Benartex Precut Project Hop

Precut Project Hop Graphic

Hello Friends, Happy Monday and Happy Week!  I hope you all are staying well.  Coming off National Quilting Day last Saturday, I am happy to be a part of Benartex’s Precut Project Hop today.  Benartex is running a giveaway concurrently on their Facebook and Instagram pages — so, check them out!

Of course — if you aren’t familiar with the term precuts, that simply means the fabrics are already cut to a certain and often convenient size.  The common precut sizes are:

Fat Quarter: 18″ x 22″ (or 18″ x 21″)

Fat Eighth:  9″ x 22″ (or 11″ x 18″)

Fat Sixteenth:  9″ x 11″

Layer Cake: 10″ x 10″

Charm: 5″ x 5″


Over the years, and especially in the recent years, I have particularly enjoyed designing under the constraint of precuts.  Designing with precuts is a little different from general designing in that — #1:  I have limited amounts of fabrics to work with, #2:  I always challange myself to design something that doesn’t end up using two 2″ squares from Fat Quarter, #3: I always try to come up with something that is precut-friendly, but does not necessarily “look” that way!  So, a lot of pre-planning and thinking actually goes into designing with precut fabrics.


Today, I am going to be using Benartex’s Garden Party fabrics to highlight a Fat-Quarter friendly pattern from my pattern line!  These fabrics are springy sweet!  They are designed by Eleanor Burns.  You can view the digital images HERE.

Garden Party2

These fabrics are springy sweet!

Garden Party4

They are designed by Eleanor Burns.  With that many beautiful prints in the collection, I decided to use these fabrics in my Parcels in the Post design.

Pattern is available for purchase HERE.

Parcels in the Post Cover Photo

Basically, this design uses a background fabric + 18 Fat Quarters!  So just grab a Garden Party Fat Quarter Bundle and add the background fabric, make two blocks each from 17 Fat Quarter, and one block from the remaining Fat Quarter…

Garden Party1

Garden Party3

… and you will get to have fun deciding which block goes where!  Here is how I have arranged my blocks:

Garden Party_High Res

Here you can see the pieces I had cut for a total of six blocks since the pattern calls for making two blocks from one Fat Quarter!

Garden Party6

I have shared with you I am a small-batch piecer who likes to do my piecing piecemeal.  I find that I make fewer mistakes that way, and I force myself to move more and not just sit and sew for a long period of time.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT, you may read about my piecing strategy HERE.

These Parcels blocks are one of my all time favorite original blocks I have designed.  I am making multiple quilts using different fabrics because these blocks are versatile!  You make make your blocks based on seasonal themes, novelty prints, any prints, or even tonal prints!

Garden Party9


These days, most of us are stay very close to home.  My daughter’s school switched to online/distance learning format very quickly.  So, during the day for about 6-7 hours, I get to play teacher’s aide!

However, the upside of staying home is that: HOME is where the quilts are made!  So, with that thought in mind, I used the leftover bits and pieces from the Garden Party Fat Quarters to make a house block from my Maisons de Patchwork pattern.  So often, the fabrics really do make the quilt.  In this case, the house block ended up invoking the feel of an English Garden!  A few weeks ago, I had shown you the block made in Christmas fabrics HERE.  How differently the block looks now with Garden Party fabrics!

Garden Party 10

Since I won’t have enough fabrics to make an entire quilt, I am thinking a small wallhanging using the leftover fabrics would be really cute.  However, I went ahead and mocked up the entire quilt using Garden Party fabrics to show you just how beautiful and versatile these fabrics are:

High Res_Garden Party1

Garden Party2

The Maisons de Patchwork pattern is available for purchase HERE.


I hope you continue to stay healthy and well!  We are practising caution, with as much normalcy as possible — and with a large dose of faith and trust in God for His protection, and His will be done!

Garden Party7

Thank you for stopping by today!  I hope you have enjoyed my contribution to the hop.  Till next time!


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Below is the complete list quilters participating in the hop.  Check them out!

Monday 3/16:

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by Annie –

Tuesday 3/17:

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Wednesday 3/18:

Modern Quilt Studio –

Thursday 3/19:

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Friday 3/20:

Amanda Murphy –

Saturday 3/21:

Andy Knowlton –

Sunday 3/22:

Shelley Cavanna –

Sandra Walker –

Monday 3/23:

Wendy Sheppard –

Tuesday 3/24:

Cherry Guidry –

Wednesday 3/25:

Nancy Halvorsen –

Nancy Scott –

Thursday 3/26:

Heidi Pridemore –

Friday 3/27:

Christa Watson –

Lisa Ruble –

3 thoughts on “Benartex Precut Project Hop

  1. oh those fabrics are wonderful. you really show cased them. i love the parcel post quilt. i can see it as a baby quilt. “Your little one is a gift from above” thanks for sharing

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