Thursday This & That!

Hello Friends, I hope you have been well.

What does one do when the gingerbread men decided to go crazy on the outfits?  Look at how different the gingerbread men look in Norma Rose fabrics.  Norma Rose is an upcoming fabric line for Windham Fabrics that is shipping fall this year.

gingebread man1

gingerbread man 2

Notice how the chain units in the heart blocks kind of disappear with these fabrics.  I like the somewhat unpredictable look with these heart blocks.

High Res_Norma Rose

The pattern is avaiable for purchase HERE.


Meanwhile, I am chugging along with my Quilting Klatcsh quilt in both the blue and rainbow versions.

I now have 53 blue blocks out of 225 total.

Quilting Klatsch1


And I just finished the aqua blocks for my rainbow colorway.

Quilting Klatsch2


And if you haven’t seen on my Instagram feed, I finished the last of my Annies House blocks.  The quilt top won’t happen for a little while as I am thinking on whether I should set my blocks in a different than my original design.

Information on the free pattern is HERE.

Annies House9

I hope you will keep staying well, and hopefully, you have had some fun sewing time as well!

Till next time!


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5 thoughts on “Thursday This & That!

  1. Just loved all your blue and white/cream crosses! Looking forward to you posting the quilt when totally done. I did try to down load the design but incured an issue. May try again soon as it may be my issue. Many thanks for sharing your stunning work. Julie from Adelaide South Australia. Stay safe during this terrible time.

  2. The Norma Rose gingerbread men are so cute. Love the fabrics. It’s fun to see how different a pattern looks just by using a different fabric. You’re always busy, always sew creative. Thanks for continuing to share your inspirational ideas with all of us. ❤️
    PS. Loving the Annie’s House blocks. Wondering what kind of magic you will use to put them together 😊.

  3. I LOVE the gingerbread men in these fabrics and the heart blocks really look great in that subtle setting. Your + blocks are going to make a gorgeous quilt. Love the schematic of it in rainbow colors. I’ve enjoyed watching your houses being built. I can hardly wait to see that quilt.

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