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Hello Friends,  Happy Monday to you!  I hope you had a great weekend, and are still staying well and healthy.


I am very happy to share with you the news that I had my first editorial feature in a cross stitch publication – Just Cross Stitch.

M53394_JCS-June20_SM_cvr_Watermark SM Just CrossStitch

My project is a “scrappy” blue and white stitching project that is based on an antique quilt.  You know, scrappy isn’t just for quilting!

2199867309_21B_M53394_Antiq_Watermark SM Just CrossStitch

And of course, some of you probably remember seeing this work-in-progress sampler I have been working on for years…. another scrappy blues!  This will be my magnum opus, as Gwen would call it!


The really sweet thing about the editorial feature in Just Cross Stitch is that it is actually a mother-daughter feature — because Gwen also contributed an easy pillow ornament project to entice the little people in your life!  Stay tuned, as Gwen is doing more with her original designs!

2199867309_21C_M53394_Antiq_Watermark SM Just CrossStitch

The reason I started teaching Gwen to stitch when she was a mere 5 year old was because I want her to have a quiet hobby she can have from her childhool after she is grown!  Stitching opens up another world of connection for the stitcher, and it is my hope that Gwen will find for her a support group through stitching when she is grown. It will also serve as her connection to me after I graduate to heaven.  In fact, she sweetly told me she would finish some of my projects for me in my memory in case I don’t get to them before I go to heaven.  So, I am now making sure the new projects I start are ones Gwen likes to, haha!

Gwen’s curated embroidery floss collection for Aurifil is available for purchase and ships free HERE:


Speaking of SPOOLS — did you see my Spools Quilt on Aurifil’s blog this past week?  The pattern in pdf format is available HERE.




I designed the quilt to celebrate my love of threads as well as my latest thread collection, Candies!  Available for purchase and ships free HERE.  I have two boxes available at the moment, and as far as I know, I won’t be able to get more until shipping from Italy resumes.


These blocks were so fun and FAST to make.  I actually made mine as leaders and enders while piecing other quilts.  Truth be known, when I am not in a rush meeting deadlines, I am piecing 3-4 quilt tops at the same time.  It keeps things from getting boring for me.  I love keeping track of the Math for the different quilt tops I am making!


In CANDIES, you get the following threads:


5 spools of 50wt (orange spools) – because the 50wt is my go-to all purpose thread! I use 50wt for machine quilting, piecing, and button-hole stitching around my fusible applique shapes. I even used the 50wt for hand needleturn applique until Aurifil released their game-changing 80wt a few years ago.

2 spools of 40wt (green spools) – I use 40wt mainly for machine quilting and general sewing for my crafting projects. 40wt gives such a striking definition to my quilting when I want my quilting show a little more than the 50wt. While I personally do not construct garments, I know garment sewists love the 40wt.

2 spools of 28wt (gray spools) – Many find interesting that I use 28wt for hand sewing my binding! I do! Many of my quilts have been made for editorial features in magazines, and so my quilts pass through many hands before they return to me. So for extra durability in holding down the binding, 28 wt is perfect!

I also use the 28wt to machine baste my hand applique pieces. Machine basting eliminates the use of pins to hold down my needleturn applique pieces. The 28wt creates the perfect “perforation” for me as I cut away the excess fabric before turning the raw seam under for a Hawaiian-type quilt! Yellow shows the basting stitches done with 28wt.



1 spool of 12wt (red spools) – I mainly use 12wt for hand embroidery. The 12wt stitches up beautifully for all handwork.


Keeping with the Staying at Home theme recently, I shared a free House Quilt last week on Instagram.  It is one I had designed for Windham Fabrics a couple of years ago.  In case you missed it, it’s this Annies House quilt.

Design 4b_60 x 72

Pattern is available for download HERE.

I am making mine with slightly different fabrics – I am trying to use only reproduction fabrics.  I hope my small stash of reproduction fabrics can do the job!

Annies House1

And that’s all for now, My Friends!  I hope you have a lovely week ahead!  Till next time!


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12 thoughts on “This and That!

  1. Love what you and Gwen are accomplishing with embroidery. That both of you are published in the same magazine is fabulous! Mother and daughter…..what a duo!!! The “House Quilt” is sew clever! The pattern is printing as I type 😊😊. Once again, thanks for your continued inspiration!!! Stay safe, Stay well. ❤️❤️

  2. Love seeing your blog in my inbox! Glad you are doing well. Awesome what you and Gwen are doing. I did see your spool quilt, awesome! I love Aurifil thread, too. Every time I face a challenge in sewing, I imagine my mother is looking over my shoulder from heaven, helping me to meet the challenge. Sounds like Gwen has a plan to keep you smiling in heaven! Stay safe! Hugs!

  3. What a fun post. Interesting that shipping Aurifil from Italy is on hold. It makes sense, but I had no idea. Now that that cat is out of the bag, I definitely have an excuse to hoard Aurifil. Happily, I just ordered Gwen’s Spool-En-Dids. I loved reading your insight on why you taught Gwen the art of stitchery. What a great gift you have given her which I’m sure she will treasure for life and one day teach her own children. Personally, I’m committed to learning the art of stitchery in 2020 and planning to go back thru Gwen’s tutorials on your blog to get me started down that path. Thank you!

  4. Congratulations on the magazine feature! How neat to include a corresponding project with your daughter. I love that you started teaching her stitching early and she loves it so much. My mom wasn’t crafty–she didn’t really have time with a full time job, commute, and six kids. She did a little bit with ceramics for a time. But my father’s mom loved to knit and crochet. Usually if she was sitting down, she was working on a project. Even though I didn’t take up those skills in particular, I felt like I had a link with her with my stitching. I still have a baby blanket she crocheted for my first child–my grandson uses it now.

  5. WOW
    Do you realize how amazing this is that your little fluff is on her way to being a trend setter and founder of her own brand!!! I am very proud of her, and you too of course. I adore this house quilt and want to make one soon…. sewing and gardening over here.
    Stay well and happy

  6. Congratulations for both of you. Thank you for reposting the house quilt – a must do. And the spool quilt is different from other spools and so you.

  7. Your sampler is coming along so well that I do not think it will be a finish for Gwen! She’s too cute. I see many happy hours ahead for the two of you.

    Your spool quilt is fabulous – a modern take on spools. I love the house quilt too. We all need a cheery house during this quarantine.

  8. Love the needlework from both of you. Wish my daughter took an interest. Your work in progress with all the blue threads is beautiful. What is the name of the sampler and where was it obtained?

  9. Have been catching up on some of your blog posts this morning. They are always a delight to read and cheer my soul. You are an inspration to me and I always feel like running to my sewing room to work on a project after I have looked at your work and “visited” with you through your writing. Have a good week, Wendy! See you on Instagram. Suzanne

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