An almost hold-all sewing bag!

Hello Friends, it’s me again!  I hope you have been well.  I want to thank those of you who have left comments on my last blog post!  Please know that I always read all your comments, and do appreciate your friendship!

Today I am happy to share with you about my “almost hold-all” sewing bag!

Backstory:  I taught at a guild in GA early spring last year, and one of the ladies there had the most amazing hold-all bag for all her sewing supplies that she uses for all her at-home and away-from home sewing purposes.   What a neat idea — if I have my sewing essentials with me in one place at anytime, and no matter where I am, that will definitely cut down on my stress level as I prepare for my teaching trips.  I am always worried I don’t bring something important I need for a particular teaching trip.


I came across the Yazzii bags years ago, and really didn’t look into their products until my search for the ultimate hold-all bag progressed in earnest!


#1.  It has to be a manageable size for travel!

#2.  It should reasonably store ALL my hand and machine sewing essentials like my most used machine feet, thread spools, needles, scissors, markers, embroidery hoop, pins and clips and such.

ENTER YAZZII’s OVAL ORGANIZER!  Click HERE to learn more about this item.


And here you can see how I have used RED my oval organizer —

Here is where I keep my basic machine tools and feet, including my cleaning brush and machine oil.


Next up are my bibs and bobs.


And I use one of the pockets to store one of my current handwork projects.


And of course, threads.  I always bring my own threads when I travel… because I get a chance to share my threads with ladies who haven’t used my favorite Aurifl threads!


So now, I keep this organizer by my sewing table with me as I sew.  And I make myself return the notions I use BACK into the organizer.  Now I don’t have to worry about what I might not have brought on trips etc!  And it saves me time having to hunt for my notions even when I am working at home.

The reason I wanted to share about my oval organizer with you is because I received an email a couple of days ago (valid as of 4/21/2020) with the news that Yazzii is offering free shipping to the US for orders $50 and above.  I am not sure if it is exclusive to their email subscribers, but do check out their website HERE.

The ONLY thing I wish I could fit in my organizer is a 8″ x 11″ pattern for my cross stitch piece.  It would have been nice to be able to have everything I need for my leisure handwork in one place.  I probably should eventually upgrade to their larger bags like the Quilters Project Bag or the Crafters Companion.  

Meanwhile, I am most thrilled that my notions are finally organized to my liking!

Happy Shopping, Friends!


Curious mind wants to know — how do you keep your notions organized?

7 thoughts on “An almost hold-all sewing bag!

  1. I love Yazzi bags. I have 2, one is for my knitting needles and the other is my retreat bag, with sewing stuff to take on retreat. When we had our Tiki house I had two of most things, so I wouldn’t have to cart sewing supplies back and forth. Well, we sold that house :(, so now I put my extras in my retreat bag. So happy to see you blogging. You are inspiring me to start again! Hugs to you and Gwen.

  2. I love your red bag.
    Well, I do have a travel “kit” that I take with me to doctor appointments, mainly daddy’s.
    I have not used it much lately…. when hubbs gets the all clear to get his heart surgery, I will use it then. I just use a plastic shoe box, the “sterilite” ones. I have threads on bobbins in little plastic cases, needles, scissors on a necklace I made, hexies, fabric bits, clover clips, I have enough room in there to stuff my bag of felt Llamas I am making and embroidery floss.
    I would love a fancy travel bag like yours. My box is okayyyy but I have to carry it in a tote bag of course. We are so lucky to have all of this stuff to keep us out of mischief because as I look at it, if I wasn’t doing little hand works while I was waiting, or just relaxing away from my machine. I think I would be very grumpy hahaha and certainly not being useful in another way.

  3. Well, I did it! I’m a sucker for a cute, clever tote, and the fact that YOU recommended it….well, I had to have it! Just ordered it and will always think of it as my Wendy Bag!

  4. I love Yazzii bags, so much so I have 2 of them. One has all of my necessities for machine sewing and the other is set up for hand sewing. It makes things so much easier than getting somewhere and not having an item that is needed. I was lucky the first one I bought was at my guilds quilt show and sale. It had been gifted to a member and she never used it the second one was this past years Christmas present.

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