be safe, and my favorite rulers and mat, plus a place for thread, machine supplies, and scissors, and then projects to work on in my free time. These bags look like they are well designed for my needs.

  61. I look for pockets, but being able to fit current project is another look see. Must have a non see thru pocket for chocolate 😀 Thanks so much for this opportunity to enter fro a pink bag, yum!

  62. The most important thing I look for in a sewing organizer bag is the construction of the bag. If it is sewn together with quality notions and fabrics with a well thought out design to help the user stay organized, then it is a product I would be proud to use!

  63. I think the main feature would be that the bag is portable…so I can grab.n.go and still be able to work on my sewing project without worrying if everything is there….

    Luv the pink rose…wish I had a pink, I mean green thumb😁

  64. I look for a bag that is sturdy and has lots of sections for organizing things. This bag looks perfect! Also, I love the quilt that the bag is sitting on!

  65. Several clear pockets with zippers to see what I have placed in them. I also like free standing bags that don’t fall over.

  66. My organizer would have to have vinyl pockets and many of them, that way each necessary item would have a place and a place to look for it when not in use. Great photos and loved the way you organized yours. Happy Summer!

  67. Love Yazzi bags for durability, size, number and variety of pocket sizes, vizability of pockets, a sturdy carrying handle and opportunity to personalize. Thank you for the opportunity.

  68. I look for a project bag that is roomy for all the material for the pieces of material that is required in the project and has lots of pockets to carry the supplies for what I am working on… rules, pins, marking pencils, rotary cutter, etc.

  69. What a great give away. I like zippered compartements, maybe made of looking thrpufh (clear) material so that i can see with one look what is stored and that i can’t loose it.

  70. Yazzi bags are amazing !! I have a smaller one and I have grown out of it imagine that!! I love how it shows all my threads and notions without searching and keeps me more organized ☺️

  71. Accessibility. It may have a lot of great storage but if the pockets and sections are hard to get to, that’s a deal breaker. I want to be able to reach everything easily. Yazzi always considers accessibility which is why they are so popular!

  72. Thanks for this awesome giveaway! I like clear pockets, so that things don’t get jumbled together and so that things are easy to see and quickly retrieve.

  73. Divided, clear, pockets (with zippers). Being able to easily organize is key to not losing that notion you thought you bought!!

  74. I like lots of pockets and secure closures. This bag looks like it holds lots and I love the color! Thanks for the chance to win!😊

  75. Grab and go. Love it when we go on a trip, just want to grab and go. Won’t leave any thing behind.
    Thank you so much.🐢

  76. I like to have many pockets in different sizes to hold my fmq templates and notions. Strong zippers and a strong main structure of the bag and lots of space is a must! I have outgrown the bag that I have so a new bag in a different color would be awesome!

  77. Lots of see through pockets. I have 4 small pink yazzii bags and I love them! I’d love to have a bag where I can put everything.

  78. Visability! I love to be able to see where everything is rather than digging through a bag stuffed with goodies. I’ll know it’s in there and have to search and search over again. I’ll bet you love that one.

    Your rose is such a pretty color. I notice mine change colors over the season.

  79. I like the zippered pouches and pockets with the long lasting see through Windows. So great for organizing and quickly finding what I am searching for.

  80. Your bags look fantastic, love all the pockets and zippered compartments…I also like a bag that has good solid zippers…I would love to own one of you great bags…

  81. I like bags that have a variety of sized pockets AND what a great idea to have clear pockets! You made a fantastic looking bag!

  82. I look for sturdiness in the material and the zipper, with lots of different sections and pockets for all of my project needs.

  83. That looks like a very well thought out bag! I love lots of see-through pockets in a variety of sizes. One pocket large enough for a pattern booklet or magazine is a nice plus. Strong, reinforced handles are important, as is easy access to the interior. Oh, wait….did you say just one thing? LOL

  84. I had a hard case years ago but it was just so cumbersome, I don’t use it anymore. Now I throw all I want to take with me in a zipper bag then in a quilted cloth bag. (Not aways the best system with all the tangled threads and missing needles I don’t always find later) My answer would be pockets, pockets, and more pockets of many sizes for all the sewing supplies I like to have with me for my handsewing and smocking projects. And not too big–I don’t like looking I’m running away from home. This bag looks ideal! Thanks for sharing!

  85. I want to be able to see everything easily. I love my large leather purse, but going deep-sea diving to find my comb or a pen or checkbook is frustrating. Same with a sewing organizer. I want to be able to see what is where, to be able to access what I need without a major search. Love that big pink organizer!

  86. Hi Wendy!
    I like to have enough compartments that I can organize my notions. The see-through aspect is also really helpful in finding what I need quickly. And I like the different sizes, so that you can fit everything inside.
    Have a great weekend!

  87. I would have to say that having multiple (lots) decent size pockets is number one of the must have criteria. Having closures on the pockets make it that much better and a few that are see thru is a huge win! Thanks for the opportunity to win this bag. PS: the fact that is comes in pink, is very delightful

  88. See through many compartments! I hate having to unzip pouches to see what’s in the compartment/pouch! Also sturdy nice fabrics used in the construction.

  89. The most important thing would be that the outer zipper is strong and easy to zip and unzip. It doesn’t matter how great the insides of the bag are if you can’t get in and out easily. Secondary importance would be big inside pockets. Lastly, cute colors for the bag! I love the pink color!

  90. Organization is key for me. I look for a bag that seems to have a good organized way of holding everything. I say “seems to have” because I usually can’t be sure until I use it a few times. The next thing I look for is easy access to the items. Although I love a bag to stand up it’s not my first preference.
    Your bag design looks wonderful!!

  91. The most important thing I look for in a project bag is durability. I want a bag that will hold up to lots of use because a versatile bag like the Yazzii would certainly be an asset to any serious seamstress or quilter. (Plus, it’s just a gorgeous pink bag! Love it!!)

  92. I like a bag to have lots of areas to keep things separate and organized. They also need to be a useful size though. I hate teeny tiny slots and pockets that don’t actually fit anything.

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