National Napping Day and more!

Hello Friends, Happy National Napping Day!  Were you able to work in a nap today?

Pink Cat Final

It’s the month of March — and it’s time to break out your green quilts!  If you haven’t picked up your Spring 2020 copy of Quilts and More, do so before they are taken off the shelves!  I actually have two quilts featured in this issue…. one on the cover called “Button Collection”, and it’s never too early/late to start a button collection!


The other one is called Sea Glass. This quilt is hanging in my parlor at the moment!


Both of these quilts were so much fun to piece, and I am not really that crazy about piecing!  Try making Sea Glass with red prints!  You will have a most striking Christmas/Valentine’s Day quilt!



A few weeks ago, I showed you my scrappy gingerbread man blocks that I made for my “You Can’t Catch Me” quilt… all 24 blocks, with not one fabric is repeated!  Click HERE if you had missed my gingerbread man quilt pattern post.

gingerbread man line up

Well, we have here today the heart blocks I have made to go with the gingerbread man blocks!  Again, all scrappy, and not one fabric repeated.

Heart Blocks

When you choose your reds, look for fabrics you can fussy cut for a fun visual interest, like the following block.  A little fun surprise tucked in a block like that is what makes scrappy quilts fun.


A quilter on Instagram commented that these heart blocks can be used to make an entire quilt without the gingerbread man blocks!  That really piqued my interest, and so I went to work… and voila!

Heart Quilt3

Heart Quilt4

Heart Quilt5

Heart Quilt2

You see the possibilities?  The quilt layout will be the same, except you are making all heart blocks instead of alternating them with the gingerbread man blocks.  You can make the quilt smaller with fewer blocks as well.

I will be doing a quilt-along with the friend who originally suggested the all-heart quilt using the heart blocks sometime in May this year.  So, if you want to play along, get the pattern and start collecting your fabrics!  The goal is to have the quilt completed for Valentine’s Day next year!

Unfortunately, I will not be able to provide any fabric or design information due to time constraint!  The cutting for each heart block is in the original pattern, and you should be able to work from there to calculate how much fabric you will need for the background or red/pink fabrics.  

All that to say, “You Can’t Catch Me” is actually a 2-for-1 quilt pattern.  And so often, if you take time to study a quilt pattern or design, you can easily customize the pattern/design to make it your own by making slight adjustments.

The pattern is available for purchase HERE.


A couple of weeks ago, I also shared with you my daughter’s (11) stitching project.  Here she is with her completed sampler at a recent regional meet her school participated.  Her sample won first place.

Beatitudes ODACS



Gwen will have some exciting stitching news to share in the near future.  So stay tuned!  Meanwhile, if you haven’t seen her own SPOOL-EN-DIDS and WOODLAND SPOOL-EN-DIDS Aurifil thread collections, check them out HERE.



Having a daughter who shares the love of needle and thread with me is one of my most gratifying things I experience as a mother.  One of my favorite things to do is just to sit and stitch with Gwen, while listening to audiobooks.

If you share your love of needle and thread (and fabrics) with the younger generation, I would love for you to share your experience!

Thank you for stopping by and visiting with me today.  Do take care till we meet again!


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10 thoughts on “National Napping Day and more!

  1. Always love reading your blog. Instagram is nice and fun, but the blog has more personality! Congrats to Gwen. I won 15 GREEN fat quarters, so I see a GREEN quilt in my future! I’m half Irish, so maybe a double Irish chain? I have a year, maybe I could adjust your heart/Gingerbread to clovers? That’s the fun in designing, endless possibilities. I did enjoy a nap today, and most days. Part of the fun of being retired!

  2. Miss Baby does beautiful work. Absolute treasures.
    My new grand boy is finally here and we are happy. He is an easy baby so far.
    today is a rainy day. Lots to do, I hope to get some sewing in very soon

  3. Congratulation to Miss Baby for her beautiful stitchery. Great job. And, congratulations to you for getting two of your stunning designs published in a magazine. I will definitely get a copy of that issue. All your designs are stunning.

  4. Congratulations Gwendolyn on award winning sampler! Do you have a pattern to purchase of the sampler Beatitudes Matt 5 ? Also congratulations on 1st place ODACS on your violin solo!! Wendy do you happen to have a video recording of that piece? You have a very talented daughter.

  5. Wow!! Such a talented Mom and Daughter!!! Gwen’s sampler is a masterpiece and so deserving of a Blue ribbon. Congratulations!!! I already have four “must do” quilts, but it is hard to resist the temptation of doing an all heart quilt!! I adore ❤️’s. I have until May to get organized? Perfect!!

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