268 Days Till Christmas!

Hello Friends!  I hope you are still staying well and healthy!  For the rest of the school year, I will be playing teacher’s aide during the day on top of everything else.  We keep strictly to the the school hours to keep the normalcy going.

I want to thank you for leaving your comments on my last post.  Please know I read EVERY comment.


It’s April — can you believe it?


And there are 268 days till Christmas!  My houses and the peppermint chain units for my Christmas version of Maisons de Patchwork are all done!  Onto the star units next.



This is how the quilt will look with these beautiful Christmas fabrics from Moda.

Christmas Figs1

You may purchase the pattern HERE.


And here are 10% of the blocks done for my Quilting Klatsch Project quilt, blue version!  These blocks are SO quick to make.  I use them as my leader and ender blocks as I am piecing blocks for a couple of other quilts.  In case you missed it, click HERE for the details.  If you are participating, leave me a comment or email me about your fabric choices etc!


And I thought you might like to see the last progress picture I shared on Instagram a couple of weeks ago.  The sampler has grown yet a little bit since this picture.


I have a few other work-in-progress projects.  It’s all a matter of chipping them away a little at a time, and doing so consistently!

That’s all for today!  I hope you have a great rest of your week.  Take care, and may God bless you — Dear Friends!  I will check in again.


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7 thoughts on “268 Days Till Christmas!

  1. Always happy to hear from you. You are one “on task” lady, impressive. I am sure that you will be an excellent teacher for Gwen. Know that she is a super student. We continue to be well at our home, I hope that is the same for your family. ❤️

  2. Wendy, I love seeing this progress on your Christmas fabrics houses quilt.
    It is going to be a beauty.
    Isn’t if fun being on forced house bound? I feel like Martha Stewart. haha just kidding
    Enjoy your teaching days with Miss Baby. I know this one day will be memorable, right?
    Be well

  3. I loved your Klatsch project (I have never heard that word before) Anyway, it looks gorgeous in the blue and white, but I have decided to make it using oddments of black and white (left over from Movement in Squares) and grey (sheet) No idea what I will do with it. All my family have quilts. Having downsized, I have had to be generous and give many of them away. At least I know where they have gone. I may even make stuff and then sell it on Facebook Marketplace once this Lockdown is over. Who knows when that will be. It will certainly be longer than a few weeks (As Trump seems to think!) I reckon most of the rest of this year. We have decided to declare our RV as “Off rod” and claim the road tax back. There isnt much point as we wont be going anywhere in it for some time. We got back from Spain just in time!!
    Stay safe and well.
    Anne Marie

  4. Hi Wendy,
    I have been going through my quilt magazines. While thumbing through I would notice quilts and designs I liked. It was rather interesting how many times I found out it is your creation that I really liked 😊. I have many years worth of four quilt magazine brands.
    Natalie Gilbert

  5. Hey, Wendy, hope you are having a good time being teacher’s aide and I’m sure you will learn something from the experience!! First heard the word klatch when we lived in New England referencing getting together with “the ladies” for coffee and sweet rolls mid morning! Wonderful tradition! I love your Madison’s de Patchwork quilt in the Christmas fabrics! So very cheerful! Continued good health to you and yours!

  6. Wendy, I live in Madison Co. and that is what my spell check decided should be the name of your Maison’s de Patchwork pattern.

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